Season 2

7 :02x01 - Murder Isle

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8 :02x02 - Shallow Grave

A haven turns into a place of horror when Cher Hughes disappears off the coast of Panama and a cold-blooded killer with a penchant for real estate is revealed.

Source: Investigation Discovery

9 :02x03 - Clear Red Skies

On a beautiful sunny morning in Puerto Rico, 36-year-old Sarah Kuszak heads out for her daily run. But just minutes later, she is kidnapped and frantically calls her fiancé from the trunk of a moving car.

Source: Investigation Discovery

11 :02x05 - Fear Island

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12 :02x06 - Stranger Danger

While on summer vacation in Bermuda, 17-year-old Canadian Becky Middleton is raped, tortured and left for dead. Local authorities vow to find her killers, but an unbelievable turn of events may allow them to get away with murder.

Source: Investigation Discovery