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Det. James "J.C." Williams [S01-S04], played by Malik Yoba

Detective J.C. Williams has seen it all in his years on the force, including the brutal murder of his fiancée. He's cynical; he's disgusted; but he's dedicated to a job that puts his life on the line every day. Just as important as his service to the public is the example he sets for his young son, G.
Det. Eddie Torres [S01-S03], played by Michael DeLorenzo

Eddie Torres puts his heart into his work. And while there's no more committed cop on the force, sometimes his emotions push him over that fine line between professional duty and personal involvement.
A devoted family man, off-duty, Torres agonizes over the failing health of his father - a musician battling to recover from heroin addiction. His budding affair with Detective Nina Moreno is as complicated as any office romance, made only more difficult by the intense pressure of police work.
Lt. Virginia Cooper [S01-S03], played by Patti D'Arbanville

Lieutenant Virginia Cooper is as tough and committed as any supervisor in the NYPD. As a woman, she's had to fight twice as hard for everything she's gotten. As an officer, she commands the respect of her precinct and the admiration of her young detectives.
Det. Nina Moreno [S02-S04], played by Lauren Velez

Nina Moreno is a street-smart young woman, but as the newest member of the force, she's got a lot to prove to her superiors, her colleagues and herself. She's torn between her sensitivity as a woman and the harsh realities of her job. Adding to her conflict is her romantic involvement with Eddie Torres.
Det. Tommy Macnamara [S03], played by Jonathan LaPaglia

Detective Tom MacNamara, a tough young Irish cop who transfers to the precinct to avenge the shooting death of his policeman father. But first he's got to prove to JC that a white cop can be bad enough to handle the hood.
Det. Nell Delaney [S04], played by Marisa Ryan

Nell is a 22-year-old Irish American. She lied about her age upon entering the police academy, but the NYPD chose to overlook this when she was exposed years later. She is a close friend of fellow detective Alec Stone.
Det. Alec Stone [S04], played by Josh Hopkins

Born Alec D'Amico, he is the son of the head of a Brooklyn-based organized crime family. Alec's decision is pursue a career in law enforcement has estranged him from most of his relatives. He is a close friend of fellow detective Nell Delaney.
Lt. Malcolm Barker [S04], played by Thomas Mikal Ford

Malcolm is an African-American in his mid to late 30s. He is the commanding officer of the NYPD's Special Investigations Division. Most of the S.I.D.'s operations are covert, and he frequently instructs his officers to "lie, cheat, [and do] whatever it takes" to close a case.