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The Clampets of Louisiana Sneak Peek 3

A look at what is to come on the show.

Source: Country Music Television

25 :03x01 - Season Premiere

The Clampets think they're in a foreign country when they stop at a South Beach gas station where no English is spoken. After being awestruck at their beach front mansion, the family hits the beach, but it's unlike any beach they've ever seen before. The Clampets stick out like a sore thumb amongst the oiled-up, muscular bodies and a gaggle of hot, topless, exotic women.

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26 :03x02 - Gulfport, Fla.


After passing over the Skyway Bridge in St. Petersburg, Fla., the bus pulls in front of an obscure gate that reads "The Blueberry Patch loves you." Upon entering the "eclectic" yard decorated by garbage that gas been turned to "art," the family looks around and sees everything happening from yoga to hula hooping. It doesn't take to long for the family to realize they've landed in a hippie commune.

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27 :03x03 - Washington, D.C.

The Clampets are dropped off in Washington, D.C., our nation's capital. After taking in all the sites and having some hysterical interactions with locals and officials, they decide to exercise their redneck constitutional rights. When they try to get in to the White House to speak to their least favorite president, they are turned away. They are told they might have more luck tracking down their local congressman than the president of the United States. Aimee leads the charge as the family storms D.C. in search of one of their Louisiana congressmen. Along the way, Doug gets excited over a quick Internet search when he finds a cardboard regatta, a competition where teams race elaborate, homemade boats made out of cardboard. After part of the family competes in a nine-pound burger challenge while the other half tries a beer drinking competition, they get together to meet their congressman, John Fleming. They take to the podium to get to the bottom of a very serious issue -- the potholes on Route 5 in Shreveport. With their political prowess behind them, Doug gets the family to switch gears and use their redneck ingenuity to try and take the top prize at the cardboard regatta. They deck the boat up in tons of Fleming swag in support of their new buddy.

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28 :03x04 - Dearborn, Mich.

The Clampets visit a lumberjack camp near Dearborn, Mich., where they train for an amateur competition. The clan also have dinner with a Muslim family.

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29 :03x05 - Deadwood, S.D.

The family stops off at the world's largest rocking chair and a drive-through zoo and then is dropped off at Mount Rushmore. After taking some fun pictures and talking to the locals, they're directed to the town of Deadwood. The adults enter a bar and are shocked when a man playing poker is murdered -- only to find out it's the Wild Bill shooting re-enactment that happens every day at 3. After mingling with some locals in the bar, the Clampets meet some folks who want to show them the real South Dakota. From six-shooter competitions in western garb, to gold mining and going to a gravitational anomaly known as Cosmos -- where the family can literally stand on the walls -- one thing is for sure. South Dakota is full of lots of weird places and wild characters.

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30 :03x06 - Davenport, Iowa


The family takes a brief pit stop at the corn field to try some corn target practice. Michelle can't even get out of the bus. She's in pain and talks to Jared about cutting their trip short and heading back to Shreveport. Jared understands, and he and Michelle make the sobering announcement to the family. At their next stop, they will head back home. A somber Clampet clan rolls into their next location. The mood quickly changes as the family flips out when they realize they're at the Great Rivers brewing factory. A very conflicted Jared has a change of heart and begs Michelle to let him stay just a little bit longer, and she agrees to let him stay 24 hours. The gang goes through the beer factory tour and a special beer tasting course, which our rednecks ace. While on the tour, Chris asks one of the guides about the likelihood of being down where the beer is canned and be able to "work the line" for a day. They're granted permission, much to the delight of the guys, and the heartbreak of Jared, who'll be leaving the following morning. The family is amazed when they realize they are staying on a house boat on the Mississippi River. It's like a dream come true to be able to fish right from where they sleep. The next day, Jared buys roses for Michelle and convinces her to stay for another day. The Clampets go to work. There's plenty of beer shenanigans and some serious on-the-job drinking. Jared takes the lead as this is his last day on the road trip, and the beer shenanigans quickly ensue.


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31 :03x07 - Dude Ranch, Colo.

The family visit a Colorado dude ranch and take part in a cattle drive.

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32 :03x08 - Las Vegas, Nev.

The clan visits Las Vegas where Doug and Wendy renew their vows.

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33 :03x09 - Behind the Bus

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34 :03x10 - Area 51, NV


The Clampets take in the sights of the Hoover Dam by going on a helicopter tour. Then the family is dropped off in Rachel, Nevada, just before Alien Palooza 2012 is about to begin, headlined by Riley Martin of the Howard Stern show. The family learns about different aliens and find out who really killed the dinosaurs. Wilber Allen, an alien expert, invites the family to dinner at his house along with a man who can channel aliens. After dinner, they head back to area 51 with Riley and Wilber at dusk. That's when he's likely to make contact with the mother ship. Will the family make contact with aliens, or will the feds break up the party?


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35 :03x11 - Navajo Nation, Utah


The Clampets step off the bus in Monument Valley, Utah, and are given a map to their destination. After a long journey down a dirt road, they discover a full powwow taking place. It doesn't take long to realize they've landed on a Native American reservation. The Navajo tribe has a feast set up, but first they must witness the killing of a sheep for their meal. At the meal they are broken the news the reservation is dry. The Navajo invite them to sleep in their traditional hogans and teach them their way of life -- from visiting a sweat lodge to seeing a medicine man. This will be an experience like no others in the heart of Monument Valley, Utah.

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36 :03x12 - San Francisco, Calif.

The extended Clampet family from "My Big Redneck Vacation" discuss the show.

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37 :03x13 - Beverly Hills, Calif.

A reptile scientist adopts a new pet; Mike and Evan are recruited for a zombie-hunter TV series; a customer picks up an item for his friend's ex-wife.

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38 :03x14 - Shreveport

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Classification: Reality
Genre: Comedy | Family | Lifestyle | Travel
Status: Canceled
Network: Country Music Television ( USA)
Airs: Saturdays at 09:00 pm
Runtime: 30 Minutes
Premiere: January 21, 2012
Episode Order: 13
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