Télé-Québec is the television network operated by the provincial government of Quebec, Canada. Known legally as Société de télédiffusion du Québec (Quebec Television Broadcasting Corporation), the network was launched on January 19, 1975. It is parallel to Ontario's TVOntario and TFO, British Columbia's Knowledge Network and Saskatchewan's SCN, and similar to the US PBS network, in that it is somewhat modest in scope, runs mostly educational or cultural programming, and does not try to compete with privately-owned television networks or with the Société Radio-Canada television network owned and operated by the federal government. The network also runs commercials to its programming. The latter, by contrast, does strongly compete with private networks and overlaps with their programming categories. All programming on Télé-Québec is in French, though there are a few shows and movies that are presented in the original language (especially English), with French subtitles. The only Télé-Québec program that was entirely in English was Quebec School Telecasts, a weekday, hour-long block of English-language instructional programming.
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Abbreviation: TeleQuebec
Country: Canada
First Broadcast: January 19, 1975
Parent Company: Société De Télédiffusion Du Québec