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 Season 15(Add Episode)
Episode # Air Date Title
0 15x00 13/Feb/2015 2015 Sprint All-Star Celebrity Game
131 15x01 22/Oct/2014 Preseason: Cleveland Cavaliers vs. Memphis Grizzlies (LIVE)
132 15x02 22/Oct/2014 Preseason: Phoenix Suns vs. Los Angeles Clippers (LIVE)
133 15x03 30/Oct/2014 Preseason: Chicago Bulls at New York Knicks (Tape delay)
134 15x04 30/Oct/2014 Preseason: Oklahoma City Thunder at Portland Trail Blazers (Tape delay)
135 15x05 31/Oct/2014 Preseason: Cleveland Cavaliers at Chicago Bulls (LIVE)
136 15x06 31/Oct/2014 Preseason: Los Angeles Clippers at Los Angeles Lakers (LIVE)
137 15x07 05/Nov/2014 Indiana Pacers at Washington Wizards (LIVE)
138 15x08 05/Nov/2014 Los Angeles Clippers at Golden State Warriors (LIVE)
139 15x09 07/Nov/2014 Memphis Grizzlies at Oklahoma City Thunder (LIVE)
140 15x10 07/Nov/2014 Cleveland Cavaliers at Denver Nuggets (LIVE)
141 15x11 12/Nov/2014 Indiana Pacers at Miami Heat (LIVE)
142 15x12 12/Nov/2014 Houston Rockets vs. Minnesota Timberwolves (LIVE)
143 15x13 14/Nov/2014 San Antonio Spurs at Los Angeles Lakers (LIVE)
144 15x14 19/Nov/2014 San Antonio Spurs at Cleveland Cavaliers (LIVE)
145 15x15 21/Nov/2014 Cleveland Cavaliers at Washington Wizards (LIVE)
146 15x16 26/Nov/2014 New York Nicks at Dallas Mavericks (LIVE)
147 15x17 10/Dec/2014 New Orleans Pelicans at Dallas Mavericks
148 15x18 10/Dec/2014 Miami Heat at Denver Nuggets (LIVE)
149 15x19 12/Dec/2014 Portland Trailblazers at Chicago Bulls (LIVE)
150 15x20 12/Dec/2014 Los Angeles Lakers at San Antonio Spurs
151 15x21 16/Dec/2014 Golden State Warriors at Memphis Grizzlies
152 15x22 16/Dec/2014 Oklahoma City Thunder at Sacramento Kings
153 15x23 17/Dec/2014 Houston Rockets at Denver Nuggets
154 15x24 19/Dec/2014 Portland Trail Blazers at San Antonio Spurs
155 15x25 19/Dec/2014 Oklahoma City Thunder at Los Angeles Lakers
156 15x26 25/Dec/2014 Washington Wizards at New York Knicks
157 15x27 25/Dec/2014 Oklahoma City Thunder at San Antonio Spurs
158 15x28 25/Dec/2014 Cleveland Cavaliers at Miami Heat
159 15x29 07/Jan/2015 Houston Rockets at Cleveland Cavaliers
160 15x30 07/Jan/2015 Phoenix Suns at Minnesota Timberwolves
161 15x31 09/Jan/2015 Chicago Bulls at Washington Wizards
162 15x32 09/Jan/2015 Cleveland Cavaliers at Golden State Warriors
163 15x33 14/Jan/2015 Washington Wizards at Chicago Bulls (ESPN)
164 15x34 14/Jan/2015 Los Angeles Clippers at Portland Trail Blazers (ESPN)
165 15x35 16/Jan/2015 Golden State Warriors at Oklahoma City Thunder (ESPN)
166 15x36 16/Jan/2015 Cleveland Cavaliers at Los Angeles Clippers (ESPN)
167 15x37 19/Jan/2015 Detroit Pistons at Atlanta Hawks (ESPN)
168 15x38 21/Jan/2015 Oklahoma City Thunder at Washington Wizards (ESPN)
169 15x39 21/Jan/2015 Houston Rockets at Golden State Warriors (ESPN)
170 15x40 23/Jan/2015 Chicago Bulls at Dallas Mavericks (ESPN)
171 15x41 25/Jan/2015 Miami Heat at Chicago Bulls (ABC)
172 15x42 25/Jan/2015 Oklahoma City Thunder vs. Cleveland Cavaliers (ABC)
173 15x43 28/Jan/2015 Brooklyn Nets at Atlanta Hawks (ESPN)
174 15x44 28/Jan/2015 Washington Wizards at Phoenix Suns (ESPN)
175 15x45 30/Jan/2015 Dallas Mavericks at Miami Heat (ESPN)
176 15x46 30/Jan/2015 Chicago Bulls at Phoenix Suns (ESPN)
177 15x47 31/Jan/2015 Los Angeles Clippers at San Antonio Spurs (ESPN)
178 15x48 04/Feb/2015 Chicago Bulls at Houston Rockets (ESPN)
179 15x49 04/Feb/2015 Dallas Mavericks at Golden State Warriors (ESPN)
180 15x50 06/Feb/2015 Los Angeles Clippers at Toronto Raptors (ESPN)
181 15x51 06/Feb/2015 Miami Heat at San Antonio Spurs (ESPN)
182 15x52 08/Feb/2015 Los Angeles Clippers at Oklahoma City Thunder
183 15x53 08/Feb/2015 Los Angeles Lakers at Cleveland Cavaliers
184 15x54 11/Feb/2015 Miami Heat at Cleveland Cavaliers (ESPN)
185 15x55 11/Feb/2015 Houston Rockets at Los Angeles Clippers (ESPN)
186 15x56 20/Feb/2015 Cleveland Cavaliers at Washington Wizards (ESPN)
187 15x57 20/Feb/2015 San Antonio Spurs at Golden State Warriors (ESPN)
188 15x58 25/Feb/2015 Los Angeles Clippers at Houston Rockets (ESPN)
189 15x59 25/Feb/2015 San Antonio Spurs at Portland Trail Blazers (ESPN)
190 15x60 27/Feb/2015 Miami Heat at New Orleans Pelicans (ESPN)
191 15x61 27/Feb/2015 Oklahoma City Thunder at Portland Trail Blazers (ESPN)
192 15x62 01/Mar/2015 Los Angeles Clippers at Chicago Bulls (ABC)
193 15x63 01/Mar/2015 Cleveland Cavaliers at Houston Rockets (ABC)
201 15x71 29/Mar/2015 Houston Rockets @ Washington Wizards
212 15x82 18/Apr/2015 2015 NBA Playoffs 1st Round: Washington Wizards @ Toronto Raptors; Milwaukee Bucks @ Chicago Bulls; Dallas Mavericks @ Houston Rockets
213 15x83 18/Apr/2015 2015 NBA Playoffs 1st Round: New Orleans Pelicans @ Golden State Warriors
214 15x84 19/Apr/2015 2015 NBA Playoffs 1st Round: Boston Celtics @ Cleveland Cavaliers
215 15x85 24/Apr/2015 2015 NBA Playoffs 1st Round: Houston Rockets @ Dallas Mavericks; Toronto Raptors @ Washington Wizards; Los Angeles Clippers @ San Antonio Spurs
216 15x86 25/Apr/2015 2015 NBA Playoffs 1st Round: Golden State Warriors @ New Orleans Pelicans; Memphis Grizzlies @ Portland Trail Blazers
217 15x87 26/Apr/2015 2015 NBA Playoffs 1st Round: Cleveland Cavaliers @ Boston Celtics
218 15x88 26/Apr/2015 2015 NBA Playoffs 1st Round: Los Angeles Clippers @ San Antonio Spurs
224 15x94 10/May/2015 2015 NBA 2nd Round: Cleveland Cavaliers @ Chicago Bulls Game 4
227 15x97 17/May/2015 2015 NBA Playoffs 2nd Round: Los Angeles Clippers @ Houston Rockets Game 7
228 15x98 19/May/2015 2015 NBA Western Conference Finals: Houston Rockets vs. Golden State Warriors Game 1
229 15x99 21/May/2015 2015 NBA Western Conference Finals: Houston Rockets vs. Golden State Warriors Game 2
230 15x100 23/May/2015 2015 NBA Western Conference Finals: Golden State Warriors vs. Houston Rockets Game 3
231 15x101 25/May/2015 2015 NBA Western Conference Finals: Golden State Warriors vs. Houston Rockets Game 4

S15 - #126/Oct/2014ESPN The Magazine: 2014 - 2015 NBA Season PreviewN/A

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Classification: Sports
Genre: Competition
Status: Returning Series
Network: ESPN ( USA)
Airs: Sundays, Wednesdays, Fridays at 07:00 pm
Runtime: 150 Minutes
Premiere: October 30, 1982
Episode Order: 92
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