Season 12

South by Southwest

While on a train to El Paso to deliver a lecture at a conference, Jessica crosses paths with a woman who eventually disappears under mysterious circumstances. As she starts to investigate, Jessica soon discovers that the woman was in government protection after witnessing a whistle-blower get murdered to keep quiet about a top secret satellite code that has several fatal flaws in it and may have her own secrets to keep.
Guest Stars: Mel Harris as Sarah McLeish | Ray Baker as Wilder | Cliff Bemis as Richard Loomis | Keith David as Algric Bartles | Harriet Sansom Harris as Millie Ogden | Richard Riehle as Jack Ogden | John Vargas as Ron Guzman | Elya Baskin as Boris Cadrescu | Michael Krawic as Radley | Nelson Mashita as Takano | Rance Howard as Jarvis Bean | Norman Marshak as NSA Employee | Lowell Raven as Joe Sunrise | Stuart Proud Eagle Grant as Jim Sunrise (as Stuart Grant) | Lisa LaCroix as Pearl Sunrise

A Story to Die For

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Guest Stars: Richard Crenna as Warren Pierce | Steven Culp as William Batsby | Duncan Regehr as Yuri Malenkovich | Robert Mailhouse as FBI Agent Mason Phillips | Kathryn Morris as Patricia Williams | Alan Fudge as Mack Rolands

The Last Free Man

While in Virginia to attend a lecture by Dr. Cassandra Hawkins about a murder of a plantation owner in the 1860s by a slave named Sam Pinckney, Jessica soon discovers that she has a connection to the case, since she is a distant relative of Sarah McCullough, the slave’s owner. She soon teams up with Hawkins to set out to prove that Sam was set up and that the evidence brought against him was circumstantial. In a flashback, Sarah decides to investigate and eventually discovers that several guests who were at the man’s wedding may have wanted him dead and was willing to let Sam take the blame for it.
Guest Stars: Phylicia Rashad as Cassandra Hawkins | Michael Jace as Sam Pinckney | David Ogden Stiers as Thornton | Madison Mason as Charles Hobbs | Angela Lansbury as Sarah McCullough | Tim Abell as Jeb Bucknell | Elizabeth Lackey as Mary Hobbs | Mac Davis as Sheriff John Underwood | Beth Grant as Louisa Ashland | Tim DeKay as Robert Mercer | Walton Goggins as Billy Weber | John Hostetter as Cornelius Ashland | Elizabeth Dennehy as Jane Pearcy | Jeremiah Birkett as Jim | Peter Sherayko as Morgan Spencer | Norman Marshak as Angry Mob Guy
Screenplay: Matthew Sommer

The Celtic Riddle

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Guest Stars: Norman Marshak as Lively Man | Fionnula Flanagan as Margaret Byrne

241 :12x01 - Nailed

In the days following a party attended by numerous museum board members, Jessica gets involved with an investigation of several home invasion robberies that are connected to a highly sought after hairstylist that is rumored to leaving a popular beauty salon to start his own salon chain. When a scheming entrepreneur is found dead in the hairstylist’s chair, the Lieutenant in charge of the investigation suspects that the salon owner is the one who committed the murder, Jessica soon uncovers some clues that promptly make her suspect the victim’s wife and mistress are the ones who committed the crime.
Guest Stars: Sean O'Bryan as Steve Burke | John O'Hurley as Ralph Stafford | Michael Woods as Billy Blake | Kathy Trageser as Diane | Daphne Ashbrook as Kathy Stafford | Wayne Pére as Jimmy Neiman | Rosalind Chao as Phoebe Campell | Leslie Easterbrook as Antoinette | Denise Gentile as Nancy Rayburn | Carol Kiernan as Madelyn Sweetzer | Eddie Zammit as Alve | Vic Polizos as Lt. Sam Kriley
Writer: Donald Ross

242 :12x02 - A Quaking in Aspen

As Laney Boswell is taking a walk with her friend and lawyer Terry Folger, she gets news that her husband died after losing control of his car and drove off a cliff. In the month since his death, Jessica arrives in Aspen to visit Laney and soon discovers that her friend is the prime suspect in her husband’s death and that a witness can prove that Laney was seen purchasing various tools to tamper with her husband’s car. Following the death of the witness, Jessica and Private Investigator Charlie Garrett team up with the local sheriff who is in charge of the investigation to prove Laney’s innocence and that her husband is actually alive and trying to commit insurance fraud.
Guest Stars: Scott Valentine as Darman H. Keene | Elizabeth Gracen as Sydney Pembrook | Wayne Rogers (1) as Charlie Garrett | Leigh Taylor-Young as Laney Boswell | Kurt Fuller as Sheriff Milo Pike | Gerald McRaney as Terry Folger | Victor Bevine as Anthony Pembroke | Tom Everett as Mr. Vernon / Grant Boswell | Wendy Benson-Landes as Gina Sherman | Thom Bierdz as Phil Carmichael | Deborah Lacey as Olivia Archer | Leslie Horan as Nancy Boswell / Nancy Grayson
Writer: Tom Sawyer

243 :12x03 - The Secret of Gila Junction

After deciding to visit a friend in Gila Junction, Arizona, Jessica reluctantly gets involved with several investigations, one of which surrounds the death of a resident that recently found a large cache of money believed to have been stolen by an area truck-stop bandit and hid in the desert.
Guest Stars: Robert Rusler as Pete Menteer | Dorothy Lyman as Norma Shey | Douglas Roberts as Tiny Kerns | Lawrence Bayne as George Creech | Jay Underwood as Spencer Gates | Kari Whitman as Marge Deaver | Bo Svenson as Cal Harding | Maya McLaughlin as Dena Harding | Bruce Morrow as Caney Thompson | Biff Yeager as Todd Hawkins | Paul Ivy as Lawson Parks | Dale Swann as Bus Driver | Robert Seals as Highway Patrolman
Writer: Jerry Ludwig

244 :12x04 - Big Easy Murder

While in New Orleans to research a new novel, Jessica gets involved in an investigation of a series of murders that are the cause of voodoo curses. Following the death of a friend’s husband, Jessica soon discovers that his death seems to be apart of the other murders, especially when a voodoo doll is found at the scene of the crime. As she investigates his death, Jessica discovers that while the housekeeper and her daughter may have motives for wanting him dead, the man’s business associates got to him before the women could hurt him.
Guest Stars: Mitchell Ryan as Brent Renwyck | Elizabeth Ashley as Emily Broussard | Olivia Cole as Yvette Dauphin | Brian McNamara (2) as Tom McCray | Anne-Marie Johnson as Pricilla Dauphin | Juliette Jeffers as Vera Welles | George Sharperson as Waiter | Ayo Adeyemi as High Priest | Devino Tricoche as Fire Eater | Lisa Akey as Cynthia Broussard | G.W. Bailey as Lt. Alex Tibideaux | Robert Forster as Frank Roussel | Nick LaTour as Charlie | Clifton Powell as Ralph Danton | Lewis Van Bergen as Mal Carter | Steve Curtis as Jim Nash

245 :12x05 - Home Care

Suspicious deaths follow a nurse's return to Cabot Cove.
Guest Stars: Audra Lindley as Maggie Saunders | William Converse-Roberts as Justin Haynes | William Windom as Seth Hazlitt | Ron Masak as Sheriff Mort Metzger | Stephanie Niznik as Stephanie Niznik | Megan Follows as Lila Nolan | Madlyn Rhue as Jean O'Neill | Ed Nelson as Henry | Louis Herthum as Deputy Andy Bloom | Kathryn Masak as Reporter #1

246 :12x06 - Nan's Ghost (1)

Jessica is in for an eerie trip to Ireland to visit a friend, when a young woman, who disappeared the previous year, is found dead in a dungeon not long before her arrival. After checking into her friend’s inn, Jessica soon discovers that an American businessman is trying to buy the inn in an attempt to turn it into first-class Americanized hotel. Thrown into the mix is another friend of Jessica’s, this one an inspector who is working undercover at the inn, possible illegal sales of priceless Irish artifacts, and the death of a hotel worker causes Jessica to stare death in the face when she gets locked in the same dungeon that Nan was found in.
Guest Stars: Wendy Schaal as Zuleika Brown | John Karlen as Spt. Arthur Joyce | Rod Taylor as Insp. Rory Lanahan | James Warwick as Paul Lafferty | Christopher Neame as Dr. John Sullivan | Ross Kettle as Ian O'Bannon | Peter Jason as Vincent Nader | Fionnula Flanagan as Eileen O'Bannon | Leslie Bevis as Andrea Nader | Edita Brychta as Deirdre O'Bannon | Felicia Lansbury as Moira | Mark Lindsay Chapman as Officer Matthew Ryan | Thomas Kopache as Leonard | Raphael Sbarge as Peter Franklin | John Saint Ryan as Jack Conroy (as John St. Ryan)

247 :12x07 - Nan's Ghost (2)

As Rory and Eileen work to free Jessica from the dungeon, Eileen’s son Ian tries to secure funding to save his mother’s inn. Upon being saved, Jessica is able to convince her friends and the authorities that Nan was murdered and that her death has to do with covering up an intricate smuggling ring of Irish artifacts.
Guest Stars: Wendy Schaal as Zulika Brown | John Karlen as Superintendant Arthur Joyce | Rod Taylor as Insp. Rory Lanahan | James Warwick as Paul Lafferty | Christopher Neame as Dr. John Sullivan | Ross Kettle as Ian O'Bannon | Leslie Bevis as Andrea Nader | Edita Brychta as Deirdre O'Bannon | Mark Lindsay Chapman as Officer Matthew Ryan | Peter Jason as Vincent Nader (credit only) | Thomas Kopache as Leonard | Felicia Lansbury as Moira | Raphael Sbarge as Peter Franklin | John Saint Ryan as Jack Conroy (as John St. Ryan) | Fionnula Flanagan as Eileen O'Bannon

248 :12x08 - Shooting in Rome

Ego clashes disrupt a movie shoot in Italy, but Jessica suspects sabotage when a crash occurs.
Guest Stars: Louis Giambalvo as Raimondo Bonelli | Shawn Weatherly as Kate Darbury | Antony Ponzini as Tomaso Curillo | Victor Alfieri as Italian Assistant Director | Allan Miller (1) as Jake Farber | Lorenzo Caccialanza as Inspector Amati | Mike Connors as Boyce Brown | Allen Cutler as Gary Hayes | Bruce Abbott as Monte Hayes | Sam Hennings as Webb Prentiss | Lisa Banes as Lucy | Ben Reed (1) as Rex Toland | Lisa Vultaggio as Adrianna Bonelli
Writer: Jerry Ludwig

249 :12x09 - Deadly Bidding

Jessica’s in New York to bid on an original Arthur Conan Doyle manuscript for the library board she is a member of. At the same auction, she crosses path with old friend Charlie Garrett, who is there to bid on a painting by an up and coming artist, unaware that it is covering up a stolen Degas painting and that several people want to get their hands on it. However, when the artist attempts to get it back before the auction is found dead, they team up with the police to locate the killer.
Guest Stars: Melanie Smith as Diana Barrow | Wayne Rogers (1) as Charlie Garrett | Renée Jones as Reggie Evans | Doug Hutchison as Angus Neville | Tyrees Allen as Sgt. Unger | Martin Jarvis as Giles Havelock | Craig Richard Nelson as Felix Wesker | Edd Byrnes as Kenneth Rundle | Kathleen Garrett as Mrs. Serena Rundle | Paul Lieber as Milt Solomon | Jeff Williams (1) as Pete Dunning | Aharon Ipalé as Lawrence Mezznou
Writer: Tom Sawyer

250 :12x10 - Frozen Stiff

When Jessica arrives at the offices of a prominent ice cream company to pick up a substantial donation to her literacy fund, she is in for a surprise when the accountant she was to meet is found dead of an apparent suicide and the money gone. As Jessica sets out to prove that he was actually killed instead of taking his own life, another person, this time one of the top executives, is found dead of equally mysterious circumstances. It is through the course of helping the police with their investigation, it is soon discovered that both deaths are related to a secret that the one of the company’s co-owner tried to keep hidden.
Guest Stars: Christina Pickles as Susan McGregor | Ann Hearn as Peggy | Bill Smitrovich as Larry Armstrong | Dirk Benedict as Gary Harling | George Wyner as Jim | Don Bovingloh as Kyle McGregor | Christopher Curry as Sherrif Chubb | Fred Sanders as Coroner | Charles C. Stevenson, Jr. as Priest | Sarah Koskoff as Victoria | Gregory Itzin as Ralph Brewer | Kristen Dalton (1) as Carol Harling | Bryan Travis Smith as Woody Seabrook
Director: Paul Lazarus

251 :12x11 - Unwilling Witness

After the federal government probes the disappearance of several board members of a stock brokerage house, Jessica gets subpoenaed as a hostile witness when it is discovered that she spoke to a witness who was eventually murdered.
Guest Stars: Lisa Eichhorn as Annette Rayburn | Ron Dean as Lt. Shawn Riley | Peter White (1) as Mason Logan | Janel Moloney as Maria Corbin | Larry Linville as Paige Corbin | Joel Brooks as Ted Duffy | Stan Ivar as Lou | Sydney Walsh as Tiffany Beckman | J. Downing as Nicholas Logan | Randall Carver as U.S. Marshall Morgan | Shea Farrell as Reed Harding | Paul Ivy as John Wicks

252 :12x12 - Kendo Kill

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Guest Stars: Bruce Locke as Koji Hitaki | Pat Morita as Akira Hitaki | Tom Wopat as Bill Dawson | Vivian Wu as Miko Ishida | David Stratton as Rick Walsh | George Cheung as Ikuma Nakata | Maggie Han as Nobu Hitaki | Jim Ishida as Inspector | Byron Mann as Yosuki Ishida | Jesse Borja as Chauffeur | James Wong (3) as Waiter
Director: Walter Grauman

253 :12x13 - Death Goes Double Platinum

After discovering that a rising Latin band is involved with the head of a shady recording company, Jessica works on getting an A&R from a big company to distribute their debut album. But when a petty thug who works for the shady recording company is murdered, Jessica has to work with the cops to find out what the motive was and who was behind his death.
Guest Stars: Jason Bernard as Wilson Sloan | Tony Plana as Desi Ortega | David Labiosa as Tomas | Ramon Franco as Sam DeSoto | Jsu Garcia as Alex Lebron | Robert Clohessy as Max Daniels | Rosanna DeSoto as Iza Decalde | Marco Sanchez as Luis Decalde | Amy Stock-Poynton as Amy Ortega | Jacqueline Obradors as Patricia Decalde | Maria O'Brien as Lt. Abby Esposito | Ray Young as Culligan | Dee McCafferty as Woman

254 :12x14 - Murder in Tempo

When Jessica arrives in Cabot Cove to go to a benefit concert, she gets caught up in a murder investigation when the headliner is electrocuted during a sound check.
Guest Stars: Amy Hathaway as Eudeli Vaughn | Josh Taylor as Jim Maddox | William Windom as Seth Hazlitt | Ron Masak as Sheriff Mort Metzger | Keith Coulouris as Tommy Vaughn | John D'Aquino as Wylie Trey | John Livingston as Blue Maddox | Sam Anderson as Dan the Electrician | Ernie Lively as Hal Palmer | Megan Gallivan as Rachel Weldon | Whip Hubley as Musician | Madlyn Rhue as Jean O'Neill | Louis Herthum as Deputy Andy Bloom
Director: Kevin Corcoran

255 :12x15 - The Dark Side of the Door

While working with a young editor on her new book, Jessica learns that she just read a manuscript by another author recounts with pinpoint accuracy of her kidnapping that happened years ago. When it looks like the authorities are reluctant to believe the girl’s story, Jessica offers to help her gain closure in what happened and is surprised at what she finds in their investigation.
Guest Stars: Meg Foster as Laura Kerwin | Michael Tylo as Sonny | Mary-Pat Green as Nora Delano | Marcia Strassman as Terry Garman Holbert | Richard Beymer as Dirk Matheson | Tracy Middendorf as Erin Garman | Taylor Nichols as Drew Finley | Richard Libertini as Lt. Phil Corelli | Dennis Creaghan as Charles | John Oliver as Mike Holbert | Brittany Trouville as Little Erin | Rodney Frazier as Det. Rogers

256 :12x16 - Murder Among Friends

While taping a PBS series at a Hollywood Studio, Jessica stumbles upon a murder mystery when a producer ends up dead after budget cuts forces her to cut some cast members of a popular sitcom.
Guest Stars: Allison Smith as Carly McAllister | Nicolas Surovy as Leo Vardian | Kirk Thornton as Policeman | James C. Bockelman as Fifth Bud | Garrison Hershberger as Timothy Flint | Cameron Dye as Alex Bower | Robin Curtis as Rosemary Tynan | Bill Brochtrup as Gene Gains | Frederick Coffin as Lt. Roy Flint | Barbara Alyn Woods as Dyan Emery | John Terlesky as Vince DeNisco | Cindy Katz as Ricki Vardian | Terri Hanauer as Joy
Writer: Jerry Ludwig

257 :12x17 - Something Foul in Floppieville

When a puppet that Jessica created is adapted for television show, she arrives on the set to see her creation come to life. However, when several individuals have different ideas for the puppet and blackmail abounds as a result, Jessica has to solve a murder that occurred at the studio.
Guest Stars: Ian Shaw as Stevie | Stephen T. Kay as Darren Crosley | Alan Fudge as Gus Hayward | Robert Knepper as Robbie Dorow | Bryan Cranston as Parker Foreman | Steven Martini as Jason Cardino | Maryedith Burrell as Natty Holt | Kimberley Kates as Kim Swofford | Dey Young as Mary | Corinne Bohrer as Helena McKenna | Richardson Morse as Arvin Bocknell | Richard Dano as Terry Fusco | Wendy Hoffman as Carol | Brian Cousins as Himself | Thomas Fountain as Puppeteer #3

258 :12x18 - Track of a Soldier

While visiting the lodge in the Grand Tetons, Jessica soon learns that the owner; an old friend and retired Colonel who is planning on running for public office, is being blackmailed to into calling off his bid for office. Things get sticker for him when a murder takes place and he is the prime suspect. It is up to Jessica and the man’s family to prove his innocence in the murder and in the past event that took place when he was still in the Army that he is being blackmailed for.
Guest Stars: Stephen Macht as Wainwright | James Victor as Juan | Brandon Douglas as Pete Levering | Wings Hauser as Howard Levering | Linda Kelsey as Linda Kelsey | Michael Zelniker as Harley Foote | Audrey Landers as Greta Bayer | Vaitiare Hirshon as Luisa | Fredric Lehne as Lloyd Nichols | Ben Lemon as Sheriff Jed Bullock | Katherine Olsen as Marla Hastings

259 :12x19 - Evidence of Malice

Following the death of a prominent businessman, Deputy Andy is accused of planting evidence against a shoe manufacturer he bought a house with numerous problems from. When the manufacturer ends up dead one night, Andy becomes the prime suspect in his murder. As a result, Jessica goes to work on clearing the deputy’s name.
Guest Stars: Ron Masak as Sheriff Mort Metzger | William Windom as Seth Hazlitt | Louis Herthum as Deputy Andy Bloom | Colleen Coffey as Wendy Arnold | Stephanie Dunnam as Meg Berrigan | Mark Voland as Dean Sorenson | Vyto Ruginis as Fred Berrigan | Peter Stader as Leverett Boggs | Robert Owen as Deputy | Zanne Shaw as Customer
Writer: Tom Sawyer

260 :12x20 - Southern Double-Cross

As Jessica gets ready to go to Australia for a seminar, she gets a call from a lawyer from a small town who informs her that she may be the legal owner of valley is currently being leased by the local sheep farmers as grazing land. Upon her arrival in town, Jessica learns that the farmers are at odds with a visiting mining company who have drastic ideas over how to use the land, and that both groups are willing to kill to get their way.
Guest Stars: Alastair Duncan as Sgt. Colin Baxter | Nick Tate as Tim Jarvis | Briony Behets as Melba Drummond | Donald Burton as John Molen | Lisa Darr as Rhonda Brock | Sofie Formica as Linda Molen | Spencer Garrett as Spencer Garrett | Trevor Goddard as Boyd Hendricks | Kendrick Hughes as Donald Jarvis | Peter Lavin (1) as Roo Drummond | Adam Wylie as Boy | John Garwood as Bartender
Director: Walter Grauman

261 :12x21 - Race To Death

Appointed honorary commodore of the World's Cup Regatta, Jessica finds herself witnessing an intense rivalry between two contestants Kyle Kimball and Ned Larkin. When in the days leading up to the contest Ned sustains an injury that results in his daughter Anne assuming the helm of his vessel, Kimball is less than thrilled about the change in crew. Later, when Kimball is found murdered and Anne is the prime suspect, Jessica sets out to prove that Anne is innocent in the death of her ex.
Guest Stars: John Getz as Kyle Kimball | Martin Milner as Admiral Spalding | Louis Herthum as Deputy Andy Bloom | Ron Masak as Sheriff Mort Metzger | William Windom as Seth Hazlitt | Steve Forrest as Ned Larkin | Andrea Parker as Anne Larkin | Rick Rossovich as Steve Gantry | Dwier Brown as Bill Richards | Danny McCoy, Jr. as Fredddie Huff | Matthew Saks as Crew Member | Curtis Blanck as Tommy Larkin | Cathy Susan Pyles as Safe Technician | Kate Hodge as Alana Kimball

262 :12x22 - What You Don't Know Can Kill You

When Seth’s niece Amy arrives in Cabot Cove to get married to a local gardener, they soon get hassled by a local hood that happens to involved with the gardener’s ex-girlfriend. When her fiancé dies in a motorcycle accident on his way to see Amy at Jessica’s, Amy insists it wasn’t accidental. Later, when a local attorney is also murdered, Jessica has to find out how the deaths of both men are connected.
Guest Stars: Judson Mills as Stu Yates | Bruce Kirby as Jeremy Woods | William Windom as Seth Hazlitt | Ron Masak as Sheriff Mort Metzger | Cari Shayne as Amy Walters | Anthony Michael Hall as Les Franklin | Louis Herthum as Deputy Andy Bloom | Kathryn Morris as Doreen | William Keane as Johnny Carter | Geoffrey Lewis as Roger Yates | Kathryn Masak as Deputy Lynn Olson | Michele Abrams as Mickie | Laurie Holden (1) as Sherri Sampson | Jerry Hardin as Tom Sampson
Director: Kevin Corcoran

263 :12x23 - Mrs. Parker's Revenge

Upon her arrival in Atlanta for an Amateur Mystery Writers convention, Jessica gets involved with a FBI investigation when a lethal virus is stolen from a Biological Research Institute. Following the death of her friend Mark, Jessica starts an investigation of her own to discover the identity of his murderer and why they wanted him dead.
Guest Stars: Gregory Alan Williams as Lt. Paul Bragg | Mary Elizabeth McGlynn as Karen Reisner | Time Winters as Dr. James Lamont | Erick Avari as Raul Jaffa | Gregg Henry as Mark Reisner | William O'Leary as FBI Agent Ed Crider | Gustav Vintas as Carl Van Ness | Tony Todd as National Security Agent Nathan Mitchell | Peter Van Norden as CIA Agent Dennis Quinlan | Karen Hensel as Techie | Frederick Dawson as Hotel Clerk
Writer: Anne Collins

264 :12x24 - Death by Demographics

When a San Francisco radio station decides to change its format to be geared towards teenagers, the promoter of an up and coming DJ winds up dead and a friend of Jessica’s is the prime suspect. As a result, Jessica decides to use her investigative skills to prove her friend’s innocence and to find the real killer.
Guest Stars: Robin Riker as Coleen Sellers | Robert Pine as Graham Forbes | Christian Bocher as T.T. Baines | James Acheson as Russ Connell | David Ogden Stiers as Howard Deems | Diana Canova as Annie Lawson | Paul Linke as Eddie Mapes | Kenneth Tigar as Dave Pittman | Lucinda Weist as Lauren | Robert Curtis Brown as Bud Forbes | Seth Jaffe as Lt. Everett
Writer: Donald Ross
Classification: Scripted
Genre: Crime | Drama | Mystery
Status: Canceled/Ended
Network: CBS ( USA)
Airs: Sundays at 08:00 pm
Runtime: 60 Minutes
Premiere: September 30, 1984
Ended: May 19, 1996
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