Season 1

1 :01x01 - The Magnificent Bribe

Lucky and Andamo are caught in the middle when revolutionaries try to smuggle guns in with Andamo's help, using Lucky's ship, the Fortuna.
Special Guest Stars: Nehemiah Persoff as El Presidente |
Guest Stars: Ziva Rodann as Elena Ryan | Al Ruscio as Lieutenant | Francis McDonald as Old Fisherman (as Francis J. McDonald) | Ruben Moreno as Driver | Allusio Ferreira as Guitar Player
Director: Blake Edwards

2 :01x02 - They Shall Not Pass

After escaping Andamo's country, Lucky and Andamo end up at a costume party aboard a yacht. A case of mistaken identity leads Lucky to break up a conman's scheme... and his daughter takes it personally. So do the mobsters the conman was paying off.
Guest Stars: Conrad Nagel as Julius Rutherford-Shank | Ned Wever as Edgar Bentley | Lou Krugman as 12th Street | Lillian Bronson as Mrs. Rutherford-Shank | Madge Blake as Mrs. Edgar Bentley | Abigail Nelson as Little Girl | Norman Alden as Devil | Shirley Monticue as Girl Beatnik
Director: Jack Arnold
Writer: Lester Pine
Songs: Cole Porter -- Anything Goes

3 :01x03 - Bugsy

A man on the run from the Mob asks his old friend Lucky to hide him from his pursuers, but it might be easier said than done.
Guest Stars: Edward Platt as Henry Praiswater | Barbara Stuart as Mrs. Bugsy McKenna | Gavin MacLeod as Bugsy McKenna | Clegg Hoyt as Pudge | Wilson Wood as Bartender | Jack Perkins as Sammy Reni | Alex Sharp as Joey Reni | Tony Michaels as Accountant | Angus Duncan as 1st Coast Guard Man | Michael Johnson (5) as 2nd Coast Guard Man | Joe Scott as Croupier (Joe)
Director: Jack Arnold
Writer: Lester Pine

4 :01x04 - The Money Game

The police inform Lucky that counterfeit money is being put into circulation from the Fortuna's home port. While Lucky tries to figure out if the counterfeiters are using his yacht to smuggle the money in, he deals with a mathematics professor trying to break the bank and a beautiful woman who may not be all that she seems.
Guest Stars: Barbara Bain as Prudence | J. Pat O'Malley as Professor Olander | Tom Brown (1) as Lieutenant Rovacs | Troy Melton as Alex | Donald Losby as Eddie
Director: Paul Nickell
Writer: Gene L. Coon

5 :01x05 - That Stands for Pool

Lucky is challenged to a high-stakes game of pool by a gangster who's out to win at any cost. He decides to throw the game rather than lose his life, but things get complicated when Andamo places a bet to cover their losses... and gets found out.
Guest Stars: Stanley Adams as Nick Popolous | Paul Lambert as Mark Langdon (credited as Mark Liggett) | Jay Adler as J. B. | Tom Monroe as 1st Hoodlum | Steve Conte as 2nd Hoodlum | Pat Comiskey as Bodyguard (as Pat Comisky)
Director: Jack Arnold
Writer: Lester Pine

6 :01x06 - My Little Gray Home

Willie Conway, an ex-con who can't handle the outside world, asks Lucky to help him return to federal prison. Things get complicated when two criminals get wind of the scheme that Lucky concocts to set Willie up for a new federal crime.
Guest Stars: King Donovan as Willie (Willie Conway) | Treva Frazee as Mary Koskiusko | Peter Mamakos as Rock Canari | Buddy Lewis as Warren | Lewis Martin as Judge | Howard Negley as Warden | Stephen Ellsworth as Bank President | Robert Nash as Inspector | Donald Kerr as Cook
Director: Jerry Hopper
Writer: Lester Pine

7 :01x07 - The Gordon Caper

In order to pay off a gambling debt to Mr. Lucky, a woman devises an elaborate blackmail scheme against her former employer.
Guest Stars: Berry Kroeger as Walter Gordon | Betty Garde as Maybelle Towers | Ted de Corsia as Roy Berg | Herb Armstrong as Evan Britton | Naura Hayden as Joyce | Dorothy Neumann as Reader's Aide |
Uncredited: Joe Scott as Croupier
Director: Anton Leader
Writer: Gene L. Coon

8 :01x08 - Little Miss Wow

Lucky and Andamo discover that a missing heiress has been living as a beatnik. She threatens to accuse them of kidnapping her if they don't show her the hip scene, but some criminals decide to kidnap her for the ransom.
Guest Stars: Yvonne Craig as Beverly Mills | Don Gordon as Turkey Thomas | Sam Buffington as Freddy Furlong | Lewis Charles as Joe Corson | Milton Parsons as Waiter | J. Edward McKinley as Lloyd Mills | Robert Williams (1) as Police Sergeant (as Robert B. Williams) | Bruno VeSota as Poet (as Bruno Ve Sota) | Barbara English as Bongo Drummer
Director: Boris Sagal
Writer: Gene L. Coon

9 :01x09 - A Business Measure

While a beautiful woman provides a distraction, smugglers attach a fake mine filled with gems to the Fortuna. A crewman spots them and the police are called in, but the smugglers capture Lucky and demand that he return the gems... or the next mine will be a real one.
Guest Stars: Philip Ober as Nigel | Suzanne Lloyd as Sylvana | Tom Brown (1) as Lieutenant Rovacs | Tom McKee as Blake | James Parnell as Steve | Robert Bice as Sergeant | Joe Scott as Croupier | William Smith (1) as Second Crewman (Harry) | Bill Hickman as Webb | Robert Nash as Gambling Patron | George Robotham as Frogman
Director: Boris Sagal
Writer: Lester Pine

10 :01x10 - Hijacked

Thieves steal a check which was given to Lucky by a woman to cover a large gambling debt.
Guest Stars: David White (1) as Mr. Van Horn (Arthur Van Horn) | Lili Kardell as Carol Van Horn | Tom Brown (1) as Rovacs | Len Lesser as Gunman | Carl Saxe as Gunman | Tom Steele as Gunman

11 :01x11 - Aces Back to Back

A wartime pal sends Mr. Lucky a dreadful painting but the original artist desperately wants it back.
Guest Stars: Peter Whitney as Andre Damon | Tom Brown (1) as Rovacs | Earle Hodgins as Horace Fulbright | Robert Warwick as Charles Colter | Arthur Kendall as Jack the Knife | Bernard Fein as Spanish Charley
Writer: Gene L. Coon

12 :01x12 - Maggie the Witness

When Lucky's girlfriend Maggie witnesses a gangland killing, he sends her into hiding.
Guest Stars: Tom Brown (1) as Lieutenant Rovacs | Robert Carricart as Willie | Arthur Batanides as Bruce | Milton Frome as Pennypacker | Harry Tyler as Tugboat | Hal K. Dawson as Mr. Low (George Low) | James Forster as Popeye | Buddy Garion as Reporter | Richard Devon as Polly the Actor
Director: Boris Sagal
Writer: Lester Pine

13 :01x13 - The Two Million Dollar Window

Mr. Lucky is informed that money he won while gambling with a scarred faced man was stolen from a race track.
Guest Stars: Wesley Lau as Slate | Bernard Kates as Benny the Actor | Cyril Delevanti as Gardenia O'Toole | Paul Genge as Police Captain | Tony De Mario as Henchman (as Anthony De Mario) | William Fawcett as Fisherman | William Boyett as Health Officer | Charles Keane as Plainclothesman | Darren Dublin as Bank Teller (as Darrin Dublin) | Frank Watkins as Bank Guard | Joe Scott as Croupier
Director: Boris Sagal

14 :01x14 - The Leadville Kid Gang

Three old coots rob the Fortuna. The police then inform Lucky that they can't go after them since the ship was outside the three-mile limit when the robbery occurred.
Guest Stars: Will Wright as Leadville Kid | John Cliff as Chris Durfee | Burt Mustin as Uncle Billy | Raymond Hatton as Joe Horn
Writer: Gene L. Coon

15 :01x15 - The Sour Milk Fund

A reformer boards the Fortuna in an effort to stop gambling on board the vessel. Andamo falls for the woman.
Guest Stars: Warren Stevens as Charles Van Cleve | Maureen Leeds as Victoria Pennington | Bob Hopkins as Fred Archer
Director: Jack Arnold
Writer: Gene L. Coon

16 :01x16 - The Brain Picker

Lucky rescues a woman from committing suicide. Then she hits him up for a large loan.
Guest Stars: Lisa Gaye as Sherry Beaumont | Herbert Rudley as Arthur Burnett | John Carlyle as Ronnie Slater | Charles Wagenheim as Charles Van Halsington III
Director: Boris Sagal
Writer: Gene L. Coon

17 :01x17 - The Last Laugh

A gangster begins pressuring the Fortuna's house comic to quit his job and work at his club.
Guest Stars: Frank Gorshin as Jerry Musco | Sally Fraser as Jane Musco | Brad Dexter as Fred Scorby
Director: Jack Arnold
Writer: Gene L. Coon

18 :01x18 - The Parolee

Mr. Lucky steps into try and help when his chef is arrested and thrown into jail for parole violations.
Guest Stars: Linda Lawson as Angie | Jeremy Slate as Karl Lieder | Frank Behrens as Ross Wilson | Bartlett Robinson as Joe Hardiman | Shepherd Sanders as Spots | Ric Roman as Fenneman | Charles Calvert as Sam Burns | Gayla Graves as Secretary | Lucille Curtis as Mrs. Burns
Story: Lester Pine | Teleplay: Gene L. Coon

19 :01x19 - The Tax Man

The IRS pays Lucky a visit thanks to a businessman who's under a similar investigation.
Guest Stars: Simon Scott as George Darwin | Robert H. Harris as Fenton Lorimer | Walter Burke as Tobias Foss | Bill Baldwin as Orval Whitney
Director: Jack Arnold
Writer: Ken Kolb

20 :01x20 - The Gladiators

To raise money for charity, Lucky holds a boxing match on board the Fortuna.
Guest Stars: Nita Talbot as Kitten Connor | Kent Taylor as Frankie Bragan | Richard Karlan as Joe Kirk | John Dennis as Flipper | William Smith (1) as Leland Lamont | Hal Baylor as Benny Brenoff | Evan MacNeil as Eva | Jimmy Lennon, Sr. as Announcer | Mushy Callahan as Referee
Writer: Gene L. Coon

21 :01x21 - Big Squeeze

Bandits frame Lucky after he refuses to let them use the Fortuna as a getaway vehicle.
Guest Stars: Percy Helton as Pop Markel | Jack Elam as Phil Bricker | Kevin Hagen as Jojo | Frankie Darro as Jockey | Irene Tedrow as Madame Maria | Richard Bakalyan as Spider | Kathy Marlowe as Myrna
Director: Jack Arnold

22 :01x22 - Cold Deck

A man attempts suicide after a crooked poker game and Lucky sets out to find the truth.
Guest Stars: Joe Maross as Jim Branco | Peter Leeds as Len Porter | Pamela Duncan as Nancy Ballard | Howard Petrie as John Dort | Tina Carver as Ruth Branco | Larry J. Blake as Dave Gray | Paul Maxey as Reynolds
Director: Jack Arnold
Writer: John Hawkins

23 :01x23 - His Maiden Voyage

A lawyer embroiled in a bitter custody battle over his young daughter attempts to smuggle her out of the country on the Fortuna.
Guest Stars: Barry Atwater as Vincent | Tammy Marihugh as Penny | Norman Alden as Mitch | Henry Beckman as Huey | Benny Burt as Jake
Director: Boris Sagal

24 :01x24 - I Bet Your Life

Lucky tries to find out who's trying to kill him (or have him killed).
Guest Stars: Mari Blanchard as Miss Grey | R.G. Armstrong as Mike Haley | Ross Elliott as Harold Vong | Kathy Marlowe as Myrna
Director: Jack Arnold

25 :01x25 - Hair of the Dog

A racketeer won't take no for an answer when Lucky refuses to sell him the Fortuna.
Guest Stars: Peter Whitney as Rosey | Genevieve Aumont as Therese | Gavin MacLeod as Salesman | Joe Bassett as Murdock

26 :01x26 - Vote the Bullet

Lucky runs for the city council as part of a reform ticket.
Guest Stars: Charles Aidman as Art Cable | Steve Peck as Vincent Vasconi | Celia Lovsky as Mama Vasconi | Lou Krugman as Garvin | Stafford Repp as Root | Dehl Berti as Anthony Vasconi | Paul Genge as Police Captain
Director: Jack Arnold

27 :01x27 - Hit and Run

Lucky gets involved in a hit-and-run death after loaning his car to a friend.
Guest Stars: Alan Hewitt as Harvey Boone | Wendell Holmes as David Bullitt | Doris Singleton as Iris Boone | Tony De Mario as Maxie Maden | Tom McKee as Allan Christian | Sarah Selby as June Bullitt | Charles Tannen as Ed Boyle | Fred Coby as Sgt. Hopkins
Director: Jack Arnold
Writer: Steve McNeil

28 :01x28 - Taking a Chance

In a lottery drawing, Lucky wins a date with a Hollywood actress who then asks for his help against blackmailers.
Guest Stars: Joanna Barnes as Laura Lawrence | Billy Barty as Midget | Lili Fontaine as Janet Forest (as Lily Fontaine) | Tom Brown (1) as Lieutenant Rovacs | Stanley Adams as Danny Devlin
Director: Jack Arnold

29 :01x29 - Last Journey

A small boy is smuggled onto the Fortuna from a fishing vessel in the middle of the night.
Guest Stars: John Marley as Glenn Markson | Harvey Stephens as Dan Parker | Eugene Martin as David Parker | Ann McCrea as Deena | CeCe Whitney as Helen
Director: Jack Arnold
Writer: Sam Ross

30 :01x30 - Operation Fortuna

Instead of being grateful, a bumbling waiter robs Mr. Lucky after being given one last chance.
Guest Stars: Jack Nicholson as Martin | Buzz Martin as Bud | Anne Helm as Edie | Richard Chamberlain as Alec | Jolene Brand as Clara Iglesias
Director: Jack Arnold
Writer: Paul David

31 :01x31 - Stacked Deck

When a runaway heiress stows away aboard the Fortuna, she is followed by a rather odd chap.
Guest Stars: Yvette Mimieux as Margot | Grant Williams as Conrad | Fay McKenzie as Sheila Wells
Director: Jack Arnold

32 :01x32 - Odyssey of Hate

Neo-Nazis plan to stow away on board the Fortuna and then enter the United States illegally.
Guest Stars: Karl Swenson as St. John | Patricia Donahue as Ursula Heft | Ted Knight as Dr. Furst | Robert Brubaker as Barber | Eleanor Audley as Mrs. Dubois | Jimmy Ames as Dewar | Carol Byron as Patricia | Mary Benoit as Mrs. Heresford | Warner Jones as Agent | Edna Ryan as Jean Furst
Director: Terence Nelson

33 :01x33 - Dangerous Lady

Lucky is approached by a woman who needs a large sum of money very quickly.
Guest Stars: Virginia Vincent as Honeybird | Jackie Coogan as Joe Azevedo | Lee Van Cleef as Kruger | Ollie O'Toole as Steve Quinn | Bambi Hamilton as Girl
Director: Jack Arnold

34 :01x34 - Election Bet

After losing a large bet on the outcome of a Latin American election, a man decides to kill Lucky rather than pay off.
Guest Stars: Joi Lansing as Evelyn | King Calder as Toby | Leo Gordon as Killer | Vito Scotti as Jake | Mel Welles as Hood | Stanley Jones (1) as Ed
Director: Jerry Hopper
Classification: Scripted
Genre: Adventure | Drama
Status: Canceled/Ended
Network: CBS ( USA)
Airs: Saturdays at 09:00 pm
Runtime: 30 Minutes
Premiere: October 24, 1959
Ended: June 18, 1960
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