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Naruto: Shippuden (US)

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 Season 1(Add Episode)
Episode #  Airdate Title Rating
1 1x01 28/Oct/2009 Homecoming N/A
2 1x02 28/Oct/2009 The Akatsuki Makes Its Move N/A
3 1x03 28/Oct/2009 The Results of Training N/A
4 1x04 28/Oct/2009 The Jinchuriki of the Sand N/A
5 1x05 04/Nov/2009 The Kazekage Stands Tall N/A
6 1x06 11/Nov/2009 Mission Cleared N/A
7 1x07 18/Nov/2009 Run, Kankuro N/A
8 1x08 02/Dec/2009 Team Kakashi Deployed N/A
9 1x09 09/Dec/2009 The Jinchuriki's Tears N/A
10 1x10 16/Dec/2009 Sealing Jutsu: Nine Phantom Dragons N/A
11 1x11 23/Dec/2009 The Medical Ninja's Student N/A
12 1x12 31/Dec/2009 The Retired Granny's Determination N/A
13 1x13 31/Dec/2009 A Meeting with Destiny N/A
14 1x14 31/Dec/2009 Naruto's Growth N/A
15 1x15 31/Dec/2009 The Secret Weapon Is Called N/A
16 1x16 06/Jan/2010 The Secret of Jinchuriki N/A
17 1x17 13/Jan/2010 The Death of Gaara! N/A
18 1x18 20/Jan/2010 Charge Tactic! Button Hook Entry!! N/A
19 1x19 27/Jan/2010 Traps Activate! Team Guy's Enemies N/A
20 1x20 03/Feb/2010 Hiruko vs. Two Kunoichi! N/A
21 1x21 10/Feb/2010 Sasori's Real Face N/A
22 1x22 17/Feb/2010 Chiyo's Secret Skills N/A
23 1x23 24/Feb/2010 Father and Mother N/A
24 1x24 24/Feb/2010 The Third Kazekage N/A
25 1x25 03/Mar/2010 Three Minutes Between Life and Death N/A
26 1x26 10/Mar/2010 Puppet Fight: 10 vs. 100! N/A
27 1x27 17/Mar/2010 Impossible Dream N/A
28 1x28 24/Mar/2010 Beasts: Alive Again! N/A
29 1x29 31/Mar/2010 Kakashi Enlightened! N/A
30 1x30 07/Apr/2010 Aesthetics of an Instant N/A
31 1x31 14/Apr/2010 The Legacy N/A
32 1x32 21/Apr/2010 Return of the Kazekage N/A

 Season 2(Add Episode)
Episode #  Airdate Title Rating
33 2x01 28/Apr/2010 The New Target N/A
34 2x02 05/May/2010 Formation! New Team Kakashi! N/A
35 2x03 12/May/2010 An Unnecessary Addition N/A
36 2x04 19/May/2010 The Fake Smile N/A
37 2x05 26/May/2010 Untitled N/A
38 2x06 02/Jun/2010 Simulation N/A
39 2x07 16/Jun/2010 The Tenchi Bridge N/A
40 2x08 23/Jun/2010 The Nine-Tails Unleashed N/A
41 2x09 30/Jun/2010 The Top-Secret Mission Begins N/A
42 2x10 07/Jul/2010 Orochimaru vs. Jinchuriki N/A
43 2x11 14/Jul/2010 Sakura's Tears N/A
44 2x12 21/Jul/2010 The Secret of the Battle! N/A
45 2x13 28/Jul/2010 The Consequences of Betrayal N/A
46 2x14 04/Aug/2010 The Unfinished Page N/A
47 2x15 11/Aug/2010 Infiltration: The Den of the Snake! N/A
48 2x16 18/Aug/2010 Bonds N/A
49 2x17 25/Aug/2010 Something Important... N/A
50 2x18 01/Sep/2010 The Picture Book's Story N/A
51 2x19 08/Sep/2010 Reunion N/A
52 2x20 15/Sep/2010 The Power of Uchiha N/A
53 2x21 27/Oct/2010 Title N/A

 Season 3(Add Episode)
Episode #  Airdate Title Rating
54 3x01 03/Nov/2010 Nightmare N/A
55 3x02 10/Nov/2010 Wind N/A
56 3x03 17/Nov/2010 Writhe N/A
57 3x04 24/Nov/2010 Deprived of Eternal Sleep N/A
58 3x05 08/Dec/2010 Loneliness N/A
59 3x06 15/Dec/2010 A New Enemy N/A
60 3x07 22/Dec/2010 Impermanence N/A
61 3x08 29/Dec/2010 Contact N/A
62 3x09 05/Jan/2011 Teammate N/A
63 3x10 12/Jan/2011 The Two Kings N/A
64 3x11 19/Jan/2011 Jet Black Signal Fire N/A
65 3x12 26/Jan/2011 Lockdown of Darkness N/A
66 3x13 02/Feb/2011 Revived Souls N/A
67 3x14 09/Feb/2011 Everyone's Struggle to the Death N/A
68 3x15 16/Feb/2011 Moment of Awakening N/A
69 3x16 23/Feb/2011 Despair N/A
70 3x17 02/Mar/2011 Resonance N/A
71 3x18 09/Mar/2011 My Friend N/A

 Season 4(Add Episode)
Episode #  Airdate Title Rating
72 4x01 16/Mar/2011 The Quietly Approaching Threat N/A
73 4x02 23/Mar/2011 Akatsuki's Invasion N/A
74 4x03 30/Mar/2011 Under the Starry Sky N/A
75 4x04 06/Apr/2011 The Old Monk's Prayer N/A
76 4x05 16/Apr/2011 The Next Step N/A
77 4x06 23/Apr/2011 Climbing Silver N/A
78 4x07 30/Apr/2011 The Judgment N/A
79 4x08 07/May/2011 Unfulfilled Scream N/A
80 4x09 14/May/2011 Last Words N/A
81 4x10 21/May/2011 Sad News N/A
82 4x11 04/Jun/2011 Team Ten N/A
83 4x12 18/Jun/2011 Target: Locked On N/A
84 4x13 25/Jun/2011 Kakuzu's Abilities N/A
85 4x14 02/Jul/2011 The Terrifying Secret N/A
86 4x15 09/Jul/2011 Shikamaru's Genius N/A
87 4x16 16/Jul/2011 When You Curse Someone, You Dig Your Own Grave N/A
88 4x17 23/Jul/2011 Wind Style: Rasen Shuriken! N/A

 Season 5(Add Episode)
Episode #  Airdate Title Rating
89 5x01 30/Jul/2011 The Price of Power N/A
90 5x02 06/Aug/2011 A Shinobi's Determination N/A
91 5x03 20/Aug/2011 Orochimaru's Hideout Discovered N/A
92 5x04 27/Aug/2011 Encounter N/A
93 5x05 03/Sep/2011 Connecting Hearts N/A
94 5x06 10/Sep/2011 A Night of Rain N/A
95 5x07 17/Sep/2011 The Two Charms N/A
96 5x08 01/Oct/2011 The Unseeing Enemy N/A
97 5x09 08/Oct/2011 The Labyrinth of Distorted Reflection 6
98 5x10 15/Oct/2011 The Target Appears N/A
99 5x11 22/Oct/2011 The Rampaging Tailed Beast N/A
100 5x12 29/Oct/2011 Inside the Mist N/A
101 5x13 31/Dec/2012 Everyone's Feelings N/A
102 5x14 31/Dec/2012 Regroup! N/A
103 5x15 31/Dec/2012 The Four-Corner Sealing Barrier N/A
104 5x16 31/Dec/2012 Breaking the Crystal Style N/A
105 5x17 05/Jan/2013 The Battle Over the Barrier N/A
106 5x18 05/Jan/2013 Red Camellia N/A
107 5x19 05/Jan/2013 Strange Bedfellows N/A
108 5x20 05/Jan/2013 Guidepost of the Camellia N/A
109 5x21 07/Jan/2013 Counterattack of the Curse Mark N/A
110 5x22 07/Jan/2013 Memory of Guilt N/A
111 5x23 07/Jan/2013 Shattered Promise N/A
112 5x24 07/Jan/2013 A Place to Return To N/A

 Season 6(Add Episode)
Episode #  Airdate Title Rating
113 6x01 12/Jan/2013 The Serpent's Pupil N/A
114 6x02 12/Jan/2013 Eye of the Hawk N/A
115 6x03 12/Jan/2013 Zabuza's Blade N/A
116 6x04 12/Jan/2013 Guardian of the Iron Wall N/A
117 6x05 14/Jan/2013 Jugo of the North Hideout N/A
118 6x06 14/Jan/2013 Formation! N/A
119 6x07 14/Jan/2013 Kakashi Chronicles - Boy's Life on the Battlefield - Part 1 N/A
120 6x08 14/Jan/2013 Kakashi Chronicles - Boy's Life on the Battlefield - Part 2 N/A
121 6x09 19/Jan/2013 Assemble N/A
122 6x10 19/Jan/2013 The Hunt N/A
123 6x11 19/Jan/2013 Clash! N/A
124 6x12 21/Jan/2013 Art N/A
125 6x13 21/Jan/2013 Disappearance N/A
126 6x14 21/Jan/2013 Twilight N/A
127 6x15 21/Jan/2013 Tales of a Gutsy Ninja - Jiraiya Ninja Scroll - Part 1 N/A
128 6x16 21/Jan/2013 Tales of a Gutsy Ninja - Jiraiya Ninja Scroll - Part 2 N/A
129 6x17 26/Jan/2013 Infiltrate! The Village Hidden in the Rain N/A
130 6x18 26/Jan/2013 The Man Who Became God N/A
131 6x19 26/Jan/2013 Activate! Sage Mode N/A
132 6x20 26/Jan/2013 Meeting The Six Paths of Pain N/A
133 6x21 28/Jan/2013 The Tale of Jiraiya the Gallant N/A
134 6x22 28/Jan/2013 Invitation To The Party N/A
135 6x23 28/Jan/2013 The Longest Moment N/A
136 6x24 28/Jan/2013 The Light & Dark Of The Mangekyo Sharingan N/A
137 6x25 02/Feb/2013 Activate, Amaterasu N/A
138 6x26 02/Feb/2013 Demise N/A
139 6x27 02/Feb/2013 The Mystery of Tobi N/A
140 6x28 02/Feb/2013 Fate N/A
141 6x29 04/Feb/2013 Truth N/A
142 6x30 04/Feb/2013 Battle of Unraikyo N/A
143 6x31 04/Feb/2013 The Eight-Tails Vs. Sasuke N/A

 Season 7(Add Episode)
Episode #  Airdate Title Rating
144 7x01 04/Feb/2013 The Wanderer N/A
145 7x02 09/Feb/2013 Successor of the Forbidden Jutsu N/A
146 7x03 09/Feb/2013 The Successor's Wish N/A
147 7x04 09/Feb/2013 Past of the Rogue Ninja N/A
148 7x05 09/Feb/2013 The Heir to Darkness N/A
149 7x06 16/Feb/2013 Separation N/A
150 7x07 16/Feb/2013 The Forbidden Jutsu Released N/A
151 7x08 16/Feb/2013 Student and Teacher N/A

 Season 8(Add Episode)
Episode #  Airdate Title Rating
152 8x01 16/Feb/2013 Somber News N/A
153 8x02 23/Feb/2013 Following the Master's Shadow N/A
154 8x03 23/Feb/2013 Decryption N/A
155 8x04 23/Feb/2013 The First Challenge N/A
156 8x05 23/Feb/2013 Surpassing the Master N/A
157 8x06 02/Mar/2013 Assault on the Leaf Village! N/A
158 8x07 02/Mar/2013 Power To Believe N/A
159 8x08 02/Mar/2013 Pain Vs. Kakashi N/A
160 8x09 02/Mar/2013 Mystery of Pain N/A
161 8x10 09/Mar/2013 Surname Is Sarutobi! Given Name, Konohamaru! N/A
162 8x11 09/Mar/2013 The World Shall Know Pain N/A
163 8x12 09/Mar/2013 Explode! Sage Mode N/A
164 8x13 09/Mar/2013 Crisis! Sage Mode Disappears N/A
165 8x14 16/Mar/2013 Nine-Tails Capture Complete N/A
166 8x15 16/Mar/2013 Confession N/A
167 8x16 16/Mar/2013 Planetary Devastation! N/A
168 8x17 16/Mar/2013 The Fourth Hokage N/A
169 8x18 23/Mar/2013 The Two Disciples N/A
170 8x19 23/Mar/2013 Search for the Fourth Hokage's Legacy - Part 1 N/A
171 8x20 23/Mar/2013 Search for the Fourth Hokage's Legacy - Part 2 N/A
172 8x21 23/Mar/2013 Meeting N/A
173 8x22 30/Mar/2013 Origin of Pain N/A
174 8x23 30/Mar/2013 The Tale of Naruto Uzumaki N/A
175 8x24 30/Mar/2013 The Hero of the Leaf Village N/A

 Season 9(Add Episode)
Episode #  Airdate Title Rating
176 9x01 30/Mar/2013 Rookie Instructor Iruka N/A
177 9x02 06/Apr/2013 Iruka's Ordeal N/A
178 9x03 06/Apr/2013 Iruka's Decision N/A
179 9x04 06/Apr/2013 The Jonin in Charge: Hatake Kakashi N/A
180 9x05 06/Apr/2013 Inari's Courage Put to the Test N/A
181 9x06 13/Apr/2013 Naruto's School of Revenge N/A
182 9x07 13/Apr/2013 Gaara's Bond N/A
183 9x08 13/Apr/2013 Naruto Outbreak N/A
184 9x09 13/Apr/2013 Deploy! Team TenTen N/A
185 9x10 20/Apr/2013 Animal District N/A
186 9x11 27/Apr/2013 Ah, Medicinal Pill of Youth N/A
187 9x12 04/May/2013 Tale of the Gutsy Teacher and Student Ninja - Part 1 N/A
188 9x13 11/May/2013 Tale of the Gutsy Teacher and Student Ninja - Part 2 N/A
189 9x14 18/May/2013 Sasuke's Paw Encyclopedia N/A
190 9x15 25/May/2013 Naruto and the Old Soldier N/A
191 9x16 01/Jun/2013 Kakashi's Love Song N/A
192 9x17 08/Jun/2013 The Chronicles of Neji N/A
193 9x18 15/Jun/2013 The Man Who Died Twice N/A
194 9x19 22/Jun/2013 The Worst Three-Legged Race N/A
195 9x20 29/Jun/2013 Team 10's Teamwork N/A
196 9x21 06/Jul/2013 Drive Towards Darkness N/A

 Season 10(Add Episode)
Episode #  Airdate Title Rating
197 10x01 13/Jul/2013 The Sixth Hokage Danzo N/A
198 10x02 20/Jul/2013 Five Kage Summit's Eve N/A
199 10x03 27/Jul/2013 Enter the Five Kage N/A
200 10x04 03/Aug/2013 Naruto's Appeal N/A
201 10x05 10/Aug/2013 A Bitter Decision N/A
202 10x06 17/Aug/2013 Lightning Storm N/A
203 10x07 24/Aug/2013 Sasuke's Way of the Ninja N/A
204 10x08 31/Aug/2013 Power of the Five Kage 7
205 10x09 07/Sep/2013 Declaration of War N/A
206 10x10 14/Sep/2013 Sakura's Feelings N/A
207 10x11 21/Sep/2013 The Tailed Beast Vs. The Tailless Tailed Beast 8
208 10x12 28/Sep/2013 As One's Friend 7
209 10x13 05/Oct/2013 Danzo's Right Arm 8
210 10x14 12/Oct/2013 The Forbidden Visual Jutsu 7
211 10x15 19/Oct/2013 Danzo Shimura N/A
212 10x16 19/Oct/2013 Sakura's Resolve N/A
213 10x17 26/Oct/2013 Lost Bonds N/A
214 10x18 02/Nov/2013 The Burden 8
215 10x19 09/Nov/2013 Two Fates 8
216 10x20 16/Nov/2013 High-Level Shinobi N/A
217 10x21 23/Nov/2013 The Infiltrator 8
218 10x22 30/Nov/2013 The Five Great Nations Mobilize N/A

 Season 11(Add Episode)
Episode #  Airdate Title Rating
219 11x01 07/Dec/2013 Kakashi Hatake, the Hokage N/A
220 11x02 14/Dec/2013 Prophecy of the Great Lord Elder N/A
221 11x03 21/Dec/2013 Storage N/A
222 11x04 28/Dec/2013 The Five Kage's Decision N/A
223 11x05 04/Jan/2014 The Young Man and the Ocean 8
224 11x06 11/Jan/2014 The Ninja of Benisu N/A
225 11x07 18/Jan/2014 The Cursed Ghost Ship N/A
226 11x08 25/Jan/2014 Battleship Island N/A
227 11x09 01/Feb/2014 The Forgotten Island N/A
228 11x10 08/Feb/2014 Fight, Rock Lee N/A
229 11x11 15/Feb/2014 Eat or Die! Mushrooms from Hell N/A
230 11x12 22/Feb/2014 Revenge of the Shadow Clones N/A
231 11x13 01/Mar/2014 The Closed Sea Route N/A
232 11x14 08/Mar/2014 The Girls' Get-Together N/A
233 11x15 15/Mar/2014 Naruto's Imposter N/A
234 11x16 22/Mar/2014 Naruto's Favorite Student N/A
235 11x17 29/Mar/2014 The Kunoichi Of Nadeshiko Village N/A
236 11x18 05/Apr/2014 Friends You Can Count On N/A
237 11x19 12/Apr/2014 Ah, My Hero Lady Tsunade N/A
238 11x20 19/Apr/2014 Sai's Day Off N/A
239 11x21 26/Apr/2014 The Legendary Ino-Shika-Cho N/A
240 11x22 03/May/2014 Kiba's Determination N/A
241 11x23 10/May/2014 Kakashi, My Eternal Rival N/A
242 11x24 17/May/2014 Naruto's Vow N/A

 Season 12(Add Episode)
Episode #  Airdate Title Rating
243 12x01 24/May/2014 Land Ahoy! Is this the Paradise Island? N/A
244 12x02 31/May/2014 Killer Bee and Motoi N/A
245 12x03 07/Jun/2014 Naruto vs. The Nine Tails! N/A
246 12x04 14/Jun/2014 The Orange Spark N/A
247 12x05 21/Jun/2014 Target: Nine Tails N/A
248 12x06 28/Jun/2014 The Fourth Hokage's Death Match! N/A
249 12x07 05/Jul/2014 Thank You N/A
250 12x08 12/Jul/2014 Battle in Paradise! Odd Beast vs. The Monster! N/A
251 12x09 19/Jul/2014 The Man Named Kisame N/A
252 12x10 26/Jul/2014 The Angelic Herald of Death N/A
253 12x11 02/Aug/2014 The Bridge to Peace N/A
254 12x12 09/Aug/2014 Super S Rank Top Secret Mission N/A
255 12x13 16/Aug/2014 The Artist Returns N/A
256 12x14 23/Aug/2014 Assemble! Allied Shinobi Forces! N/A
257 12x15 30/Aug/2014 Meeting N/A
258 12x16 06/Sep/2014 Rivals N/A
259 12x17 13/Sep/2014 Cracks N/A
260 12x18 20/Sep/2014 Schism N/A

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