Season 2

23 :02x01 - The Stowaway

Sonny and Will become suspected of kidnapping when a Russian concert pianist stows away in their truck in order to do some American sightseeing.
Guest Stars: John Rubinstein as Gershon Simenov | Rosey Grier as Benjy | Art Metrano as Moose | Noah Keen as Goralski
Director: Corey Allen

24 :02x02 - From Baltimore to Eternity

Our two heroes take on a trucking assignment in Baltimore (where the show was filmed), get caught up in a extortionist's plot involving a factory owner and some baddies. Result is a bomb secreted in a cargo the boys are carrying.
Guest Stars: George Dzundza as Charlie Banner | Thom Christopher as Hank | Brad Sullivan as Lt. Hardacre | Stephen Earle as Wally | Lisa Blake Richards as Dr. Gorham | Ben Hammer as Gus Manning | Gary Sandy as Jim
Director: Allen Reisner

25 :02x03 - The Toughest Man in America

Sonny tells a national magazine that truckers are the toughest men in America, and lands in a Marine boot camp to prove it. They didn't have to twist Joe Frazier's arm to induce him to "act" in a TV show, especially when Joe and friend Ali were trying to publicize their rematch. The plot tonight has Sonny and Will being conned by fellow truckers Moose and Benjy into proving they're tougher than Marines. So, off they go to Camp Lejeune, N.C., for a week of training with real Marines and the climax: Will (Frank Converse) in the ring with Pacific Fleet champion Cpl. Brooks (Frazier).
Guest Stars: Don Galloway as Gunnery Sgt. Harris | Rosey Grier as Benjy | Art Metrano as Moose | Joe Frazier (1) as Corp. Brooks
Director: Lawrence Dobkin

26 :02x04 - The Elephant Story

Anna May, a supposedly peaceful pachyderm, spells trouble when the elephant turns out to be such a not-so-peaceful cargo for Sonny. When Sonny and Will's rig, along with its cargo - an elephant and a stowaway, is stolen and opened, the pachyderm goes on a costly rampage. Keenan Wynn guests in a role that his dad might have played at one time. He's a hobo who happens along at the right time to ease a problem for Sonny and Will. While transporting an elephant, their rig is stolen and "Anna May" is released on a downtown street in Macklenburg County, N.C. Luckily, ol' Keenan can "talk to the animals."
Guest Stars: Keenan Wynn as Barnaby
Director: Leo Penn

27 :02x05 - Home is Not a House

Mrs. Biellin, a widow (Collin Wilcox) stubbornly lays claim to a park in the middle of Mobile, Ala. Sonny and Will come to the aid of a no nonsense widow who is determined to locate her mobile home on a lot willed to her by her late husband, a lot which turns out to be a public park.
Guest Stars: Collin Wilcox as Annie Beanvil | Jonathon Shawn Bishop as Billy Beanvil | Pamela Barton as Ellen Beanvil
Director: Jack Priestley

28 :02x06 - ...To Be in Carolina

Sonny and Will's trailer catches fire, destroys a tobacco curing shed, and causes injury and hardship to a black farmer.
Guest Stars: David Downing as Lee Andrews | Jason Bernard as Cabe | Moses Gunn as Otis Andrews | Lauren Jones (1) as Liz Andrews
Director: Michael Schultz

29 :02x07 - Will the Last Trucker Leaving Charlotte Turn Out the Lights?

Sonny and Will seek the daddy of a 4-year-old girl who mistakenly climbed into their truck during a stopover.
Guest Stars: Jack L. Cannon as Edney | Don Dennis as Hobbs | Thomas Edward Miller as Lucky | James B. Patterson as Lieff | Ross Orschoff as Junior | Ned Austin as Joe Sawyer
Director: Ernest Pintoff

30 :02x08 - General Delivery

Sonny and Will are really in trouble here — their truck has been repossessed because they're behind on the payments. But don't be misled, this is a humorous episode, as they try to scratch up the money to reclaim the truck, and end up having to race the new owners in an old heap to Raleigh. N.C. Rosey Grier and Art Metrano pop up once again as the underhanded double-crossers who buy our heroes' rig at auction, and there's talented Diane Ladd to help save the day as a Salvation Army worker.
Special Guest Stars: Diane Ladd as Amy | Art Metrano as Moose |
Guest Stars: Rosey Grier as Benjy
Director: Leo Penn

31 :02x09 - The Big Wheel

Sonny and Will make a pair of separate deals—one to let a girl drive their rig and the other to drive in a stock car race. Guest star Rory Calhoun is also featured as a man who pretends to be a drunk because that is how the local folks like him
Guest Stars: Rory Calhoun as J.C. Coombs | Jo Ann Harris as Sandy | Scott Brady as Nate | Neil Castle as Red Banning | Pat Hall Jr as Billy | Jerry Moore as Charlie
Director: Allen Reisner

32 :02x10 - Prosperity Number One

The storyline concerns the truck driver stars' involvement in a group of non-union miners' pleas for safety measures. Patricia Neal guest stars as a poor widow who owns the mine.
Special Guest Stars: Gary Merrill as Samson Eubank |
Guest Stars: Patricia Neal as Maddie Staton | George Murdock as Cap Dell | William Smith (1) as Frank Stone | Tessa Dahl as Halley Eubank | Lesley Wood as Mina Eubank
Director: Corey Allen
Writer: Ron Bishop

33 :02x11 - Please Don't Talk to the Driver

Sonny and Will rescue bus passengers and an injured driver after a blowout and get pinned down by a sniper. Sonny and Will are at the scene of a bus accident which wasn't an accident at all. They and the passengers, plus the injured bus driver, end up at an old farmhouse, besieged by bad guys.
Guest Stars: John Dehner as Lanier | Paul Carr as Carl | Anne Callaway as Kate
Director: Jack Priestley

34 :02x12 - The Long Way to Nowhere

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Guest Stars: Strother Martin as Cabe Miller | Jeff Conaway as Mike Miller
Director: Jerry Jameson

35 :02x13 - Breakout

An armed convict (Ralph Richard Redpath) commandeers the truck.
Guest Stars: Rosey Grier as Benjy | Art Metrano as Moose | Ralph Richard Redpath as Ned Kirk | Diana Joseph as Beth Kirk
Director: Lawrence Dobkin

36 :02x14 - Love, Death and Laura Brown

Will falls in love with a truck-driving widow (Fionnula Flanagan) who offers a hauling job that pays more than it should.
Guest Stars: Helen Harmon as Melanie Brown | Fionnula Flanagan as Laura Brown | Don Dubbins as Bevo Staton
Director: Lawrence Dobkin

37 :02x15 - The Old South Will Rise Again

An offbeat yarn here as Sonny and Will become involved in a Southern balloon race, involuntarily of course. They'd rather drive their truck. Sonny and Will give up a lucrative hauling contract to prevent a man and his grand-daughter from risking their lives in a balloon race.
Guest Stars: Dub Taylor as Luke Henshaw | Devon Ericson as Lila Henshaw
Director: Robert Kelljan

38 :02x16 - Witch Hunt

Sonny contracts for eight additional rigs for hauling chickens only to face disaster when a chicken epidemic closes the processing plant. A mysterious ailment affects everyone's chickens except those of a farmer (Rosemary Murphy) who's not a member of the cooperative.
Guest Stars: Rosemary Murphy as Lois Hunt | Michele Marsh as Grace Jellico | R.G. Armstrong as Sam Jellico | Cliff Osmond as Walt
Director: Jack Arnold

39 :02x17 - The Big Switch

Sonny and Will switch rigs in a dangerous game to recoup their losses. The guys on are shepherding a rock group and their instruments to New Orleans, where Sonny finds the group's mentor (Jackie Coogan) has been swindled by a guy who swindled Sonny out of his rig some quarter-century earlier. So it becomes a matter of rigging that old "sting."
Special Guest Stars: Jackie Coogan as Sam Prichard |
Guest Stars: L.Q. Jones as Harvey 'Flakey' Edwards | Wings Hauser as Billy | Marguerite De Lain as Marcie | Scott Arthur Allen as Johnny | Jackie Millines as Drummer
Director: Allen Reisner

40 :02x18 - Woman of Steel

Sonny clashes with a tyrannical steel-mill owner. After Will is injured and hospitalized, Sonny is befriended by a female trucker and joins her to confront an enraged and dangerous steel mill manager.
Guest Stars: Joe Higgins as Dan Hemmings | Penny Fuller as Marge Brenner |
Uncredited: Samuel L. Jackson as State Trooper
Director: Lawrence Dobkin

41 :02x19 - Living It Up

A man rents the truck for an incredible $1000 and an all-expense-paid vacation at a swank resort.
Guest Stars: E.J. Peaker as Mary Ellen | Jack Kruschen as Nash | Rosey Grier as Benjy | Art Metrano as Moose
Director: Anton Leader

42 :02x20 - No More Sad Songs

Sonny and Will are unwitting accomplices in a bookmaking operation when a bookie hides his day's collections in their truck.
Guest Stars: Philip Michael Thomas as Banjo | Don Hood as Flick | Earl Billings as Choo-Choo | Lisa Foy as Maggie | Al Scott as Frank | Billie Holliday as Aunt Bess
Director: Robert Kelljan

43 :02x21 - Full Fathom Five

Sonny takes up skin diving in bayou country. The action revolves around a search for sunken treasure, as Sonny hooks up with some old, cantankerous friends in the southern bayou country.
Guest Stars: Ted Gehring as Jack Knowlton | Carol Scott (1) as Nance | Wilbur Swartz as Nathan | Sarah Jo Roush as Cora
Director: Leo Penn

44 :02x22 - Sing It Again, Sonny

Sonny (Claude Akins) proves he's a likeable singer when he performs at a trucker's convention stag night and has visions of stardom. A conniving talent agent (Vera Miles) convinces Sonny that he has the makings of a country-music superstar.
Guest Stars: Vera Miles as Sheila Powers | Cliff Osmond as Momo | George Lindsey as Twiller | Hugh Thomas Jarrett as Hank Church | Jim Walls as Tom
Director: Jack Arnold
Story: Stanley Z. Cherry | Teleplay: Jim Allen
Classification: Scripted
Genre: Drama
Status: Canceled/Ended
Network: NBC ( USA)
Airs: Thursdays at 10:00 pm
Runtime: 60 Minutes
Premiere: September 12, 1974
Ended: September 14, 1976
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