Family Ties - Recap

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The episode begins with a busy day at Chelsea General and all the patients are busy. A new patient is rushed in and the paramedics tell Jeorge that the woman was hit by a skateboard. They also tell him their initial diagnosis and Jeorge calls for Park. A man walks up to Tina and tells her that he has been waiting for over two hours. She tells him that they will attend to him as soon as possible. An obese, 16 year old black kid is brought into the ER. He is having difficulty in breathing. Jeorge asks him few questions and gives him a pill to keep on his tongue. The kid says that he is feeling slightly better.

Jeorge tells Michelle to stay with the boy and also tells her to page Sydney. He says that this boy is having a heart attack. Later, Sydney and Michelle are in the OR and Michelle is really surprised to operate on a 16 year old for a heart attack. Jeorge attends to the patient from the waiting room, Mr. Knox. Knox tells him that he underwent a back surgery few years back, but nothing has changed and the pain is still there. Jeorge wants to know if he is taking any prescription drugs for the pain and also asks him about the pharmacy he buys the drugs from. Knox feels that he is being interrogated. He tells Jeorge that he dropped his pills in the bathroom and that he is here for an emergency refill. Jeorge tells him that he will have to make some phone calls and will be back with some treatment options.

Park and Tina talk to the woman’s son and tell him that his mother is brain dead. The boy is surprised that colliding with a skateboarder could lead to something like this. Tina tells him that his mother is an organ donor and so they will have to hasten the process. The son tells Tina that he needs a moment to think about it because everything is too much for him to process. Buck is getting impatient and Tina tells him that she explained what she had to. She feels that they should give him sometime because the guy just lost his mother. Sydney goes to check on Darrell, the 16 year old she just operated on. His nana arrives and Sydney tells her that they had to put in a stent to reopen the blockage in the artery. She tries to explain that Darrell’s obesity the actual reason behind the heart attack. Nana doesn’t like Sydney’s tone.

The son refuses to let the doctor harvest his mother’s organs. They try explaining that it is a legal consent and they are legally bound to procure her organs. The son decides to get a lawyer. Sydney talks to the Nana and tells her that the fast food that Darrell eats is what is killing him. Nana tells her that she cannot afford anything else. In the cafeteria, John tells Sydney that he had once treated Darrell for some other problem he had. He clearly remembers Darrell. Sydney asks him if he had run some lipid tests on Darrell. John says that he did not because he was treating him for some throat problem. Sydney does not like that because John had seen that the guy was overly obese and still did not consider running the tests. Jeorge learns that Knox is a drug addict who goes to different ERs and gets prescriptions for pain meds.

He tells Knox that he will not prescribe any more medicines. Knox is furious and he leaves. He meets Tina and Michelle in the parking lot and tells them what Jeorge told him. Tina too refuses to write any prescriptions. He punches Tina and bangs Michelle against a car. Tina passes out and falls on the ground. Knox flees the scene. Michelle sees that Tina is unconscious and her ear is bleeding. She calls for help. Later, Tina is rushed to the OR for brain injury. Everyone is informed. Ty rushes to check on Tina. Hooten and Buck are in court for the organ donor case. Hooten gives specific instructions over the phone that if Tina requires a surgery, Park should perform it. They do a CT and Park points out that there is a subdural hematoma. He wants Sydney and Jeorge to prep Tina for surgery.

Ty wants to do the surgery, but they ask him to stand down. In the courtroom, Mitch Tompkins puts Hooten on the stand. He tells the court that the organ donation thing is a racket and the tissue and skin of the dead are used for cosmetic purposes, and the hospitals make millions out of this. The donors aren’t even given a clear picture about the transplant. Hooten is pissed and he tells the room that the organs are used to save lives of other human beings. He also states that at times the tissue and the skin are used to treat burn marks and other physical irregularities of patients.

In the OR, Park operates on Tina. The operation is successful, but he tells Ty that since it is a head injury, they will have to wait and watch. At the court, Buck wants to take the stand and prove his point. He says that this is his passion. He says that the only thing that makes him a good person is his commitment to this program. Hooten agrees, but their lawyer tells Buck that he has to do this without making the Judge hate him. Buck makes his statement. Later, the Judge rules in the favor of Chelsea General. The Judges orders that the organs can be used for life saving purposes, but the tissues and the skin cannot be used. The son objects and says that the hospital did nothing to save his mother and now they want to use her organs to save people. Hooten tries to convince the boy.

At the hospital, Sydney checks on Darrell and is furious to find him drinking some sugary drink. Nana tells Sydney that Darrell was thirsty. Sydney tells the grandmother that she is the one responsible for Darrell’s condition and that she is going to report her to the authorities. Later, everyone is in Tina’s room, waiting for her to wake up. They all get paged for a 311. Sydney thinks this is crazy. Hooten asks Buck about the transplant and Buck tells him that they took the liver and the kidneys and the son seemed fine with it. Hooten is relieved. He calls Sydney to take the stand. He tells her to tell them about Darrell Fisher.

Sydney tells the room that his grandmother was feeding him crap which led to the obesity. Moreover, she bought him a giant, sugary drink while he was still in the hospital. She could not take it anymore and reported her to Child Services. She says that as a doctor, it is her duty to take necessary steps to stop this. She wanted Darrell’s grandmother to understand that all the junk food is unhealthy and dangerous for Darrell. Hooten tells her that it was wrong on her part to report the grandmother to the authorities because she was Darrell’s only guardian. Sydney is unable to see the point in conducting this 311.

Hooten looks really upset and tells her that this is what people do when their loved one is nearly dying. He is referring to Tina. It becomes clear that he is trying to keep everyone occupied. At that moment, Ty enters and tells the room that Tina woke up six minutes ago and all her primary responses are intact. Everyone is happy and they rush out of the room to see Tina.

Ty silently thanks Park and Park acknowledges with a nod. Hooten is relieved. Everyone arrives to meet Tina. Park tells them that Tina should get some rest. Tina tells them that she is glad that they came to see her. She says that she wants to sleep for a while. She holds Ty’s hand and tells him to stay. Park confirms that Tina is fine. They watch her as she drifts off to sleep. The episode ends.