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Communion - Recap

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The episode begins with a young guy being rushed to the hospital. He has been stabbed. Jorge rushes him to the OR. In the elevator, he realizes that the victim is his son, Nick. Tina is shocked. Sydney rushes to the OR. Nick's condition is worsening and Tina tells Sydney that Jorge is also assisting in the surgery. Sydney wants Jorge to leave the OR, but Jorge refuses to leave. Just then Hooten arrives wearing his scrubs. He is going to assist Sydney in the surgery and asks Jorge to leave and Jorge follows the order. Buck arrives to meet his patient, Morgan. Morgan is about to have a kidney transplant and her sister is the donor.

Buck explains the procedure to her once again. In the OR, Sydney pulls out the knife from Nick’s body and blood spurts in all directions. They quickly begin to stitch him up. Jorge is watching the procedure from a distance. Park is attending to his VIP patient, Tung Mei, a famous violinist. Tung plays a note and Park tells him that it was a G sharp; well almost. Tung tells him that he always had perfect pitch but now something is wrong. He tells Park that his doctors say that he has no hearing problem and so now he thinks it is the brain. Park tells him that they need to run a functional MRI. Tung wants to do the test as soon as possible.

In the OR, Buck removes Tory’s kidney and is about to put it in Morgan’s body. Jorge is still watching the procedure of his son and Tina joins him. He tells Tina that it was a kitchen knife, and that means that Nick was at someone’s house. So, whoever did this has to be someone Nick knew. Tina tells him that it doesn’t matter who did it at the moment. Buck arrives in the next OR and he finds that Morgan has flat-lined and it has been nine minutes. Buck is frustrated. The doctor tells Buck that they did everything to revive her. They declare the time of death. Next, Park points out to the astrocytoma in Tung’s brain. Park tells him that death is the worst case scenario.

Tung tells Park that he knows everything about him. He knows that Park is a great surgeon and also a violinist with perfect pitch. That is why he came to him. He wants some precise guidance. Park tells him that one cannot give an exact prognosis when it comes to the brain. It is possible that Tung might get back his music and it is also possible that he might lose it all together. Park then tells him that he should inform his children about his surgery. Tory tells Buck that she wants her kidney back. She wants to take it home with her. Buck is at a loss for words. Michelle meets Tina and tells her about her new patient, Glenn. She tells Tina that Glenn is unable to move his legs.

She then tells Tina that Glenn stabbed someone in cooking class and the cops standing outside the room are there for Glenn. Michelle doesn’t know how to handle this one. Tina sees that Glenn’s reflexes are normal. This means the voluntary movements have been paralyzed. Tina feels that this could be due to something psychological. She wants Glenn to talk to her. Glenn uses this privilege and tells her that he can move his legs a bit, but he doesn’t want to say or do anything until his lawyer arrives. Tina tells him that they don’t shelter fugitives or criminals. Glenn goes back to saying that he is unable to move his legs. He then asks for a different doctor. Next, Sydney comes out of the OR and tells Jorge that Nick is alright and that he will fully recover.

Hooten tells him that they will definitely be having a drink tonight. Tina tells Ty that Glenn is feigning paralysis and that he stabbed a 20 year old in cooking class. She tells Ty that Jorge doesn’t know about this. Just then the Big Cat is storming towards Glenn’s room. It looks like he heard. Ty follows him. Jorge goes to Glenn and tells him that his liver is affected and that the cancer is spreading all over his body. He asks Glenn if he wants them to call his family and the clergy. Moments later, Jorge walks up to the cops standing outside and tells them that he has Glenn’s confession. Tung tells Park that he does not want to inform his family about the surgery.

He says that since anything can happen, he wants to spend the next two hours playing the violin. Tory insists on having the kidney back. Fran and Buck try to explain the hospital rules, but she doesn’t want to listen. They learn that Tory is planning to eat the kidney, just the same way where in some cases women take their placentas home and eat them. Nick is now awake and Jorge is glad to see that his son is alright. Buck tells Hooten about Tory’s wish to eat her kidney. Buck says that he somewhat supports Tory. Hooten tells him that they will discuss it later. Park asks Ty to assist him on this surgery. Ty agrees. Buck tells Tory that she needs to talk to a psychiatrist.

He tells her that he supports her decision, but before that he wants to prove to the world that she is not some grief stricken lunatic, who wants to eat her own kidney. He is ready to fight for her, but he needs to be "armed". Tory agrees to see a psychiatrist. Jorge tells Tina that he never had too many conversations with his son. He also did not know about the cooking classes. He feels that his son might be gay and the fact that his son did not tell him could be a problem. Tina tells him to talk to Nick. Jorge talks to Nick and Nick tells him that he wants to be an actor. Jorge is relieved to find out that his fears were wrong and tells Nick that he should do whatever makes him happy.

Next, the whole team gathers for a hearing where Buck is the first to take the stand. Buck supports Tory’s decision and Sydney fiercely defends Tory’s decision by stating some statistics that their medicine doesn’t have all the cures and that there are numerous ways of holistic healings. She feels that they have no right to stop Tory if this form of healing works for her. No one objects and Hooten releases the kidney to Tory. Jorge is called on the stand and Hooten asks him about him trying to override the hospital policy where the doctors are not allowed to treat their relatives, especially their children. Jorge thinks that it is a BS policy and that all he wanted was his son to heal and since he is the best trauma surgeon, he would have been able to help his son better than anyone else.

Hooten then asks Jorge as to what he asked Nick when he was brought to the hospital. Everyone heard that Jorge asked Nick who stabbed him. Hooten tells him that the question did not have any diagnostic relevance and proves the point that Jorge was emotionally compromised. He also states that Sydney is the only doctor who brought some perspective in the OR because she does not put up with Jorge’s rules and imposing nature. Jorge has nothing to say and he leaves. Next, we see that Tung has a successful surgery. Jorge tells Hooten that he is going for a walk with his son at night and he is really looking forward to it.

Buck hands over the kidney to Tory and Tory tells him that he is a good man and compliments him. Buck is touched. He then goes to the bar and Hooten is surprised to see him. He tells Hooten that a patient died on his table, and another patient complimented him. Hooten too tells Buck that he is a good man. They have a drink together. Jorge and Nick go for a walk and Park and Tung play the violin together. The episode ends.