Season 4

105 :04x01 - Hold for Gloria Christmas

A poet who for years has traded his poems for alcohol to a bar owner steals them back when his pleas to return them are rejected. Then the bar owner kills him.
Special Guest Stars: Burgess Meredith as Duncan Kleist |
Guest Stars: Alan Alda as Poet in Bar | Jessica Walter as Woman in Bar | Herschel Bernardi as Stanley Dorkner | Eileen Heckart as Mildred Pepper | John Lasell as Sheldon | Barbara Dana as Beverly | Sanford Meisner as Kip Harris | Robert Dryden as Police Surgeon | Richard S. Castellano as Bartender | Lou Gilbert as Blind News Vendor | Candace Hilligoss as Mrs. Harris | Jimmy Little (1) as Desk Sergeant | Henderson Forsythe as Dr. Hennickson
Director: Walter Grauman

106 :04x02 - Idylls of a Running Back

It's shades of Eddie Waitkus on the gridiron when a star NFL running back is shot by a disturbed young woman who claims they've been having an affair.
Guest Stars: Aldo Ray as Elvin Rhodes | William Daniels as Harry Culverin | Coley Wallace as Pixie Gates | Sandy Dennis as Eleanor Hubber | Joe Silver as Asst. D.A. Ketton | Nancy Wickwire as Norma Rhodes | Philip Sterling as Officer Schulberg | Bob Romann as Tony Cavalejo
Director: John Peyser
Writer: Ernest Kinoy

107 :04x03 - Daughter, Am I in My Father's House?

An eerily overprotective father plots a violent revenge on a group of youths who harassed his sheltered daughter in a movie theater.
Special Guest Stars: Dan Duryea as Clyde Royd |
Guest Stars: Barbara Harris as Helga Royd | Marco St. John as Dom Capano | Frank Campanella as Capano | Pat De Simone as Boy in Theater | Harold Gaetano as Police Officer | Jimmy Little (1) as Desk Sergeant | Robert Gentile (1) as Boy in Theater | Stanley Kristien as Boy in Theater | Naura Hayden as Actress on Screen | Anthony Dearden as Actor on Screen |
Uncredited: Vincent Baggetta as Parking Lot Attendant | Charles Dierkop as Youth on Street

108 :04x04 - And By the Sweat of Thy Brow...

A disfigured boy who lives in the shadows is suspected of being a mugger. Once the boy is cleared, Detective Flint and a girl who befriended him try to help the youth face the world.
Guest Stars: Richard Jordan as Jonah | Barbara Barrie as Sarah Hinson | Martin Sheen as Nick | Florence Anglin as Mrs. Forrest | Michael Gorrin as Himmel | David Clarke (1) as Attacker
Director: Irvin Kershner

109 :04x05 - Kill Me While I'm Young So I Can Die Happy

Arcaro befriends a dying woman who seemingly can't get along with anyone.
Guest Stars: Maureen Stapleton as Ruth Cullan | Rosetta Bain as Mrs. Arcaro | Joseph Beruh as Joe Arcaro | Franklin Cover as Jergens | Karl Held as Assistant District Attorney | House Jameson as Judge | Jan Miner as Superintendant | Tom Geraghty as Winters
Director: Denis Sanders

110 :04x06 - Five Cranks for Winter... Ten Cranks for Spring

In order to raise money for his wife's trip to a floral conference, a former boxer decides to get back into the ring unaware that his crooked manager plans to sell him out.
Guest Stars: Robert Duvall as Johnny Meigs | Herschel Bernardi as Gus Slate | Shirley Knight as Kathy Meigs | Ludwig Donath as Doc Benton | Hy Anzell as Muzzo | Stefan Gierasch as Weller | Maxwell Glanville as Lars | Pete Gumeny as Handler | Jimmy Little (1) as Desk Sergeant | Sid Raymond as Bartender | Richard Roat as Dr. Lee Harper | Robert Weil as Prisoner | Remo Pisani as Bookie |
Uncredited: Charles Dierkop as Suspect
Story: Ed Lacy | Teleplay: Stirling Silliphant

111 :04x07 - Go Fight City Hall

In this clunker of an episode, a drunken toll booth collector goes on a bender, abducts a hotel waiter whom he mistakes for a scientist, and takes him aboard the Staten Island Ferry.
Guest Stars: Joseph Buloff as Waiter | George Rose as George McGrath | Sally Gracie as Leona McGrath | Arnold Soboloff as Giacovetti | Joseph Leon as Bartender | Lou Criscuolo as Driver | Carmine Caridi as Assistant Driver
Writer: Ben Maddow

112 :04x08 - Torment Him Much and Hold Him Long

A loan shark insists that bartender Barney Sonners help him rob the lounge where he works. When Barney refuses and informs the police, he and is family are then terrorized by hoods.
Guest Stars: Robert Duvall as Barney Sonners | Sandy Baron as Charlie Briggs | Barbara Loden as Penny Sonners | Alfred Ryder as Link Toland | Jesse White as Harold Slate | Murray Matheson as Harold Lowenson | Eddie Hyans as Cab Criver | Donnie Melvin as Keith Sonners | Dan Morgan as Hanson
Director: Robert Gist

113 :04x09 - Make It Fifty Dollars and Add Love to Nona

After his son places him in a retirement home, a man begins calling in bomb threats to perceived evildoers all over the city. Things get even more complicated when a fellow retirement home resident begins blackmailing him over the calls.
Special Guest Stars: Ed Begley as Jimmy Fenton |
Guest Stars: Luther Adler as Kovar | Roxanne Arlen as Nona Kovar | William Lanteau as Chiles | Alex Cord as Nick Kovar | Grania O'Malley as Mrs. Kitchwell
Director: George Sherman

114 :04x10 - A Horse Has a Big Head -- Let Him Worry!

Inspired by his teacher that he can accomplish anything, a nearly blind boy begins a walk from a Manhattan class field trip to his home in Brooklyn.
Special Guest Stars: Diahann Carroll as Ruby Jay |
Guest Stars: Sorrell Booke as Leventhal | Audra Lindley as Mrs. Denton | John Megna as Harold Denton | Graham Jarvis as Denton | Lou Gilbert as Green | Luke Halpin as Kid | Vivian Hernandez as Blind Girl | Ava Marie Megna as Helen | Tommy Norden as Blind Boy | Rene Olmeda as Blind Boy | Lawrence Provost as Kid Leader | Philip Visco as Blind Boy
Director: Denis Sanders

115 :04x11 - Dust Devil on a Quiet Street

Libby becomes convinced that an intense new student in her acting class plans on killing their instructor.
Special Guest Stars: Richard Basehart as Lester Bergson |
Guest Stars: Robert Walker, Jr. as Neil McCaw | Barbara Barrie as Marcia Komack | Peter Helm as Ken Elson | Martin Sheen as Counterman | Arnold Soboloff as Waiter | Sylvia Davis as Woman | Ed Preble as 1st Businessman | John C. Becher as 2nd Businessman |
Uncredited: Ken Kercheval as Acting Student
Director: George Sherman

116 :04x12 - The Virtues of Madame Douvay

A restauranteur gets framed for murder by his unfaithful wife and her suitor.
Guest Stars: Denise Darcel as Madeline Douvay | Chana Eden as Angelique | Nico Minardos as Moktir | Claude Dauphin as Roger Douvay | Francois Flamano as Marius | Robert Dryden as Police Surgeon | Michael Enserro as Vegetable Vendor | Harold Gaetano as Police Officer | Harold Gary as Superintendant | George S. Irving as Butcher | Peter Xantho as Store Owner
Director: Robert Gist
Writer: Paula Fox

117 :04x13 - King Stanislaus and the Knights of the Round Stable

Two lifelong friends, now embroiled in a bitter feud, lock themselves in a storage room. An old Polish custom says they will either emerge as friends again or one of them will be dead.
Guest Stars: Jack Klugman as Pete Kannick | John Larch as Steve Werminski | Joanna Merlin as Gloria Werminski | Rosetta Bain as Mrs. Arcaro | Sybil Bowan as Mrs. Comely | Michael Gorrin as Father Thaddeus | Boris Tumann as Butcher
Director: James Sheldon

118 :04x14 - Spectre of the Rose Street Gang

The body of a boy accidentally killed 25 years before is discovered. Knowing that three of his pals were the ones responsible, a lifelong loser decides to blackmail them.
Guest Stars: Jack Warden as Sam Langan | Carroll O'Connor as Tony Corran | Roger C. Carmel as Al Gurdine | Joseph Sullivan as Arthur Flake | Bethel Leslie as Amy Langan | Patricia Wheel as Eleanor Corran | Otto Lohmann as Jelly Yates | Ludmila Toretzka as Mrs. Doxoras
Director: James Sheldon

119 :04x15 - Don't Knock It Till You've Tried It

A 33 year old Las Vegas showgirl and her galpal arrive in New York and proceed to abduct a prominent psychiatrist at gunpoint. It seems as though the showgirl wants the shrink, with whom she had a Vegas fling, to marry her. Only one problem--he already has a wife.
Special Guest Stars: Walter Matthau as Dr. Max Lewine |
Guest Stars: Sally Gracie as Bixie | Joan Copeland as Beverly Lewine | Patricia Englund as Meredith | Dorothy Sands as Mother | Cynthia Belgrave as Cleaning Lady | Lou Criscuolo as Tyrone | Leonard Elliott as Dance Instructor | Douglas Paul as Cabbie | Ralph Roberts as Doorman | Al Toigo as Walter
Director: Alex March

120 :04x16 - Her Life in Moving Pictures

Con man/thief Roger Fallon romances female servants of wealthy families in order to gain access to their employers' homes and valuables.
Guest Stars: Bradford Dillman as Roger Fallon | Eileen Heckart as Virginia Cort | Frances Heflin as Josephine Hendon | House Jameson as Whitworth | Richard Nichols as Butler | Irene Windust as Mrs. Whitworth | Harold Gaetano as Police Officer
Director: George Sherman

121 :04x17 - Robin Hood and Clarence Darrow, They Went Out with Bow and Arrow

In order to become a hero to his sons, a businessman baits a gang of thieves into robbing his newly opened liquor store.
Special Guest Stars: Eddie Albert as Earl Johannis |
Guest Stars: Harry Davis as Harry Abraham | Christopher Walken as Chris Johannis | Paul O'Keefe as Jack Johannis | Theo Goetz as Old Man | Arlene Golonka as Carol | Henry Lascoe as McNeil | Michael Strong (1) as Henry | Michael Baseleon as Blair | Alix Elias as Carhop | Ellen Madison as Gaby | Sylvia Miles as 1st Woman | Michael Parks as Tank | Ralph Stantley as Liquor Rep | Toni Tucci as 2nd Woman | Frank Tweddell as Teacher

122 :04x18 - The Apple Falls Not Far from the Tree

Three rich boys steal the jewels of their neighbors for kicks. Eventually things lead to blackmail and murder when a janitor discovers what they've been doing.
Guest Stars: Keir Dullea as Les Gerard | Roy Poole as Wells | Alexander Scourby as Walter Gerard | Mart Hulswit as Ron | Louise Platt as Eileen Gerard | Ralph Williams as Buddy | Gar Smith as 1st Doorman | Robert Fitzsimmons (2) as 2nd Doorman | John D. Seymour as Ansted | Claudia Morgan as Mrs. Ansted | Carmen Cardi as Elevator Operator |
Uncredited: Michael Dana as Gangster
Director: William Graham

123 :04x19 - Beyond This Place There Be Dragons

Informer Alan Starkie needs to get out of town fast but to get out of town he needs money. So he goes to the police for funds.
Guest Stars: Frank Gorshin as Alan Starkie | Hilda Brawner as Polly | Val Avery as Franco | Sorrell Booke as Fentus | Richard Shepard as Soldier | Charles Tyner as Veyo | Louis Zorich as Manos | Jimmy Little (1) as Desk Sergeant | Barry Newman as Cab Driver
Director: George Sherman

124 :04x20 - A Man Without a Skin

Detective Jerry Costell has himself transferred to the 65th Precinct so he can get the man who killed his partner.
Guest Stars: George Segal as Jerry Costell | Gabriel Dell as Willie Corbin | Dana Elcar as Al Boris | Paul Larson as Hank Mulvaney | Carolyn Groves as Diane | Barbara Hayes (1) as Carlotta Corbin | Jimmy Little (1) as Sgt. Higgins | John Dorman as Charlie | Kenneth Konopka as Tear Gas Cop | James Pritchett as Policeman
Director: George Sherman

125 :04x21 - Prime of Life

Lt. Parker sends Detective Flint up the river to Sing Sing prison to witness the execution of a killer whom Flint apprehended.
Guest Stars: Barnard Hughes as Older Reporter | Gene Hackman as Jasper | Dort Clark (1) as Tom Hanson | Richard Hamilton (1) as Phillip Hames | Russell Hardie as Chief Guard | George L. Smith (1) as Lt. Otel | Jack Stamberger as Father Donovan | Howard Wierum as Judge | Clifford Cothren as Guard | Chris Gampel as Warden Darrell | Brendan Fay as Witness | Charles Braswell as Reporter |
Uncredited: Charles Dierkop as Symphony Audience Member
Director: Walter Grauman

126 :04x22 - Bringing Far Places Together

A Puerto Rican man and his pregnant wife have just arrived in New York. Desperate for a job, the man pays a "job seller" to get him one but the seller reneges on the deal.
Guest Stars: Alejandro Rey as Jaime Socorro | Victor Janquera as Patillas | Albert Henderson as Patrolman | Coco Ramirez as Isabel Socorro | Zvee Scooler as Aaron | John S. Ragin as Warstein | Lawrence Fletcher as Deputy Commissioner Belding
Director: Irvin Kershner

127 :04x23 - The Highest of Prizes

Richard Calder and galpal Eunice Vail are on trial for murdering Calder's wealthy wife. One stubborn juror holds out for not guilty and succeeds in convincing the others to vote for an acquittal. Then when Flint uncovers conclusive proof of guilt, the crestfallen juror decides to mete out his own justice by killing Calder.
Special Guest Stars: Robert Culp as Richard Calder |
Guest Stars: Jean Stapleton as Mrs. Trellis | Joanne Linville as Eunice Vail | Akim Tamiroff as Emil Pappas | Gerald S. O'Loughlin as Hackett | M'el Dowd as Laura Haynes | Joan Potter as Myra Calder | Duke Farley as Juror | Dan Morgan as Juror | Ben Yaffee as Juror
Director: James Sheldon

128 :04x24 - Alive and Still a Second Lieutenant

Executive Jason Colwell gets into a brawl with a man over a parking space and accidentally kills him. Not willing to turn himself in, Colwell eventually begins to punish himself for his crime.
Special Guest Stars: Robert Sterling as Jason Colwell |
Guest Stars: Jon Voight as Victor Binks | Hilda Brawner as Paula Doremus | House Jameson as Terwilliger | Luis Van Rooten as Binks | Joseph Leon as Moegli | Allan Rich as Cab Driver
Director: Ralph Senensky

129 :04x25 - Stop the Parade, a Baby is Crying!

A neurotic divorcee claims a Lothario stole her car but he says she loaned it to him after he picked her up in a drinking establishment.
Guest Stars: James Patterson (2) as Phil North | Jack Klugman as Arthur Crews | Diana Hyland as Vivian North | Alex Cord as Dick Wilks | Lily Lodge as Olga | Leigh Wharton as Earl | Parker McCormick as Bartender
Director: William Graham

130 :04x26 - On the Battlefront, Every Minute Is Important

During the course of a robbery/murder investigation, a dying executive makes Detective Flint an offer--he wants Flint to takeover as CEO of his company after his death.
Special Guest Stars: David Janssen as Carl Ashland |
Guest Stars: Kurt Kasznar as Corsica | Leonardo Cimino as Sid Kitka | Maggie O'Neill (1) as Lee Chain | John Dutra as Phillip Seaver | Lloyd Hubbard as Jelgava | James Dukas as Truck Driver |
Uncredited: Sid Raymond as Elevator Operator
Story: Alden Schwimmer | Teleplay: Howard Rodman

131 :04x27 - Howard Running Bear is a Turtle

Two Native American construction workers get into a fight over a woman and one accidentally falls to his death. Tribal custom prevents the survivor from going to the police even though he has a witness to back up his story.
Special Guest Stars: Piper Laurie as Marie Highmark |
Guest Stars: Perry Lopez as Howard Running Bear | Juano Hernandez as Oscar Loon | Paul Richards as Joseph Highmark | Cicely Tyson as Darlene Knox | William Le Massena as Thomanini | Chet London as George Masters | Anita Dangler as Maidie Craven | Pete Gumeny as Castigan | Doris Rich as Mrs. Highmark | Mickey Freeman (1) as Bartender | Carolyn Brenner as Landlady
Director: Harry Harris

132 :04x28 - No Naked Ladies in Front of Giovanni's House!

Eccentric procrastinator Ben Giovanni is given an ultimatum by his fiancee--either he marries her within the week or she leaves him for good.
Guest Stars: Harry Guardino as Ben Giovanni | Marisa Pavan as Francesca | Al Lewis (1) as Mr. Carrari | Augusta Merighi as Celia | Jonathan Goldsmith (1) as Brain Trust | Gerry Matthews as Brain Trust | Joe Silver as Dean of Admissions | Fay Bernard as Mrs. Carrari | Tom Brannum as Brain Trust | Tom Slater as Brain Trust
Director: Ralph Senensky

133 :04x29 - Carrier

Even Frank Nitti gets involved in the search for a missing woman who's the carrier of an infectious, often fatal, disease.
Special Guest Stars: Sandy Dennis as Lorraine Kirshwood |
Guest Stars: Donnie Melvin as Joey Dunnahan | Bruce Gordon (1) as Dr. Sorensteen | Anthony Zerbe as Phil Karshow | Sam Gray (1) as Sol Chaplin | Estelle Evans as Crossing Guard | John Horn as Freddy Eauchant | Bibi Osterwald as Grace | Peter Morelli as Alan
Director: James Sheldon
Writer: Ernest Kinoy

134 :04x30 - Color Schemes Like Never Before

A man is told to leave town after witnessing his brother and some other hoods beat a man to death.
Guest Stars: Lou Antonio as Charlie Tepperoni | Carol Eve Rossen as Gladys Hopper | Johnny Seven as Carmine Tepperoni | Neva Patterson as Miss Morley | Eugene Roche as George | Remo Pisani as Nicholas | David Hooks as Arnold | Ron Weyland as Lester
Director: Ralph Senensky

135 :04x31 - The S.S. American Dream

A junk dealer kills his partner in a fight over the business when the partner refuses to go along with his latest get rich quick scheme.
Guest Stars: John Larch as George Paraskis | Madeleine Sherwood as Grace Paraskis | Percy Rodriguez as Millard Jeffers | Roger C. Carmel as Quist | Edward Whaley as Robby Jeffers | Charles Tyner as Apples | Michael Dana as Roark | Gretchen Wyler as Ruth | Charles Gilfeather as Officer Jarman |
Uncredited: Joe Santos as Man on Street
Director: Allen H. Miner

136 :04x32 - One, Two, Three, Rita Rakahowski

A love triangle at a paper factory between the owner and an employee over a woman ends in tragedy for all involved.
Special Guest Stars: Anthony Franciosa as Gorilla |
Guest Stars: Carol Eve Rossen as Rita Rakahowski | Nehemiah Persoff as Griffin | Alice Ghostley as Clara | Richard Ward (1) as Nova Scotia | Lou Criscuolo as Tomasola | Marilyn Lovell as Miss Tilton | Howard Mann (1) as Officer Durkin

137 :04x33 - Golden Lads and Girls

A judge orders a laborer and a TV executive into counseling after they're both charged with spousal battery.
Guest Stars: Elizabeth Allen (1) as Laura Lanning | Norma Connolly as Pearl Wystemski | Mike Kellin as Louis Wystemski | Murray Matheson as Martin Hilliard | Tom Bosley as Judge | Robert Webber (1) as Gordon Lanning | Anna Berger as Miss Delahanty | Sam Greene (1) as Fire Lieutenant | Lincoln Kilpatrick as Bailiff | Fred J. Scollay as Dr. Winford | Harold Gary as Gatilla | Irene Kane as Miss Hilton | Patti Keefer as Sally Lanning |
Uncredited: Jessica Walter as Upstairs Maid
Director: William Graham
Writer: Ernest Kinoy

138 :04x34 - Barefoot on a Bed of Coals

A barber who was rejected for admission into the NYPD Police Academy rents a policeman's uniform from a theatrical wardrobe department and begins impersonating a police officer. All goes well until he has a confrontation with an armed robber who bears a strong resemblance to Dustin Hoffman.
Guest Stars: Elizabeth Allen (1) as Ola Martin | Dustin Hoffman as Finney | Steven Hill (1) as Stanley Walenty | Zohra Lampert as Clara Espuella | Henry Lascoe as Quale | Mitchell Ryan as Paul Tamarind | Mickey Freeman (1) as Costumer | John C. Becher as Reporter |
Uncredited: Mel Stuart as Man on Street | Ramon Bieri as Patrolman
Director: James Sheldon
Classification: Scripted
Genre: Crime | Drama
Status: Canceled/Ended
Network: ABC ( USA)
Airs: Wednesdays at 10:00 pm
Runtime: 60 Minutes
Premiere: September 30, 1958
Ended: May 29, 1963
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