Season 5

69 :05x01 - Stoners vs. Healthnuts

Stoners are lampooned against Healthnuts in this competition.

70 :05x02 - Gay Rights vs. The Religious Right

The fifth season kicks off with a clash between members of the religious right and advocates for gay rights.

71 :05x03 - Superheroes vs. MySpace

Web-page designers take on superheroes.

72 :05x04 - V.G.A.D.D. Awards (Video Games Attention Deficit Disorder Awards)

Video-game enthusiasts battle video-game designers in a series of competitions, including “Window Pain” and “Clear Sphere of Fear.”

73 :05x05 - Sexual Pioneers vs. Violent Films

Sex and violence compete during this episode featuring teams representing adult trailblazers and brutal movies. Included: a tribute to “The Exorcist.”

74 :05x06 - Chick Magnets vs. Famous Felons

Convicts battle chick magnets in a series of games that include “Sinkers and Floaters” and “Cut the Cheese.”

75 :05x07 - Jackass vs. Stand-up Comics

Stuntmen and comedians compete in a series of games, including “Rotating Surfboard of Death” and “Boulder Dash.”

76 :05x08 - Young N' Rich vs. Men's Magazines

Young wealthy types combat publishers of men's magazines.

77 :05x09 - Green Peace vs. Body Obsessed

Environmental activists take on the self-image obsessed. Included: “Log Drop.”

78 :05x10 - Hot Chicks of Primetime vs. Hot Celebrity Mommies

Prime-time starlets compete with celebrity moms in contests that include “Sinkers and Floaters” and “Brass Balls.”

79 :05x11 - White House vs. The World

The Bush Administration takes on the rest of the world. Included: “Sinkers and Floaters.”

80 :05x12 - People Who Piss Us Off vs. Worst Jobs

Jerks take on workers with the worst jobs in contests that include “Wallbuggers” and “Surfboard of Death.” Featured: the Captain is reimagined as an action hero.

81 :05x13 - College Sports vs. the Mall of Baghdad

College sports teams take on would-be retailers in Baghdad in contests that include “Mud Butlers” and “Boulder Dash.”