Mr. Merlin

Mr. Merlin

Merlin, the same sorcerer who lived in Camelot during King Arthur's times, has reappeared as a mechanic in San Francisco. Alex, a representative of Max's superiors, comes with a warning, he must find an heir to his powers or will lose his powers. Reluctantly Merlin accepts and starts his quest until finally an irresponsible youth named Zachary Rogers draws our a bar crowbar from a can of cement. Merlin reveals his identity and tells Zac he will become an apprentice. The young man doesn't believe it at first but later he is convinced through some magic. He is ordered not to tell anyone. Although he would love to tell his pal, Jonathan, he comes to understand all the implications of his new life.

This sitcom was a Larry Larry Production in assn with Columbia Pictures TV.

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Final: 1x22 -- I Was a Teenage Loser (Mar/22/1982)

Zac uses flashes of his apprentice-wizard magic to help Leo overcome a spell of self-doubt, but Zac soon needs Merlin's help.
Barnard HughesBarnard Hughes
As Max Merlin
Clark BrandonClark Brandon
As Zachary Rogers
Jonathan PrinceJonathan Prince
As Leo Samuels
Elaine JoyceElaine Joyce
As Alexandra

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1x22: I Was a Teenage Loser recap: Leo takes a test in a magazine and it reveals he is a teenage personality, no direction and no purpose in life. Zac originally gave him the test, thinking it would raise Leo's self esteem and now he feels responsible. Max doesn't want to be bothered with Leo's spurts of bi-weekly depressions so Zac decides to handle the situation himself. Merlin reminds him he's only an apprentice, not a full-fledged wizard and is reluctant to let him solo.
Alex thinks it's time Zac tries out his wings and upon her insistence, Merlin agrees to give Zac a chance. Zac's first step to boost Leo's ego is by getting him a date, with a girl he likes named Debbie. She "miraculously" walks up to Leo and tells him she is dying to go out with him. Then Zac gives Leo a pep talk before a track meet and Leo can't believe he set a record in the pole vault. Leo now starts to become more confident and believe in the power of positive thinking.
Zac and his date double with Leo and Debbie at a French restaurant. Leo impresses everyone with his "sudden" fluent French. Meanwhile, Max can' but spy on the foursome. Max knows Zac has already made a mess of things, even if he did mean well. Zac has given Leo so much confidence, he's becoming obnoxious. Max reminds Zac he's an apprentice with powers and Zac gets an idea to straighten Leo out. He decides to throw a party, using Alex and Max as co-conspirators.
Alex dresses up as Allison Kendall a renowned chef who is preparing dinner for the party. She tells Leo the world needs more people like him. Then, Max, dressed as famous coach Chuck Williams, strides in to pitch for Leo's sports talent. America needs Olympic material like Leo and after a lot of hard work, he's sure Leo will be a star. The offers are pouring in and Leo is unprepared for his final encroachment. Radical Tommny Jackson, alias Zac, shows up ready to save the world. Tommy wants Leo to help unite people to save the whales, birds, the world and any other cause along the way. All of a sudden, Leo is not sure what he wants. He interrupts everyone to tell them he needs to get to know himself better before he makes any commitments to anyone. Max is proud of Zac's accomplishment. He may not be ready for his license yet, but when he is, he's going to be one fine wizard.
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1x21: Arrivederci, Dink recap: Dink Johnson's hot dog stand has been in business for over 35 years serving hungry citizens in need of a quick refreshing bite; and suddenly a new shopping center threatens his existence. Attorney Lee Skinner served the papers ordering him to vacate the property so construction can be completed and Max takes on the Job of defending the underdog. Max is shocked to find on the first meeting that Lee Skinner is a top-notch woman attorney. There is an instant attraction between them, but Lee sticks to business. She is insistent that Dink will have to move. Max leaves her office in a fit of anger.
Alex comes up with the idea of romancing Ms. Skinner to change her mind and Max agrees to the scheme. Lee looks stunning as she arrives at Max's house. However, Leo isn't convinced that Merlin has what it takes to change Lee's mind, and he interrupts them to give Lee a piece of his mind. Lee makes an angry but graceful exit, giving Max no chance, to explain.
The following day, Max goes to her office to soften the damage done. Lee's pride has been too injured though, and she tells him there's nothing to discuss. She will see him in court. Leo brings chocolates ta- Zac and Max hoping they will accept his apologies. He can.'t believe all people think about is the present and future with no regard to the past. This statement gives Max an idea. Dink has an oíd mustard pot that was dug up when breaking ground for his stand and Max asks if he can borrow it. No one can figure out why confident Max is stalling to go to the courthouse and they are even more confused when Lee shows up, waving a telegram he sent her.
He explains he wanted to warn her about a law requiring archaelogical surveys of a construction site when evidence of a find turns up. He produces a document certifying Dink's mustard pot is over 3,000 years old, made by a tribe once inhabiting the very spot his stand is on. Lee realizes she's being forced to compromise. A few months later, the shopping center is open for business and Dink's business is having its ups and downs—in a converted freight elevator that is, changed to accommodate his stand. It's not a new location really, since it's exactly where his stand once was, and he treats everyone to a Dink dog on him to celebrate.
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1x20: An Absence of Amulets recap: Alex tries out her hand at Tarot cards on Zac and tells him he had better be careful. When he falls his geometry test the next day, he's convinced the cards were right. To top it off Leo has volunteered Zac to play in a rival ping pong match against Dorsey High's player. When Zac gets word of what Leo's done, he refuses to play the match. It's just not in his destiny and won't be for another week. Max notices Zac's reluctance to help his friend and when he finds Alex's Tarot cards are at the heart of the problem, he seizes them from her. Zac arrives and notices an amulet around Luther's neck and Alex explains Merlin made it for Napoleon to give him confidence. Zac feels he could use all the help he can get and borrows the amulet from Luther until his bad luck is over.
At school the next day, Zac agrees to the ping pong match, counting on the amulet to protect him. Zac's practicing is going great. Max is impressed by his skill, but when Zac lies, claiming his oíd confidence is back, Max removes the amulet from his neck. Zac pleads with Merlin to give him back the amulet, but he refuses. His confidence exhausted, Zac starts out the match losing. Merlin tells Zac he can have the amulet back and he opens his jacket and displays dozens bf identical amulets. It's all worthless junk. Zac realizes he must depend on himself to win and he goes back to playing. As he is being congratulated on his victory by his friends, two boys for the competition walk up. In the prearranged contract it's stated in the event of a tie or loss, Dorsey High has the right to replace their existing player with any other student in another game.
While Zac is getting beat in the new match, Max discovers the opponent is not a registered student, but a professional table tennis champion. Merlin asks Leo to stall the game while he finds a certain friend he knows to swap places with Zac. As Leo explains to everyone they should be allowed to enter someone too, everyone's attention turns to Louis Fong, alias Merlin, who is there to play the game. He appears to be an old man, but surprises everyone by winning the match. Zac is relieved Max was there to bail him out, and Max assures him it was worth it to teach him a lesson
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1x19: Change of Venue (2) recap: Merlin's interviews for a new apprentice aren't working out very well and he is finding it hard to replace his young apprentice and friend, Zac. As a final farewell gesture, Max and Alex have Zac over for dinner. Max and Zac pretend they don't care about Zac moving to Hawaii, but Alex knows better. She figures it is time she becomes Elizabeth's manicurist once more to find a way to keep Zac in San Francisco.
Elizabeth admits to Alex that her son may not be too excited about moving away, but she doesn't know what to do. Alex suddenly gets a brilliant idea that will make everyone happy. She suggests that -Zac move in with Max. Elizabeth sees it might be a workable solution, but when Alex approaches Max, he doesn't see any possibility in it. At first he stands firm against the idea. But if he doesn't get another apprentice soon, he and Alex are going to lose all their powers and become mere mortals. He forces himself to approach Elizabeth and she feels it might be good for Zac to stay behind at least until he graduates, and they both mutually agree that Zac will stay with Max.
When Zac arrives with truckloads of teenage junk on moving day, Max is convinced he has made a mistake. Zac then tells Max that he has planned a party for a few friends that evening, to Max's dissatisfaction. Alex intervenes suggesting Merlin take in a movie with her so Zac can have some fun. When Max and Alex return from a peaceful evening out, it seems the "few" kids multiplied into "a lot" and Max is furious. He freezes everyone in place except Zac. Before Zac can explain, Max has everyone cleaning up the place and leaving. After everyone is gone, Zac explains that his friends brought their own food and no one was causing any damage. If Merlin doesn't have enough faith in him, he won't stay there and he leaves to spend the night at Leo's.
Later that evening, Max levitates up to Leo's second floor bedroom and finds a miserable Zac. He apologizes for being wrong and they decide to give it another shot. Zac's little plant at Max's begins to perk up now that Zac is staying. In fact, the plant perks up too much. Zac feeds the plant a little fertilizer he concocted and they watch as the plant starts growing, right up through the roof!
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1x18: Change of Venue (1) recap: Leo goes to the garage .looking for Zac and acts like he's been to a funeral. When Zac arrives, Leo drives off, crying and mumbling something about their friendship being over. Zac expresses obvious discontent but he doesn't want to discuss it with Max. Finally, after Max's insistence, Zac tells what is bothering him. His mom wants to move to New York and Zac doesn't want to go. Max promises he will try to find out why she wants to move — especially since she doesn't like New York.
Alex helps out by posing as a manicurist. At the beauty parlor, while Alex does her fingernails, Elizabeth confesses the only way she will stay in San Francisco is when her boyfriend Harry asks her to marry him. Since Harry won't offer her a proposal or commitment, she has nothing to lose by moving. When Max hears this, he immediately calls Harry and tells him Elizabeth is moving. Harry goes to the garage and Max and Zac strongly hint Elizabeth wants a more solid commitment than he is offering. They invite an "enlightened" Harry to the going away dinner Max is giving and he promises to come through.
At the dinner, Elizabeth is shocked when Harry shows up. To ease the tension, he gets to the point of things. He pulls out a little ring box and Elizabeth's eyes light up. She opens it up to find not a ring, but a key to Harry's apartment to use when she wants. She promptly kicks him out, key and all, for good. The next day, Max and Zac indirectly set Harry straight through the use of disguises. Max talks to Harry about taking risks and making commitments in life. Harry realizes after Max is done with him, being afraid only makes a person work harder, and leaves him contemplating what has just happened.
Max recreates the dinner, assuring Zac and Alex that Harry has changed. Harry pulls out the box again just as before and everyone is disappointed to see he produces a key again. Only this time Karry adds that he wants her to live with him as his wife. Elizabeth instantly accepts and everyone is happy with the outcome. But things don't turn out as planned. Elizabeth and Harry, as a little extra wedding surprise, announce that Harry has bought a construction company. The catch is that it is in Hawaii and they will be moving anyway!
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Creator: Larry Rosen, Larry Tucker
Executive Producer: Larry Rosen, Larry Tucker
Producer: Joel Rogosin
Associate Producer: Tim Berry
Casting: Bob Edmiston
Unit Production Manager: Nick Anderson (2)
Music: Ken Harrison
Music Editor: Erma Levin
Costume Designer: Grady Hunt

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Recurring Guests

Eugene Roche as Harry (2 eps)
Betty Garrett as Elizabeth (2 eps)
Anne Seymour as Ann Wardell (2 eps)

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Classification: Scripted
Genre: Comedy
Status: Canceled/Ended
Network: CBS ( USA)
Airs: Wednesdays at 08:00 pm
Runtime: 30 Minutes
Premiere: October 07, 1981
Ended: August 11, 1982
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