Truth or Consequences - Recap

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The episode begins with a Monday’s 311 conference. Ty tells Tina that Mark sued him for their affair and he hired Mitch Tompkins. Hooten calls Dr. Stewart Delany to the stand. Delany tells the group that a young patient, Allison, was admitted for an otoplasty and tympanoplasty. He tells the group that the injection they gave her spiked her blood pressure and heart rate. They managed to stabilize the patient, but ten minutes later she went into a cardiac arrest and resuscitation methods failed. Allison died. Allison had come in for a routine surgery to fix a scar tissue caused due to a dog bite.

Delany admits that she was injected with a lethal dose of pure epinephrine and it was a mistake committed by his staff. Delany is aware that the surgeon will be held responsible for any negligence committed by his staff. Hooten corrects him and tells him that Allison’s death is on the hospital and this means that her death is on him since he is the “Captain” of the ship/hospital. Hooten tells Delany that all his privileges at Chelsea General are terminated and he asks him to clear his office by the end of the week. Everyone is shocked, especially Michelle. Next, a patient is rushed to the ER with a tree branch sticking out of his stomach. He was trying to commit suicide, and it doesn’t go the way he expected and ended up landing on a tree. They rush him to the OR.

Ty arrives to meet Park and tells him that he is being deposed by Mitch. Park tells him that Mitch is a very bad man. He also tells Ty that it is a shame that he slept with another man’s wife and ruined their marriage. Ty leaves. Sydney and Jeorge operate on the patient and they decide to keep him on the ventilator. Buck arrives to talk to Hooten, to convince him against firing Delany, but Hooten doesn’t budge. Michelle arrives to meet Delany and tells him that Allison’s death is not his fault. Buck, as usual, hovers around the OR, checking on the suicide patient.

Jeorge tells Buck that the patient, Keith, will survive. Sydney is not too happy about it because even if Keith is discharged, he will end up spending his entire life eating out of a tube, pooping in a bag and addicted to pain meds. However, Jeorge says that saving lives is their primary responsibility. At that moment, the machines start beeping and Sydney declares that Keith is bleeding. Buck thinks that it is a bad idea to spend money and resources on someone who doesn’t want to live. Next, a woman is rushed to the hospital who has met with a head on collision and there is severe bleeding in the brain. Michelle tells the husband that Dr. Park is prepping her for surgery and she will be assisting.

Jeorge tells Buck that they need bowels, pancreas and liver for Keith. Buck is stunned. Next, Tina walks in on the deposition and demands to speak to Mark. Mark tells her that he wants to prove that adultery is a bigger deal than they all like to pretend and wants to prevent it from happening in the future. Hooten and Delany talk to Allison’s parents and Hooten admits that they “killed Allison due to their negligence”. The parents are devastated. Park and Michelle operate on the woman who was brought in and Park declares that she is brain dead. Park and Michelle break this news to the husband and he tells her that his wife always talked about donating her organs, thereby giving life to someone else. The doctors are pleasantly surprised to learn this.

At the deposition, Ty is unable to answer Mitch’s question and he walks off. Later, the husband arrives to meet Park and tells him that his wife was a devout Catholic and he heard that her organs are supposed to be given to the “jumper”. He says that suicide is considered a sin and hence he doesn’t want to donate his wife’s organs to the jumper. Sydney and Jeorge are shocked to hear the news. At that moment, Keith wakes up and tries to make some hand movements. He tells them that he didn’t jump, he was pushed. Later, the surgeons learn that since Keith is no longer a sinner, the husband has agreed to redirect the wife’s organs to Keith. Jeorge tells the team that Keith’s father, who did not want to be found, pushed him from the roof. A passerby saw Keith fall and assumed he “jumped”.

Next, at the deposition, Mitch questions further questions Ty about his relation. This leads to Ty telling the room that these relationships are natural and it often happens amongst surgeons, who spend hours together. Mitch now attacks the hospital and tries to prove that the hospital is fine with this sort of an arrangement. Scott stops the deposition and leaves. He tells Ty that he cannot represent him anymore since he represents the hospital. He advices Ty to settle, else he could get crushed. Next, Buck, Jeorge, Sydney and Hooten decide to do the transplant the next day because they want to see if Keith can really make it. They also want to wait for the mother. This time, Jeorge questions if they can pull this one off.

Buck tells them that the kid got pushed by his father and no way is he giving up on Keith. They are shocked to see Buck’s empathetic side. Michelle goes to talk to Tina and tells her that they should try to convince Hooten not to fire Delany. Tina tells her that Hooten would never compromise on the hospital care standards. Keith is in the OR and Buck does a successful transplant. Jeorge compliments him on being an excellent surgeon. Well, it is clear that Buck cannot handle a compliment. Later, Jeorge and Sydney check on Keith and they find that he is fine. Keith thanks them for everything they did to save him. Jeorge and Sydney get paged for another 311.

At the meeting, Hooten tells Ty and Tina that Mitch is suing the hospital for complicity in their “illustrious affair”. He then turns to Buck, Sydney and Jeorge and they are surprised. He begins with calling them the “heroes” of the day. He points out to the fact that the surgeons changed their attitude towards Keith only after learning that he was victim to a homicide attempt. He quotes what Buck and Sydney had to tell about the situation and he blames Jeorge for not reprimanding them for their indecent thoughts. He tells them that suicidal people are considered “ill” and the hospital believes in treating the sick and not shunning them. Sydney tells Hooten that he is way out of line and Hooten snaps back.

Jeorge tries to defend, but Hooten tells him that the doctors pick up their cue from the “big cat” and he is disappointed in his leadership skills. Later, Jeorge arrives to check on Hooten. He tells Hooten that he is not as guilty as Hooten made him out to be, but he is a little. He apologizes. He asks Hooten if he is alright. He knows that sometimes Hooten manages to take some mistakes personally. He tells Hooten to go easy on himself. Hooten realizes that Jeorge cares about him and he smiles. Next, Ty is at the bar and Tina joins him. Ty tells her that his behavior towards this whole thing was not right since he didn’t think about the fact that she could lose something. He tells her that he wants their relationship to have a meaning.

Delany is on his way out and Hooten arrives to meet him. Hooten tells him that he is an excellent doctor, and admits that he has zero tolerance towards such incidents. Delany tells Hooten that the call he made was not only the best one, it was the only one. Hooten wishes him luck and Delany drives away. The episode ends.