Season 2

31 :02x01 - Moonlighting

Novak has to take a second job in order to pay medical bills incurred by his seriously ill father.
Guest Stars: Bill Zuckert as Arthur Bradwell | Mabel Albertson as Mrs. Ring | Bert Freed as Lorimer | K.T. Stevens as Holly Bradwell
Director: Richard Donner

32 :02x02 - With a Hammer in His Hand, Lord, Lord!

A troublesome student causes a major problem in an industrial arts class.
Guest Stars: Simon Oakland as Carl Green | Tim McIntire as Lee Darragh | Walter Koenig as Jim Casey | Vince Howard as Pete Butler | Marjorie Corley as Rosemary Dorsey | Arthur Franz as Det. Sgt. Sol Moss
Director: Allen Reisner

33 :02x03 - Visions of Sugar Plums

A guitar strumming ne'er-do-well decides to return to the teaching profession after a 15 year absence.
Guest Stars: Eddie Albert as Charlie O'Rourke | Vince Howard as Pete Butler | Adrienne Hayes as Marion | Beverly Washburn as Ruth | Bobby Diamond as Gus | Phyllis Avery as Ruth Wilkinson
Director: Paul Wendkos

34 :02x04 - Little Girl Lost

Novak discovers that a troublesome girl has an interest in drama.
Guest Stars: Davey Davison as Edie Currie | Jean Engstrom as Mrs. Currie | Buck Taylor as Nick Bradley | Arthur Franz as Det. Sgt. Sol Moss | Jimmy Bates (1) as Warren | Karen Green (1) as Judy
Director: Paul Wendkos
Writer: Betty Ulius

35 :02x05 - One Monday Afternoon

Jefferson High's star QB gets killed in a practice scrimmage and his father blames it on the coach's win-at-all costs attitude.
Guest Stars: Claude Akins as Lou Myerson | Brooke Bundy as Carol Walker | Simon Scott as Ralph Donan | Allan Hunt as Jerry Donan | Ross Elliott as Millard Wright
Director: Paul Wendkos

36 :02x06 - Let`s Dig a Little Grammar

Novak concludes that two of his students are headed for the wrong careers.
Guest Stars: Tommy Sands as Ray Wilson | Johnny Crawford as Jo Jo Rizzo | Harvey Lembeck as Vic Rizzo | Allen Sherman as Georgie
Director: Joseph Sargent
Writer: Mel Goldberg

37 :02x07 - The People Doll

Novak might be fighting a losing battle when a promising student decides to drop out of school and get hitched.
Guest Stars: Burt Brinckerhoff as Joe Keenan | Bonnie Beecher as Gina Czarnecki | Malachi Throne as Frank Czarnecki

38 :02x08 - Boy Under Glass

Jefferson High's star pitcher has a big league fastball but he's strictly bush league when it comes to academics. The flamethrower might not be able to play in the championship game unless he can improve his grade in Novak's English class.
Guest Stars: Wayne Grice as Frank Turner | Frank Silvera as Andy Towner | Arch Johnson as Coach Brewer | Juanita Moore as Ellen Towner | Leo Durocher as Himself
Director: Allen Reisner
Writer: Mel Goldberg

39 :02x09 - Born of Kings and Angels

Novak and the Jefferson High debating team are headed out of town for a match when problems develop with the team captain.
Guest Stars: Peter Helm as Vern | Lynn Loring as June | Ford Rainey as Eason
Director: Paul Wendkos

40 :02x10 - "A" as in Anxiety

A girl feels extreme pressure to win a full-tuition scholarship to college.
Guest Stars: June Harding as Karen Parker | Hank Jones (1) as Lewis | Robert Cornthwaite as Gentry | Norma Connolly as Mrs. Parker | Richard Carlyle as Parker
Director: Allen Reisner

41 :02x11 - Johnny Ride the Pony

Novak acts as temporary faculty advisor to a rowdy off-campus boys club.
Guest Stars: Tony Dow (1) as Mike Kenyon | Robert Logan as Jerry Hendricks | Denver Pyle as Brill
Director: Allen H. Miner

42 :02x12 - Beyond a Reasonable Doubt

Jefferson High's newest enrollee is notorious--she was recently acquitted of murdering her parents.
Guest Stars: Susan Tyrrell as Phyllis Freuchen | Robert Random as Eddie | Melinda Plowman as Mindy | Jack Chaplain as Bryan | James Flavin as Fire Chief Hawkins
Director: Richard Donner

43 :02x13 - Love Among the Grown-ups

Anonymous letters accuse Novak of carrying on an affair with a married colleague.
Guest Stars: Geraldine Brooks as Claire Andreas | Lane Bradbury as Ellen Westfall | Alexander Scourby as George Andreas | Baynes Barron as Westfall | Karl Swenson as Superintendant Haskell | Phillip Terry as Burr | Gary Waynesmith as Paul | Joan Robinson as Nina | Skip Torgerson as Don | Elizabeth Goldstein (1) as Phyllis | Loretta Kelly as Jane | Stephen Roberts as Peeples
Director: Abner Biberman
Writer: Harold Gast

44 :02x14 - From the Brow of Zeus

A ten year old gifted student enrolls at Jefferson High where he's successful academically but not socially.
Guest Stars: Michel Petit as Michael Brown | Joyce Van Patten as Avis Brown | Fred Maxwell as Wally Brown | Rickie Sorensen as Eddie | Patricia Morrow as Sandra | Harvey Grant as Dave | Beverly Washburn as Edith
Director: Ron Winston
Writer: Mel Goldberg

45 :02x15 - An Elephant is Like a Tree

A student who missed a year of school due to an accident has trouble when he returns.
Guest Stars: Tony Bill as Chris Herrod | Celeste Holm as Rose Herrod | Edward Asner as Paul Berg | Vince Howard as Pete Butler | Marjorie Corley as Rosemary Dorsey
Director: Abner Biberman

46 :02x16 - Enter a Strange Animal

The use of a teaching machine on a trial basis runs into opposition from both faculty and students at Jefferson High.
Guest Stars: Martin Landau as Robert Coolidge | Nehemiah Persoff as Henry Selkirk | David Macklin as Charles Stoddard | Adrienne Marden as Mrs. Selkirk
Director: Alvin Ganzer

47 :02x17 - Beat the Plowshares, Edge the Sword

Novak learns that four of his male students are living under one roof without any adult supervision.
Guest Stars: Harold Stone as Joe Garvin | Mark Slade as Lee Manson | Stephen Mines (1) as Stuart Miller | Jimmy Hawkins as Peter Beatty | Tom Nardini as Abel King | Lyle Bettger as Brigham | Carolyne Barry as Jennifer | Caroline Kido as Nancy
Director: Alvin Ganzer

48 :02x18 - Faculty Follies (1)

Novak is given the task of directing a school variety show starring the faculty.
Guest Stars: Cloris Leachman as Dorothy Hummer | David Sheiner as Paul Webb | Andre Philippe as Everett Johns | Burgess Meredith as Martin Woodridge
Director: Joseph Sargent

49 :02x19 - Faculty Follies (2)

Novak's directing causes the performers to lose their enthusiasm for the faculty variety show.
Guest Stars: Burgess Meredith as Martin Woodridge | Cloris Leachman as Dorothy Hummer | Anna Lee as Mrs. Woodridge | Shirley O'Hara as Miss Sullivan | Katharine Ross as Mrs. Bellway | Michael Hardstark as Ken | Heather North as Felicia | Gloria Calomee as Betty
Director: Joseph Sargent

50 :02x20 - The Silent Dissuaders

An Iranian exchange science instructor finds teaching American students a challenge. Especially the damsels.
Guest Stars: Kim Darby as Judy Wheeler | Frances Reid as Elsie Wheeler | Claudine Longet as Sharhri Javid | Edmon Ryan as Ralph Wheeler | Buck Taylor as Scott Lawson
Director: Allen Reisner
Writer: Betty Ulius

51 :02x21 - Mountains to Climb

Vane is persuaded to step down from his position as principal in order to pursue a political career. He's running for state superintendant of schools against an ambitious opponent.
Guest Stars: Howard Duff as Joe Stillman | Milton Selzer as Ted Canford | Malachi Throne as Tom Norson | Nancy Hadley as Ann Stillman
Director: Paul Wendkos

52 :02x22 - May Day, May Day

Novak's fellow English instructor is convinced he'll be fired after teacher evaluation at Jefferson High.
Guest Stars: Donald Harron as Bud Walker | Whit Bissell as Karl Bellini | Walter Brooke as Jess Capper | Candace Howard (1) as Martha Gunn
Director: Ida Lupino

53 :02x23 - Where is There to Go, Billie, But Up?

Novak falls for a substitute teacher whose main passion is skydiving.
Guest Stars: Lois Nettleton as Jean Corcoran | Paul Mantee as Hal Williams | Alley Mills as Billie
Director: Abner Biberman

54 :02x24 - The Tender Twigs

A mock United Nations Assembly at Jefferson High leads to accusations that the school is promoting Communist propaganda.
Guest Stars: Robert Culp as Frank Menlow | Harry Townes as Walter MacTell | Tony Dow (1) as U.S. Delegate | Johnny Crawford as USSR Delegate | Robert Crawford, Jr. as Cuban Delegate | Peter Helm as Assembly President | Robert Ellenstein as Philip Goddard | Rita Lynn as Edith MacTell | Noah Keen as Dr. Manzoni
Director: Joseph Sargent

55 :02x25 - Honor - and All That

Strong student feelings against a rival high school threaten to explode as a championship basketball game nears.
Guest Stars: Michael J. Pollard as Go-Go Reader | Beau Bridges as Jaytee Bartlett | Stephen Mines (1) as Bill Graves | Buck Taylor as Don | Charles Briles as Ken | Alexander Lockwood as Collins
Director: Paul Wendkos

56 :02x26 - The Student Who Never Was

A practical joking student pulls a hoax on Jefferson High by creating a fictional straight-A transfer student.
Guest Stars: Robert Walker, Jr. as Dick Sullivan | Bonnie Beecher as Valerie | Robert Random as Phil | Patricia Morrow as Abigail | Russell Horton as Ed
Director: Paul Wendkos

57 :02x27 - There's a Penguin in My Garden

A nun tries to install a sense of responsibility into her troublesome orphaned nephew before he comes into his late father's money.
Guest Stars: Walter Brooke as Jess Capper | Pat Harrington, Jr. as Thomas Kelly | Hank Jones (1) as Lewis | Vera Miles as Sister Gervaise | Robert Random as Joey Caldwell | Angela Clarke (2) as Mother General
Director: Alvin Ganzer

58 :02x28 - The Firebrand

A student stirs his classmates into demonstrating on behalf of a school bond issue.
Guest Stars: Walter Koenig as Jim Carsey | Julie Sommars as Ellen Cable | Frank Marth as Gorman | Ben Yaffee as Loomis | Tommy Rettig as Frank | Lauren Gilbert as Bronson | George Ives as Ingram | Peter Wayne as George | Keg Johnson as Larry | Tisha Sterling as Myra
Writer: Harold Gast

59 :02x29 - And Then I Wrote

A science student thinks about rejecting a college scholarship in order to work in the family music store.
Guest Stars: Tommy Sands as Gary Lewin | Mike Kellin as Lester Lewin | Norman Fell as Barney Sanders | Louise Latham as Adele | Harlan Tuckman as Harlan | Don Mitchell as Chuck | Peggy Lipton as Selma | Robert Lipton as George | William Morrison as Dave
Director: Abner Biberman
Writer: Mel Goldberg

60 :02x30 - Once a Clown

When the class clown begins failing his college prep courses, his mother blames his teachers.
Guest Stars: June Lockhart as Mrs. Nelby | Don Grady as Hank Nelby | Tom Drake as Powell | Jim Henaghan as Tommy | Frank Gerstle as Adams
Director: Abner Biberman
Writer: Mel Goldberg
Classification: Scripted
Genre: Drama
Status: Canceled/Ended
Network: NBC ( USA)
Airs: Tuesdays at 07:30 pm
Runtime: 60 Minutes
Premiere: September 24, 1963
Ended: August 31, 1965
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