Wheels Within Wheels - Recap

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The episode begins with two patients being rushed into the ER. They were involved in an accident and one of them is a lady who got ejected from the passenger seat. Jeorge asks Michelle to attend to the lady. The injured man tells Jeorge that the woman is his wife and wants to know if she is dead or alive. Jeorge asks him to relax. They put him out and Jeorge attends to his injuries. On the other bed, Michelle is struggling with the wife. The woman is unconscious and Michelle tells her assisting doctors that she is getting some resistance. At that moment, there is another patient brought into the ER.

Jeorge tells Michelle to take a look at the new patient, but she says that she cannot. Jeorge calls in for help. Michelle is getting too worked up. Michelle tries to do her best but the woman’s lungs aren’t expanding and she is sinking. Jeorge now attends to the wife and he needs more hands. They lose her. Everyone, including Jeorge gives up but Michelle doesn’t. She manages to successfully oxygenate the lungs and they revive her. It is a surprise even for Jeorge. Next, Ty attends to his new patient suffering from trigeminal neuralgia. He suggests an MRI but she is skeptical.

Hooten walks in and tells Ty that his patient is a Judge who is a potential Supreme Court nominee. He tells her that an MRI has to be done. Park examines his new patient who was found convulsing on the street. He tells Park that he has had seizures before. Tina arrives and is startled to see words, in fact sentences written all over the patient’s body. He tells her that he is a writer and he had no paper. Michelle checks in on the couple and the wife thanks her for saving her life. She tells her that they would be completing 22 years of marriage the following day. She knows that Michelle couldn’t find a cartilage because her neck was too fat and hence she has decided to lose weight. So, not only has Michelle saved her life, she has also extended it. Michelle gets emotional.

The young, obsessive writer’s mother tells Tina that she kept her son locked up because he is a mental patient and this obsession began when he was in the first year of his college. She says that her son wasn’t able to perform any other functions other than writing and therefore she decided to take away his laptop and paper. He still didn’t give up and she was left with no option but lock him in his room since Saturday. He broke out and ran away from home naked. She also tells them that he wrote on the toilet paper, the walls and then moved on to his body. Hooten tells the Judge that there is a tumor and they have to operate. The Judge gives her consent.

Derek, the writer, does not give his consent for any treatment. He knows that he has hypergraphia and it is associated with temporal lobe epilepsy. Tina and Park are surprised. Park declares him incompetent and tells Tina to perform the test. Next, Fran arrives to meet the old couple and tells them that Channel 5 wants to do a short segment on their survival. They agree. Fran tells Michelle that the channel would like to talk to her as well. Ty and Hooten are in the surgery and they find something strange. Hooten realizes what it is and asks Ty if he had performed an RPR (rapid plasma reagin). The room goes silent.

Tina talks to Derek and convinces him to let them treat him. Hooten tells the Judge that they have resected the mass and it is not cancerous. He also tells her that she has tertiary neurosyphilis and looks like it went undetected for years. He tells her that they can treat it but he cannot guarantee anything. Next, it is 311 time. Hooten calls Michelle to the stand. He commends her for the life saving heroics. He tells her to describe the process. He then points out to the mistakes she made where she kept the patient deprived of oxygen for three minutes, performed a failed tracheotomy, failed to find her thyroid cartilage on time and also slit her throat nipping her blood vessel.

He points out that Michelle nearly killed the woman who calls Michelle her ‘guardian angel’. Jeorge tries to defend her but Hooten cuts him short. He tells Michelle that his role is not only to keep the bad doctors from killing patients, but also preventing the good ones from doing the same. He says that just because they got away with it doesn’t make it less excusable. Next, Park and Tina tell Derek about the lesion in his brain. Derek hands them a book that he has written and tells them he doesn’t want to undergo a surgery. Tina tries to explain but he leaves. Park picks up the book and begins reading it. Tina is pissed that he did not try convincing Derek.

Tina and Park go to Derek’s house to convince him for surgery. Michelle asks Jeorge if he knew what was coming at her. Jeorge tells her that he had a haunch. He assures her that Hooten thinks she is a good doctor and that is exactly why she isn’t fired. Tina and Park meet Derek. Tina tells him that the surgery would not eradicate his creativity. She asks Park to help her convince Derek. Park tells them that he will prescribe medicines for the seizures and see if they help. In the meantime Derek could continue writing. Derek is happy. Next, we see that the news of the syphilis has gotten out and the news channels are broadcasting it.

The Judge is shocked. This means that her candidacy for the position at the Supreme Court is in jeopardy. Hooten calls for another 311. First, he questions Park as to why he let a 20 year old kid decide on whether or not he wants to go through with the surgery. Park, in his defense, cites numerous, famous artists who had temporal lobe epilepsy and they still lived and contributed greatly to art. He states that the surgery could possibly take away his creativity. He says that Derek is a writer and they should let him be. Hooten moves on to Ty. He wants to know how the news of the Judge’s syphilis got out. He thinks that it was a mistake that he shared it with his girlfriend.

Sydney points out that hundreds of people had access to that information, including billing, insurance etc, and in this cyber age privacy does not really exist. Hooten loses it and he makes Sydney in charge of the special task force that would address to their new found privacy concern. He wants detailed analysis and a full list of recommendations in 30 days. Sydney tells him that she doesn’t have the time. Hooten points out that she shouldn’t have opened her mouth. Next, at the bar, Hooten tells Jeorge that they need to fix the situation. He says that the Judge was registered under a fake name.

Jeorge reminds him that they had to disclose her real identity to the Department of Health and also tell them about her illness. Hooten sees the point. Jeorge points out that Hooten was really hard on Michelle. Hooten knows that she will thank him some day. Jeorge tells him that they were short on staff and that he needs more people. At the hospital, the Judge is drinking a glass of Pinot Noir. At home, Derek continues to write. Michelle is watching her interview on television. The episode ends.