One Fine Day - Recap

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The episode begins with Ty and Tina getting a call in the middle of the night. It is a video call and it is from an army medic, Jacob Gold, from Afghanistan. He tells Ty that he is with his friend Suzan Wheeler and tells Ty that his best friend is in a critical condition. Ty tells him to describe what exactly happened. Jacob tells Ty that they were leaving and Alex, the patient, tripped on an IED. He was alright until a minute ago, but now he is unconscious. Jacob describes Alex’s vitals and tells Ty that a while back he found no pulse and is sure that Alex was dead. Moments later, Alex woke up and was lucid as if nothing had happened and then he slumped over and is back to the current state. Ty wants to look at a brain scan, but Jacob says that they have nothing and that everyone is gone because they are moving out.

Sydney is in the cafeteria and she sees a couple with their ten weeks old baby and the baby is extremely cute and happy. The mother tells Sydney that she is a happy kid and pretty much laughs throughout the day. Sydney tells them that she is a doctor and that there is something wrong with the baby. Next, a patient is rushed into the ER. The patient’s husband is along with him and he tells Jeorge that the patient was fine and suddenly he dropped. The patient’s sister, Kara Bishop, arrives and Jeorge tells her that she needs to answer some questions. Jeorge gets a CT scan and Park looks at the AVM and tells Jeorge that the man is dead. Jeorge is not ready to accept that and tells Park that the gay patient is just 32. On the other hand, Sydney and Hooten go through the infant’s brain scan and Hooten is shocked to see a tumor.

Next, Tina joins Ty on the video call and after listening to everything, Ty concludes that Alex is has epidural hematoma. He says that the blast has severed a blood vessel in Alex’s brain and probably is still leaking and the liquid might be putting pressure on his brain. So, they need to figure out where the hematoma is located. Ty tells Jacob that they need to make Alex experience enough pain, so that his reflexes can give them the location. They then figure out that the hematoma is on the right. Ty tells Jacob to gather few things because he is about to do a craniotomy. Ty walks him through the procedure.

At the hospital, Park talks to the sister and husband of the gay patient. He tells them that the patient was born with AVM and there is nothing much that can be done. They can perform a surgery and get back some of his reflexes, but he will be in a vegetative state, and without the surgery, they can keep him breathing on a ventilator. Park suggests a third option…to let go. Sydney and Hooten tell the infant’s parents about the tumor and Hooten explains that the laughter is a form of gelastic seizure. He admits that they have never seen such a case before and that a surgery on such a small baby is extremely risky.

Next, Mike, the husband of the gay patient, doesn’t want the surgery, but the sister insists on surgery. Park tries to explain that the surgery will be futile, but she doesn’t budge. On the video call, Ty tells Jacob to perform the incision and drill into Alex’s brain. Jacob follows the instructions and performs a successful craniotomy. Tina is amazed. Everyone is relieved. On the other hand, there is still a lot of tension at the hospital. Mike and Kara don’t seem to agree with each other and Hooten thinks this might be a problem. Hooten talks to the counselor and she tells him that same sex marriage is not recognized across state borders and so the sister still has control. At home, Ty and Tina are happy about the successful surgery and they are make out in the shower; completely unaware of the fact that their pagers are beeping.

Next, Ty and Tina finally arrive at the hospital and Ty is shocked to hear about Chloe, the infant’s case. He then tells Chloe’s parents about the device he is going to use for the surgery (it is a new device) and Tina tells them that Chloe is going to be their youngest patient. Ty explains that the tumor is situated in the hypothalamus and it could affect Chloe’s development. He also states that it is a possibility that they could lose Chloe during the surgery. Alongside, we see that Park is still against the futile surgery. Hooten tells him that if they don’t operate, the sister could sue them. Hooten tells Park to schedule the surgery. Next, Park walks into operate on the gay patient and Ty, Sydney and Chloe walk into to operate on little Chloe.

Park opens up the brain and sees that there is nothing he can do. He gets frustrated and walks out of the surgery. On the other hand, Ty successfully manages to remove the tumor. Kara is upset that park gave up. Jeorge comes in and tries to convince her to disconnect the ventilator. He tells her that she should let her brother go and let him walk on the other side. Next, the entire team gathers for an M&M. Park is called to the stand. Park tells the group that he did not want to operate because he thought that it was unethical to open up a brain just to prevent a law suit. Considering the situation, the group does not have any comments and Hooten too decides to leave it at that.

Ty is up next. Hooten asks him about the video call where Ty had a 20 year old, under qualified medic perform a craniotomy. Ty said that he had no options and that was his best chance to save Alex. Hooten then digs into Ty’s bedroom and asks if there was any one else present. Ty says that Tina was with him. He tells him that the only reason he asked this is because he wanted to make sure that Ty wasn’t trying to show off to his girlfriend. Hooten then asks him if he followed up on Alex and Ty tells him that he had a busy day because he had to operate on a ten month old. Hooten tells him that he followed up on Alex through Skype. He turns on his laptop and the room sees that Alex is fine. Everyone is glad. Ty does some preliminary tests online to check Alex’s coordination and is glad to see that Alex is fine. Hooten winds up the meeting.

Next, Kara is ready to let her brother go and Mike is in tears. Jeorge disconnects the ventilator. Tina and Sydney check on Chloe and they are happy to see that Chloe is fine. Tina takes Chloe in her arms and notices that Chloe is hungry and that is a very good sign. Ty arrives and the father thanks him for everything. Everything looks good. The episode ends.