Change of Venue (2) - Recap

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Merlin's interviews for a new apprentice aren't working out very well and he is finding it hard to replace his young apprentice and friend, Zac. As a final farewell gesture, Max and Alex have Zac over for dinner. Max and Zac pretend they don't care about Zac moving to Hawaii, but Alex knows better. She figures it is time she becomes Elizabeth's manicurist once more to find a way to keep Zac in San Francisco.
Elizabeth admits to Alex that her son may not be too excited about moving away, but she doesn't know what to do. Alex suddenly gets a brilliant idea that will make everyone happy. She suggests that -Zac move in with Max. Elizabeth sees it might be a workable solution, but when Alex approaches Max, he doesn't see any possibility in it. At first he stands firm against the idea. But if he doesn't get another apprentice soon, he and Alex are going to lose all their powers and become mere mortals. He forces himself to approach Elizabeth and she feels it might be good for Zac to stay behind at least until he graduates, and they both mutually agree that Zac will stay with Max.
When Zac arrives with truckloads of teenage junk on moving day, Max is convinced he has made a mistake. Zac then tells Max that he has planned a party for a few friends that evening, to Max's dissatisfaction. Alex intervenes suggesting Merlin take in a movie with her so Zac can have some fun. When Max and Alex return from a peaceful evening out, it seems the "few" kids multiplied into "a lot" and Max is furious. He freezes everyone in place except Zac. Before Zac can explain, Max has everyone cleaning up the place and leaving. After everyone is gone, Zac explains that his friends brought their own food and no one was causing any damage. If Merlin doesn't have enough faith in him, he won't stay there and he leaves to spend the night at Leo's.
Later that evening, Max levitates up to Leo's second floor bedroom and finds a miserable Zac. He apologizes for being wrong and they decide to give it another shot. Zac's little plant at Max's begins to perk up now that Zac is staying. In fact, the plant perks up too much. Zac feeds the plant a little fertilizer he concocted and they watch as the plant starts growing, right up through the roof!