The Gordon Caper - Recap

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On the Fortuna, a nearly-deaf Walter Gordon is at the craps table and complains about the dice. His two associates demand a new pair and Andamo tells the croupier to go ahead. He then goes over to chat with Joyce, Gordon's private secretary. She insists that she doesn't socialize during business hours. Meanwhile, Lucky and Maggie watch as Gordon continues losing. Lucky explains that Gordon is wealthy and has been abroad in Africa financing deals in oil and land. With him is Roy Berg, Howard's executive VP, and Evan Britton, the man's PR director. When Maggie wonders why Lucky doesn't bounce him, the owner admits that he can't be rude to $100 million.

Lucky goes to greet some fresh customers and one of them is Maybelle Towers. She sees Gordon and his men and insults them, laughing. Gordon tells his men to get him out of there and they quickly leave while Maybelle laughs hysterically.

Once Lucky gets Maybelle to his office, he reminds her that she already owes him $5,000 and now she's scared off a rich customer. Maybelle tells Lucky and Andamo that she knew Gordon back in the day, before their time. She assures Lucky that he can collect his $5,000 and interest the next night at 8 at her house, much to his surprise. Maggie comes in and Lucky offers to take her home. Once Maybelle leaves, Andamo asks if Maybelle meant it and Lucky figures that it's worth dropping by to see. He reminds Maggie that they have a date at 9.

Gordon goes to see Maybelle at her apartment and reminds her that he paid her $50,000 for her silence 20 years ago and never received it. She demands $25,000 and insists that she'll get it. Maybelle shows him a book and Gordon demands it, but Gordon isn't interested. He wants what he came for and Maybelle threatens to go to the police with it. When Gordon warns her that she can't push him, Maybelle ups the ante to $30,000. He grabs the book and starts ripping out pages, promising to rip her up just as easily, but Maybelle laughs until he slaps her and says that she won't get another chance. He goes outside and tells his thug to deal with Maggie. The thug comes in just as Maybelle calls Lucky and says that she's in trouble.

When Lucky and Andamo get to Maybelle's apartment, they see the lights go out and enter. The thug ambushes them and escapes, but leaves a key behind. Lucky and Andamo discover that someone has torn up the apartment and they find Maybelle dead, the open book on the floor next to her. There's a spot in the book, titled They Got Away With Murder, where the key was torn out.

Evan and Roy watch Lucky as he goes to a phone booth, and call Gordon. They admit that they don't know which one has the key and Gordon tells them to split Lucky and Andamo up as soon as they can. Meanwhile, Lucky makes an anonymous call to Homicide and then drives to library with Andamo, and Roy and Evan follow them. At the library, Lucky has Andamo settle in and then goes to find a copy of Maybelle's book. The reader's aide takes Lucky to a locked cabinet, gets him the book, and tells him he'll have to read it there.

Lucky goes through the book while in the main room, Joyce comes in to see Andamo and starts flirting with him. She invites him to her hotel room and when he agrees, gives him her key and says that he should meet her there in 20 minutes.

After checking the missing pages, Lucky makes a phone call to Maggie. He apologies for canceling their date and Joyce is surprised that he's at the library. Lucky lets her listen to the silence to prove that he's at the library, but Maggie figures that he's another woman and threatens to beat him to a pulp if he doesn't show up.

Andamo goes to Joyce's hotel room and lets himself in. Roy and Evan knock him out and search him for the key, but turn up nothing and figure Lucky has it.

Lucky returns the book to the reader's aide and she tells him that Andamo left after talking to a young woman. Outside, Gordon pulls up and offers Lucky a lift, saying he has Andamo. Lucky gets in and they drive off just as Maggie arrives in a taxi. She figures Lucky is up to something and tells the driver to follow Lucky.

Gordon brings Lucky to his estate where Roy and Evan are holding Andamo prisoner. As Gordon gets down to business, Maggie sneaks up to the house. She looks in a window and sees a woman dressing, and moves on. Meanwhile, Gordon demands the key from Lucky. When Lucky feigns ignorance, Roy slaps him and Lucky admits he has the key. He explains that he read the book and the chapter about the Harrington-Leffingwell murder 20 years ago. Gordon lets him continue and Lucky explains that Leffingwell was found shot dead on Gordon's estate during a party, after flirting with Gordon's wife. Nobody ever found the murder weapon and there were several millionaires and celebrities there. Roy was a bartender and Evan was a waiter. Maybelle was Gordon's private secretary at the time. Lucky figures that Maybelle was going to collect blackmail from Gordon to pay off her gambling debts.

An angry Maggie barges in and Lucky claims he doesn't know her. They order her to sit down and Maggie realizes that she's messed up. Lucky offers the key for Maggie's release but Gordon figures that she already knows too much. After taking a call, Gordon demands the key and Lucky figures that it opens a safe deposit box with the murder weapon. Maggie throws herself at Gordon, begging for mercy, and turns off his hearing aid. Gordon shoves her away and Roy and Evan ask for orders. Gordon, turned away, doesn't realize anything is going on until Lucky and Andamo jump his men. As they fight, Gordon goes for a gun and Maggie jumps him. With her help Andamo and Lucky take the three crooks down. When Joyce comes in, Maggie knocks her out with one punch.

Afterward, Lucky calls Rovacs to report the murder. He then tells Gordon that he was had: the police checked Maybelle's safe deposit box and she never had the gun. Maggie wants to know if Lucky came there to see Joyce, and Andamo assures her that he was the one who came to see Joyce. He then suggests that Gordon give them a steamship line because he won't need it. Gordon turns him down and Andamo figures that it didn't hurt to ask.