Season 3

49 :03x01 - Stressed Environment

Scientists experiment with rats by creating for them a stressed environment. The results are horrific when they turn out to have developed the intelligence to plot and craft weapons.
Starring Roles: Carol Lynley as Dr. Elizabeth Porter | Victor Raider-Wexler as Robert | Scott J. Weir as Keith | Kathleen McCall as Gina
Director: Jeffrey Wolf
Writer: Neal Stevens

50 :03x02 - Murray's Monster

A psychiatrist with his own stress from his wife finds a solution when he discovers a sheepish patient has manifested his repressed anger in the form of a giant ape-like monster.
Starring Roles: Joe Flaherty as Sherwin | Miriam Flynn as Luann | Teresa Ganzel as Debbie | Marvin Kaplan as Murray Van Pelt
Director: Scott Alexander

51 :03x03 - Bug House

After crashing her car, a woman finds herself staying at her sister's in what was once their father's now run-down house. She is worried about her sister when she sees that she is very pregnant and being taken care of by a mysterious man.
Starring Roles: Karen Sillas as Ellen | Robert Kerbeck as Peter | Juliette Kurth as May
Director: Ken Meyers
Story: Lisa Tuttle | Teleplay: Josef Anderson

52 :03x04 - Cellmates

A reckless, spoiled, and racist young man finds himself in a Mexican jail. To make matters worse, he learns that he is in the "bad cell", residence to those charged with unforgivable crimes who then disappear, never to be heard from again.
Starring Roles: Maxwell Caulfield as Timothy Danforth | Ferdy Mayne as El Viejo | David Sage as Lawyer | Geno Silva as Prison Guard
Director: Stephen Tolkin
Writer: David Odell

53 :03x05 - Outpost

A man that has been bio-engineered into a distinctly inhuman creature for a large corporation with no memory of his past has been assigned a project on a planet. However, his work has been lapse and when chastised, he claims he has been distracted by voices he hears.
Starring Roles: Juliet Mills as Cara Raymond | Tony Dean Fields as Sebastian
Director: T.K. Hudson

54 :03x06 - The Hole

Three soldiers in Vietnam scout an underground Viet Cong bunker, but find only one remaining and terribly mauled man who speaks of the dead and even the earth itself lashing out in revenge for spilled blood.
Starring Roles: Ahmad Rashad as Sergeant Kenner | Antone Pagan as Corporal Torres | Glenn Kubota as Lieutenant | Mitchell McCormack as V.C.
Director: David Severeid

55 :03x07 - Small Blessing

A mother has a difficult time with her infant son. That maybe because he can climb walls, has a full row of sharp teeth, and a constant hunger for raw meat.
Starring Roles: Julie Brown (3) as Wendy | David Spade as Teddy | Peggy Rea as Babs | Kevin Nealon as Louis
Director: Roger Nygard

56 :03x08 - Shave and a Haircut, Two Bites

A teen drags his skeptical friend into a barbershop after closing in order to convince him that the owners, like many others, are actually vampires.
Starring Roles: Wil Wheaton as Kevin | Matt LeBlanc as Tommy | John O'Leary as Mr. Innes | Al Mancini as Mr. Denofrio
Director: John Strysik
Writer: Dan Simmons

57 :03x09 - The Young and the Headless

The marriage of two doctors become problematic when the woman's presumed-to-be-dead husband returns and she finds herself still attracted to him despite her better judgement. After successfully animating a headless parrot, the two decide to use the numbskull of a third wheel to take their work to another level.
Starring Roles: Karen Valentine as Vicky | George Reinholt as Edward | John Schiappa as Billy Hunkle
Director: Tom Abrams

58 :03x10 - The Waiting Game

After a sudden nuclear holocaust, two groups of two military personnel each can only communicate with one another to battle the expected sufferings of surviving such devastation. However, they are increasingly troubled by the sight of something moving outside and it becomes evident that radiation may be the least of their worries.
Starring Roles: Doug McKeon as Lt. Eric J. Tyler | Stephen Burleigh as Capt. Stanley R. Levitt | Carrington Garland as Lt. Maureen Knox | Leo Garcia as Capt. Andrew Garza
Director: Bruno Spandello
Writer: John Fox (4)

59 :03x11 - Sin-Sop

A sort of faith healer has set up a kind of distillery for paying customers. What was once the most sinful man is now a living conduit to drain people of their sins. Is it a fraud or truly a work of God?
Starring Roles: Richard Borg as Lawrence Lazar | Christine Dunford as Laura Daniel | Christopher Shaw as Brother Roy | Charlotte Booker as Helen
Director: P.J. Pesce

60 :03x12 - A New Woman

As a rich, elderly man lays dying, his cold-hearted mistress threatens what may be his last morale act on earth. For her soulless intents, the man's mysterious doctor promises her a haunting that very well may change her outlook.
Starring Roles: Linda Thorson as Jessica | Thomas McDermott (1) as Thomas | Dan Butler as David |
Special Guest Stars: Mason Adams as The Doctor

61 :03x13 - Malcolm

A husband rediscovers a part of himself that he thought he lost long ago when he gave up his music career for his wife.
Starring Roles: Ed Lauter as Malcolm | Carole Shelley as Lorna |
Special Guest Stars: Farley Granger as Dr. Rutin
Director: Tom Noonan
Writer: Tom Noonan

62 :03x14 - Household Gods

When a recent mother tries to go back to work while maintaining some housework, she finds things going awry. To her disbelief she finds out that her lifestyle is defying the domestic gods.
Starring Roles: Deborah Van Valkenburgh as Debra | Priscilla Shanks as Laura Dangelo | Jeffrey Ware as Brad | Michael J. Anderson as Household God

63 :03x15 - The Space-Eaters

Two men playing chess one late night during a particularly nasty storm are interrupted by a man with a hole in the temple of his head and with no brain inside. Amazingly, he is still alive and manages to tell them that what assaulted he and others in town were victims of an alien assault.
Starring Roles: Richard Clarke (1) as Howard | Mart Hulswit as Fredrick | Richard Michael Hughes as Henry Wells

64 :03x16 - The Waiting Room

A father brings his son and his new wife to a hotel where he and his wife once stayed. It seems that there is a specific reason for this, one that has to do with a promise he broke to a woman he encountered in a room that exists only in the dark.
Starring Roles: John Saxon as Benjamin O'Connell | Lisa Waltz as Katharine | Christian LeBlanc as John O'Connell | Denise Gentile as Nightmare Woman
Writer: Neal Stevens

65 :03x17 - Leavings

Two police officers are disturbed by recent sightings of people who are missing body parts and others who appear to have been almost put together from other parts. However, the oddest thing is the blasé reaction of their supervisor upon hearing their stories.
Guest Stars: Clifton James as Inspector | John Christopher Jones as Parkhurst | Tony Shalhoub as Mancini | Ken Costigan as Homeless Man | John Robert Bloom as S. Partz
Director: John Tillinger
Story: Gahan Wilson | Teleplay: Gahan Wilson

66 :03x18 - Desirable Alien

A womanising immigrant has only one challenge before he can become an American: a physical. He is worried due to a birth defect that he claims makes men jealous.
Director: Bette Gordon

67 :03x19 - A Face for Radio

A smart-mouth host of a late-night radio show is beguiled by a female guest who claims she was abducted by aliens and that they gave her a creature to help rid the planet of evil.
Director: Bruce Feirstein

68 :03x20 - Werewolf of Hollywood

A screenwriter it tasked to pen a horror film with the unique premise of a werewolf in the position of an executive. But things starting getting a bit bloody when it seems that it hits a nerve with someone in the studio.
Story: Ron Goulart | Teleplay: Ron Goulart

69 :03x21 - Talk Nice to Me

A columnist and lady's man is harassed by a woman via the phone, but he can't figure out who she is, how she seems to know what's going on in his apartment all the time, or how she manages to get into his place without him seeing her.
Writer: Paul Dini

70 :03x22 - Hostile Takeover

A cut-throat CEO is making good business with the help of voodoo, but doesn't find out until it's too late that it comes with a very high price.
Director: Randall Moldave

71 :03x23 - The Maker

A man comes across a vagrant in an abandoned hotel who has the ability to make anything appear out of thin air. Unfortunately, nothing comes out quite right.

72 :03x24 - The Moving Finger

A quiz show fan is stumped by the simple questions of why, how and where concerning the appearance of a finger that is poking itself up from the drain of his bathroom sink.
Director: Ken Meyers
Story: Stephen King | Teleplay: Haskell Barkin
Classification: Scripted
Genre: Anthology | Horror/Supernatural | Sci-Fi
Status: Canceled/Ended
Network: Syndicated ( USA)
Runtime: 30 Minutes
Premiere: October 22, 1988
Ended: April 27, 1991
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