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Which future 'Friends' star appears in 'Shave and a Haircut, Two Bites' Medium msd85• Matthew Perry
• Courtney Cox
• Matt LeBlanc
• Jennifer Aniston
What 'Saturday Night Live' alum appears in 'Small Blessing' Medium msd85• Colin Quinn
• Kevin Nealon
• Dana Carvey
• Chris Farley
What type of monster appears in 'The Gift' Medium msd85• Vampire
• Demon
• Werewolf
• Ghost
Actor John Scott Clough starred in 'Far Below.' In what 'Amazing Stories' episode did he also appear Medium msd85• Mummy Daddy
• The Main Attraction
• Hell Toupee
• Miscalculation
What 'Reservoir Dog' starred in 'Bed and Boar' Medium msd85• Harvey Keitel
• Tim Roth
• Quentin Tarantino
• Steve Buscemi
What future 'The Haunting' star appeared in 'Habitat' Medium msd85• Liam Neeson
• Owen Wilson
• Lili Taylor
• Salma Hayek
Actress Pamela Dean Kelly appeared in 'Museum Hearts.' What other episode did she appear in Medium msd85• The Feverman
• Holly's House
• Pillow Talk
• Glim-Glim
Who does the evil archaeologist sacrifice in 'Half as Old as Time' Medium msd85• His Wife
• His Son
• His Sister
• His Daughter
Who is summoned in 'The Demons' Medium msd85• Demon
• Vampire
• Accountant
• Sorcerer
What type of famous person was Tony Sterling in 'Rerun' Medium msd85• Musician
• Actor
• Writer
• Politician
Do any characters survive the giant spider attack in 'A Bond of Silk' Medium msd85• Yes
• No
Allen Coulter directed 'The Face.' What other episode did he direct Medium msd85• Satan in the Suburbs
• The Match Game
• All In a Day's Work
• Taps
What future 'Numbers' star appeared in 'La Strega' Medium msd85• Rob Morrow
• David Krumholtz
• Judd Hirsch
• Peter MacNicol
What 'Exorcist' star appears in 'La Strega' Medium msd85• Max Von Sydow
• Jason Miller
• Linda Blair
• Ellen Burstyn
What best selling author wrote the story 'Mannikins of Horror' was based on Medium msd85• Stephen King
• Robert Bloch
• H.P. Lovecraft
• Richard Matheson
What is the name of the demon in 'Satan in the Suburbs' Medium msd85• Carlton
• Christopher
• Clancy
• Craig
What future 'Law & Order' star appeared in 'Satan in the Suburbs' Medium msd85• Jerry Orbach
• Chris Noth
• Sam Waterston
• Richard Brooks
What 80's John Carpenter collaborator starred in 'All In a Day's Work' Medium msd85• Jamie Lee Curtis
• Hal Holbrook
• Adrienne Barbeau
• Keith David
What low-budget horror mainstay appears in 'The Cocoon' Medium msd85• Danny Trejo
• Billy Drago
• Lance Henriksen
• Billy Zane
How much cash did Madeline Westcott steal in 'The Cocoon' Medium msd85• $5,000
• $10,000
• $15,000
• $20,000
What type of deity threatens the main characters in 'Rain Dance' Medium msd85• Greek
• Native American
• Roman
• Norse
What is the name of the undead monster in 'The Match Game' Medium msd85• Hannibal Windham
• Henry Wilson
• Howard Wiseman
• Herbert Waverly
What 'Beverly Hills, 90210' star appears in 'The Match Game' Medium msd85• Jennie Garth
• Shannen Doherty
• Tori Spelling
• Jason Priestley
What 'Hellraiser' star appears in 'The Match Game' Medium msd85• Doug Bradley
• Ashley Laurence
• Andrew Robinson
• Claire Higgins
How does Suzy kill her boyfriend Gary in 'Taps' Medium msd85• Knife
• Gun
• Poison
• Hammer
What 'Laverne and Shirley' star appeared in 'Their Divided Self' Medium msd85• David Lander
• Michael McKean
• Penny Marshall
• Cindy Williams
From what country does the secret strength serum hail in 'The Mother Instinct' Medium msd85• Mexico
• Spain
• Brazil
• Chile
Which type of animal do the aliens in 'Parents from Space' resemble Medium msd85• Snakes
• Rats
• Cats
• Bears
What future 'Blossom' star appeared in 'Glim-Glim' Medium msd85• Mayim Bialik
• Joey Lawrence
• Michal Stoyanov
• Jenna Von Oy
What type of creature guards the titular treasure in 'Fools' Gold' Medium msd85• Troll
• Leprechaun
• Dragon
• Demon
Who did Linda's home formerly belong to in 'Rouse Him Not' Medium msd85• a Witch
• a Vampire
• a Warlock
• a Werewolf
What happens to Miles' dates when they join him in bed in 'Pillow Talk' Medium msd85• The bed eats them
• He murders them
• They fall in love with him
• They commit suicide
What type of creature is Natasha in 'Pool Sharks' Medium msd85• Werewolf
• Succubus
• Vampire
• Zombie
From special effects maestro played the monster in 'Sleeping Dragon' Medium msd85• Tom Savini
• Wayne Toth
• Rick Baker
• Rob Bottin
What classic horror star clearly inspired the character of Faulton Pierce Medium msd85• Bela Lugosi
• Boris Karloff
• Lon Chaney
• Max Schreck
Which rock star played the villain in 'Where Is the Rest of Me' Medium msd85• Alice Cooper
• Meat Loaf
• Ozzy Osbourne
• David Lee Roth
Which 'Cosby Show' star played the lead in 'My Zombie Lover' Medium msd85• Lisa Bonet
• Tempestt Bledsoe
• Malcolm-Jamal Warner
• Sabrina Le Beauf
Who is killed at the end of 'The Vampire Hunter' Medium msd85• Maura
• Ernest
• Charles
• Jack
Which character is secretly a giant bee in 'New York Honey' Medium msd85• Desiree
• Jay
• Homer
• Emerald
What life event causes the evil robot in 'Holly's House' to come to life Medium msd85• Her show gets canceled
• She gets deactivated
• Her creator becomes pregnant
• She is thrown on the ground
Which future 'NCIS' star played 'The Feverman' Medium msd85• Mark Harmon
• David McCallum
• Rocky Carroll
• Michael Weatherly
What previous anthology series was Monsters a spin-off of Medium msd85• Night Gallery
• Tales From The Darkside
• Darkroom
• The Outer Limits
In what year did the show premiere Medium msd85• 1987
• 1988
• 1989
• 1990
On what network did the show air Medium msd85• WGN
• It Was Syndicated Locally
• Sci-Fi
How many episodes were in the series total Medium msd85• 71
• 72
• 73
• 74
How many episodes made up a season of Monsters Medium msd85• 22
• 23
• 24
• 25
How many seasons did Monsters run Medium msd85• 1
• 2
• 3
• 4
Classification: Scripted
Genre: Anthology | Horror/Supernatural | Sci-Fi
Status: Canceled/Ended
Network: Syndicated ( USA)
Runtime: 30 Minutes
Premiere: October 22, 1988
Ended: April 27, 1991
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