ČST began broadcasting in 1953 as the first (national) television in former Czechoslovakia and had only one channel for a long time that broadcasted only for a limited time during a week.

A second channel started on May 10, 1970 and color broadcasting on May 9, 1973. Color broadcasting of the first channel started on May 9, 1975.

ČST moved to a new building complex on January 3, 1979 on Kavčí hory.

During Velvet Revolution in Czechoslovakia ČST changed its position against the government and helped the success of this revolution. In 1990, after the revolution, the first channel was renamed to F1 - because national constitution turned into a federal republic - and was available both Czech and Slovak people. The second channel was renamed to ČTV for Czech people and S1 for Slovak people (as different channels). On May 14, 1990 the third channel started with a name OK3. The program structure of this channel consisted mainly of CNN signal distribution.

On December 2, 1992 a government accepted an act of the end of ČST for December 31, 1992.
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