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Little Miss Wow - Recap

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At the docks, a woman, Beverly Mills, walks to the edge and prepares to jump off. Lucky pulls up nearby and sees her falls off, and dives in after her. When he tries to pull her out, Beverly yells at him to let her go. Lucky pulls her out anyway and takes her to the Fortuna to dry out. When Lucky figures that it's a boy, Beverly tells him that she was attempting to be one with the universe and could hear the ocean spirit calling to her. She slipped when Lucky called to her and fell in. When Andamo asks for her name, Beverly gives him an obviously fake name, Tanya Markova, and demands that they take her to shore.

Andamo recognizes her face and shows Lucky a newspaper article about a missing heiress. The photo matches Beverly. Beverly insists that it isn't her at first but finally she admits it. When they say they'll go to her father, Lloyd, Beverly threatens to tell him that they kidnapped her. She offers to make a deal and explains that she broke out of the girl's school so she could make the scene with beatniks. Beverly asks them to show her to somewhere suitable and threatens them with the kidnapping charge if they don't. Andamo talks to Lucky privately and warns that the police would take any excuse to throw them in jail. Lucky agrees to take her to a couple of coffeehouses and then call her father.

Andamo and Lucky take Beverly to a club, The Neurotic. While she loudly enjoys herself, thugs Turkey Thomas and Freddy Furlong overhear her. They recognize Lucky and Freddy orders him to get them a paper. Once Freddy confirms that Beverly is the heiress, he goes to the phone and calls mob torpedo Joe Corson and tells him that they've got a line on Beverly. Joe tells Freddy to grab Beverly and take her to his place, and he'll meet them there.

Beverly is busy sampling all the coffees and an impatient Andamo finally asks to talk to Lucky privately. Once they get Beverly to promise she'll stay put, they go outside to talk. Once they leave, Turkey tells Freddy to let him do the talking and he goes over to Beverly. Meanwhile, Andamo says that he's had enough and Lucky calls Lloyd.

Turkey talks to Beverly and says that Lucky sent him over. He offers to show Beverly the real scene and she's eager to leave. Freddy tells her that Lucky will meet them later and they take off. Lucky and Andamo come back in and realize that she's gone. When the waiter tells them that Beverly left with Turkey, Lucky recognizes the name and reminds Andamo that Turkey works with Corson, who is wanted for murder.

Freddy and Turkey take Beverly to their room across the street from the new coffeehouse. When they finally get sick of her and tell her to shut up, she tries to walk out and Freddy draws a knife. Turkey tells her that they know all about who she is. When they explain that she's been kidnapped, Beverly is thrilled to be a kidnap victim. However, she warns them that Lloyd will have the police out in force to find her. Beverly then demands a pizza and won't take no for an answer.

Turkey is leaving the pizza place when Lucky and Andamo catch up to him. They see the food, figure he has a guest, and take his gun. When they get to the apartment, Lucky and Andamo force their way in and capture Freddy. However, Corson comes in and gets the drop on them. He explains that he's on the lam after killing a district attorney and needs the ransom money.

Beverly is thrilled to learn she's met a killer, but is shocked to learn that Corson plans to kill Lucky and Andamo. She refuses to go and shoves the pizza into Turkey's face. Lucky knocks the lamp over and Corson fires wildly in the dark. When he gets the lights on, he discovers that Lucky, Andamo, and Beverly are gone and Freddy and Turkey are cowering in a corner. Once they run off, Lucky and the others climb down the fire escape. However, Beverly tries to run into the club. By the time Andamo and Lucky catch up, Corson and his men have found them. They duck into the coffeehouse and Corson and Turkey run in and open fire, missing.

Lucky and Andamo head out with Beverly just as the police run in after hearing the gunshots, figuring it's a wild party. Corson and Turkey hide their guns and the policemen run past them. However, the sergeant finally realizes that the man he just passed was Corson. When Lucky and the others come out, they find Freddy waiting for them and duck back inside, and run down to the boiler room. Corson, Freddy, and Turkey come down after them and Lucky tells Corson to come get Beverly if she wants him. As the police close in, Lucky hits Corson with a suitcase while Andamo shoves some crates on Freddy and Turkey and grabs their guns. Lucky finally takes down Corson and they take the crooks up to the police.

The police toss everyone in jail until the next morning, when Beverly's father arrives and clears up everything. He thanks Lucky and Andamo for saving his daughter and pays them the reward. They give it back to him and tell him that they'll gladly pay the same amount back to him if he locks Beverly up for good.