Take My Tonsils... Please! - Recap

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Max Merlin gets a fever and Alex and Zac are very worried. They send a doctor to see him and he tells Max he needs to have his tonsils removed right away. A tonsillectomy may not be a serious operation, but Max takes the situation very seriously. He checks in at the insistence of his two friends, but they are short on rooms and he has to stay in the children's ward.
Max is not happy about this situation. Especially when a little boy, Dino Messina, keeps pestering him. All Max wants to do is disappear, especially when Dino exaggerates the issue of a tonsillectomy by telling him that he will be taken to a green room with green people who bring out a big needle and snippers to operate. Before Dino knows it though, Max has vanished. When Zac and Alex learn that Max is nowhere to be found, they scheme to get him to reappear.
Zac takes out Merlin's most prized possession, his car, and lets Leo drive it, knowing Max would never stand for it. Sure enough, he appears in the park where the boys have brought the car to a stop. Alex tells Max that Dino isn't in the hospital to have his tonsils out like he claimed, but that he's a very sick little boy who may never be allowed to leave the hospital.
Max returns to the hospital, and later that night, he decides to treat Dino to a great wheelchair ride. Dino gets on Max's lap and they ride through the hospital to a magical carousel. Dino catches a gold ring before they leave to return to their beds. Zac and Alex bring flowers to Merlin to cheer him up after the operation and also bring him the good news that Dino is going to be okay. Max decides that hospitals aren't so bad after all. He got to eat lots of ice cream, received plenty of attention and he made a new friend. And, he feels a whole lot better.