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Season 3

45 :03x01 - Into the Moonless Night

Emma has died and Adam has disappeared.

While a new mutant steps in to take Adam's place. She has the power to manipulate light.

The team believe that Adam too has died. This is a big strain on Brennan and he ends up at a bar.

Mason heals himself but then ends up being electrocuted and thrown off a second floor after getting in to Brennan's mind.
Guest Stars: Araxi Arslanian as Marika | Richard Stroh as Silva | Tracy Shreve as Oblivion | Jeffrey R. Smith as Mason's scientist | Carmen Noseworthy as Docto | George Buza as The Voice
Writer: Peter Mohan

46 :03x02 - Wages of Sin

Another dooms day episode where Mutant X have to stop the sale of it.
Guest Stars: Jeff Camson as Eduardo Cruz | Deborah Odell as Kristen Greg | Noah Danby as Carter | Michael A. Miranda as Carlos "The Tiger" Lavista | Diego Fuentes as Gary Allen | George Buza as The Voice
Director: Jorge Montesi
Writer: Bob Carney

47 :03x03 - The Breed

Another Army epiosde where some of the people are out of control and want Mutant X.
Guest Stars: Aaron Poole as Peter Morton | Tony Craig (2) as Major Kline | Ron Lea as Dr. Vincent Arrigo | Alexandra Castillo as Gina
Director: Jorge Montesi

48 :03x04 - Where Evil Dwells

Shalimar trys to find out who is going to die from a mutant.
Guest Stars: Pragna Desai as Andrea Marshall | Joseph Scoren as Lee Marker
Director: Andrew Potter
Writer: Bob Carney

49 :03x05 - The Taking of Crows

Another undercover jail episode where Shalimar and Lexa go under cover and Lexa starts dieing.
Guest Stars: David Hewlett as Hector Freimark | Salvatore Antonio as Milo | Jessica Steen as Dr. Sara Stanton | Gary Farmer as Dr. Marcus | Suzanne Coy as Ruth | Carl Barlow as Prison Guard
Director: Bill Corcoran
Writer: Mark Amato

50 :03x06 - Shadows of Darkness

Mutant X is called in when a ghost appears.
Guest Stars: Brandi Ward as Nurse Campbell | Leon Pownall as Dr. Victor Palance | Nancy Palk as Dr. Denise Wilette | Diego Klattenhoff as Janitor Johnny Cummings | Andrew Chalmers as Young Johnny Cummings
Director: Andrew Potter
Writer: Mark Amato

51 :03x07 - The Hand of God

When the helix malfunctions Shalimar falls out and finds herself onan island, where no one has heard of mutants.
Guest Stars: Shane Daly (1) as Cody | Johnny Goltz as Wayne | Jeanette Roxborough as Terra | Peter Stebbings as Kristoff | John Ralston as Carl | Jessica Greco as Sandy Fetko | James Bulliard as Burke
Director: Terry Ingram
Writer: Rick Drew

52 :03x08 - Wasteland

A plague brings the Mutant X team to a field.
Guest Stars: Krista Bridges as Alisha Keary | Sasha Roiz as Nate Gilmore | Shannon Lawson as Dr. Bellows
Director: René Bonnière

53 :03x09 - No Exit

When the Mutant X team train in the simulator they find that a hacker has come in and could kill them.
Guest Stars: James Collins as Swat Gear Cop | Lynne Cormack as Helen | Bobby Johnston (3) as Sargeant Nalle | Stephen Jackson (1) as Clerk | David Orth as William Dennett
Director: Bill Corcoran

54 :03x10 - Brother's Keeper

A mutant that can transform and become anyone is on the lose.
Guest Stars: Pedro Miguel Arce as Troy | Jennifer Vey as Candace Rockwell | Christian Potenza as Hotel Clerk | Kerry Laifatt as The Acupuncturist | Mica Le John as Mary Kate | Nobby Suzuki as Older Man | Paul Tedeschini as Man | Heinar Piller as Businessman | Tom Barnett as Charles Carter | Steve Byers as Leo Pierce
Director: Timothy Bond

55 :03x11 - Possibilities

This episode is a time travelling episode where in one time Shalimar dies and next time on Brennan remembers.
Guest Stars: Lisa Marcos as Lab Technician | George Buza as The Voice | Paul Wu as Molecular Mutant | Alan Blenkinsopp as Lawrence Bosch | Jeff Teravainen as Jason Arnold | Jamaal Grant as Security Guard | George Tchortov as Elemental Mutant | Rachael Crawford as Samantha Bennett
Director: René Bonnière
Writer: Lisa Steele

56 :03x12 - Conspiracy Theory

A factory that is making assassins that kill as soon as they touch is set to reveal Mutant X.
Guest Stars: Jack Duffy (1) as Silver | Graham Harley as Dr. Robert Harrow | George Buza as The Voice | Darryl Flatman as Security Guard | Brad Garrick as Man In Black | John Goodrich as Killer | Jason Schombing as Eddie Boyle | Matt Cooke (1) as Nick Benedict
Director: Bill Corcoran
Writer: Peter Mohan

57 :03x13 - Art of Attraction

Lexa sleeps with a powerful mutant.
Guest Stars: George Buza as The Voice | Eric Weinthal as Art Critic | Vladimir Radian as Guard With Dog | Boris Buhot as Guard | Lyriq Bent as Randall Blake
Director: Andrew Potter

58 :03x14 - A Normal Life

Adam returns in this episode to help the team out.
Guest Stars: George Buza as The Voice | David J. MacNeil (1) as Hostage #1 | Bob Desrosiers as Hostage #4 | David Frisch as Hostage #2 | Ian Leung as Hostage #3 | Elizabeth Royer as Hostage #5 | Shaun Smyth as Keith Burstyn | Sten Eirik as Anthony Gervais
Director: Alan Goluboff
Writer: Peter Mohan

59 :03x15 - Divided Loyalties

Adam returns again to help get a disc back for the diminion.
Guest Stars: George Buza as The Voice | Stuart Stone as Einstein | Marcia Bennett as Mrs. Hayes | Adam Bramble as Mr. Hayes | Randy Butcher as Truck Guard | Wayne Lam as Delivery Man | Dax Ravina as Bank Manager | Tim MacMenamin as Bank Guard |
Uncredited: Dan Petronijevic as Cole Thatcher
Director: Richard Flower

60 :03x16 - Age of Innocence

Jesse needs to use his grandfather as bait.
Guest Stars: George Buza as The Voice | Howard Hoover as Young Henry Burns | Patrick Garrow as Dr. Francis Gallant | Joan Gregson as Patty Paxton | Desmond Scott as Old William Kilmarten | Frank W. Scott (1) as Old Peter Hansen | Jeremy Elizinga as Young Peter Hansen | Jung-Yul Kim as Guard | Sean Clement (1) as Young William Kilmartin | Heidi Von Palleske as Dr. Denise Saunders
Director: Bill Corcoran
Writer: Mark Amato

61 :03x17 - She's Come Undone

Lexa is under control and Adam needs to remove the chip or Lexa will be killed.
Guest Stars: George Buza as The Voice | John Blackwood as Dr. Arnot | Ian Leung as Board Member #1 | Darren Marsman as Reid Guard | John Stoneham, Sr. as Dr. Howell | Stefen Hayes (1) as Male Assassin | David Frisch as Board Member #2 | David MacNeill (1) as Board Member #3 | Peter Cockett as Dr. John Gonsalves | Jeff Seymour as Dominion Council head
Director: Timothy Bond

62 :03x18 - In Between

Jesse takes a bullet for Brennan but when it starts to hurt him he knows he is in trouble.
Guest Stars: George Buza as The Voice | Ronn Sarosiak as Williams | Kevin Rushton as Thug | Andrew Gillies as Dr. Ken Harrison
Director: Andrew Potter
Writer: Gil Grant

63 :03x19 - Dream Lover

Shalimar and Lexa are cloned.
Guest Stars: Carrie Clayton as Dancer #4 | Craig Warnock as Kevin Gitre | Ramona Pringle as Tiffany | Amy LaFonde as Britney Zadora | Tim Eddis as Businessman | Lorry Ayers as Nurse | Daniel Kelly Fiddick as Cab Driver | Jessica Barrow as Dancer #1 | Jennifer Bohn as Dancer #2 | Alicia Bruce as Dancer #3 | Karen Gittens as Dancer #5 | Maricka Weathered as Dancer #7 | Ted Whittall as Sebastian Conway | Jennifer Steede as Gia Duchamps
Director: Bill Corcoran
Writer: Mark Amato

64 :03x20 - The Prophecy

Mutant X go against a powerful child.
Guest Stars: Monika Schnarre as Riley Morgan | Wayne Best as John Bishop | Patrick Chilvers as Dooley | Melyssa Ade as Kara Whitely | Yurij Kis as Molecular Link | Tim Burd as The Guardian | Mitchell Lazar as The Child | Philip De Wilde as Nathan | Chris Szarka as Thug
Director: Timothy Bond

65 :03x21 - Cirque des Merveilles

Mason pulls all of Mutant X in to a portal.
Guest Stars: George Buza as The Voice | Janaya Stephens as Diane Taylor | Nicolas Van Burek as Mike Robson | Jason Jazrawy as Tony Laporta | Allison Lynn as Donna Robson | Jinny Jessica Jacinto as Contortionist | Kathleen Le Roux as Clown | Jeff Roop as Deklin Charvet
Writer: Mark Amato

66 :03x22 - The Assault

The truth about Adam and the Diminian is revealed.
Guest Stars: George Buza as The Voice | Arlene Mazerolle as Dominique | Don Ritchie as Council Member | Kevin Hare as Adam Double | Chad Camilleri as Scientist | Jeff Seymour as Dominion Council head
Director: Andrew Potter
Writer: Peter Mohan
Classification: Scripted
Genre: Action | Adventure | Sci-Fi
Status: Canceled/Ended
Network: Syndicated ( USA)
Runtime: 60 Minutes
Premiere: October 06, 2001
Ended: May, 2004
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