Season 4

77 :04x01 - Change Change Change

JC and Nina are called into the office of the chief of detectives after 6 months of being off to deal with the deaths of Macnamara and Torres. They are assigned to the Special Investigation Division. Along with new detectives Alec Stone, Nell Delaney, and Lt. Malcolm Barker they go after armored car robbers. During the investigation JC and Nina find out they have been recruited to go after Nadine Jordan, the women who killed Macnamara and Torres.
Starring Roles: George O. Gore, II as Gregory "G" Williams |
Guest Stars: Dana Eskelson as Nadine Jordan | Joe Lisi as Police Chief | Nelson Vasquez as Geraldo | James Whalen as Franklin | Erik Todd Dellums as Mohammad |
Co-Guest Stars: Cynthia Santana as Newscaster
Director: Don Kurt
Writer: Brad Kern

78 :04x02 - Drop-Dead Gorgeous

After a model's drug overdose, Williams and Barker pose as publishers of a new magazine.
Guest Stars: Ramy Zada as Paul Milan | Irina Pantaeva as Isabel | Emmanuel Xuereb as Zeb | Monica Birt as Shelly | Jon Polito as Rinaldi |
Co-Guest Stars: Jojo Gonzalez as Miguel | Lyn Brown as Reporter | Jim Frangione as Detective Caswell | Richard Barba as Promoter | Ed Engels as Truck Driver | Reigh Mackey as Chucky
Director: Norberto Barba
Writer: Kim Newton

79 :04x03 - Pipeline

The unit goes after a Ukrainian kingpin who is using this "pipeline" to distribute cocaine, and causing massive deaths. But when the unit bust him, they find out that he is under diplomatic immunity and can't be prosecuted by the laws of the US. Under direct orders they are told that the case in closed. In secrecy under the order of the Chief of Detectives the unit goes undercover to shut down the "pipeline" once and for all. During the investigation, Nina considers giving up her badge if that means she can be with her daughter.
Guest Stars: Joe Lisi as Police Chief | Gerry Bamman as Hicks | Richard Council as Kharkov | Boris McGiver as Sadovsky | Barbara Sukowa as Consul General‎ |
Co-Guest Stars: Don Clark Williams as Federal Agent | Keith Nobbs as Billy
Director: Norberto Barba

80 :04x04 - Spare Parts

Missing teens prompt a probe of a private hospital's organ-donor program.
Guest Stars: Dennis Christopher as Dr. Royce | Steven Randazzo as Birelli | Justin Theroux as Frankie Stone | Larry Pine as Leonard | Alice Playten as Homeless Woman | Jennifer Esposito as Gina Stone | Ned Eisenberg as guest star | Joseph Ragno as guest star |
Co-Guest Stars: Coco McPherson as Customizer | Leo V. Finnie III as Car Washer | George Causil as Georgie | Jason Duval Hunter as Robert Crossley | Timothy Hsu as Violinist
Director: Fred Keller

81 :04x05 - Mob Street

The detectives go undercover on Wall Street to foil a stock-manipulation scheme.
Guest Stars: J.K. Simmons as Dr. Emil Skoda | Adam Trese as Sandrelli | Scott Cohen as Petrello | Justin Theroux as Frankie Stone | Michael Willis as guest star | Jennifer Burry as guest star | David Chandler (2) as guest star | Justine Miceli as Julie | Jennifer Esposito as Gina Stone |
Co-Guest Stars: Damian Young as Jenkins | Michael Ornstein as Perkins | Neal Hemphill as Assistant D.A.
Director: Don Kurt
Writer: Brad Kern

82 :04x06 - Rat Trap

Delaney is torn between family ties and duty when her brother becomes the suspect in an arson case.
Guest Stars: Dean Winters as Paul Delaney | J.C. MacKenzie as Holmquist | Ron Ryan as McBride | Tony Hoty as Epstein | James Hanlon as Wedge | Gerry Becker as guest star |
Co-Guest Stars: Michael Eaddy as Ritchie | John Ring as Chief | Anne Sayre as Angela
Writer: Kim Newton

83 :04x07 - Quid Pro Quo

The detectives discover that the CIA is involved in a money-laundering scheme involving the killer of Moreno's husband at a bank in a Cuban neighborhood.
Starring Roles: George O. Gore, II as Gregory "G" Williams |
Guest Stars: Dana Eskelson as Nadine Jordan | Kevin O'Rourke as Tanner | Peter Francis James as Mr. Connel |
Co-Guest Stars: Lena Cardwell as Richele | Gregory Zaragoza as Leon Perez | Mateo Gomez as Raul | Jose Yenque as Juan | Christopher Arocho as Enrique | Franky G as Manuel
Director: Martha Mitchell

84 :04x08 - Capital Punishment

In order to uncover the detectives responsible for a series of killings, Williams and Delaney pose as uniformed cops.
Guest Stars: Joseph Siravo as Detective Van Allen | Kevin Geer as Maloney | Catlin Adams as Judge Carol Wood | Sean Squire as Roger | David Anzuelo as Detective Fortner | Novella Nelson as Malcolm's Mother |
Co-Guest Stars: Alan Pottinger as Officer Johnson | Richmond Hoxie as Judge Lowenthal | David Wagner as Sergeant | Michael Buscemi as Perp | Sam Gregory as Attorney | Joe Gatti as Police Officer
Director: Melanie Mayron

85 :04x09 - The Unusual Suspects

Following the shooting of a nanny and a baby, Stone, Delaney, Williams and Barker go undercover to try to capture the weapons-suppliers.
Starring Roles: George O. Gore, II as Gregory "G" Williams |
Guest Stars: David Vadim as Sage Ryan | Darren Epton as Zeke | Zack Taylor as Lance | Tom Mason as Harry Donnor |
Co-Guest Stars: Gabriel Carpenter as Jake | Matthew Lawler as ATF Agent | Nikki E. Walker as Jamaican Nanny
Director: Allen Coulter

86 :04x10 - Sign o' the Times

The Special Investigations Division tries to track a serious serial killer who targets young men on the rave scene by giving them a tainted drug. During this G catches Nina and his dad together in bed.
Starring Roles: George O. Gore, II as Gregory "G" Williams |
Guest Stars: Tamara Tunie as Lana Brooks | Matt McGrath as Jonathan | David Moscow as Diesel | Justin Theroux as Frankie Stone | David Wheir as DJ Ant | Julianne Nicholson as Daisy | Jennifer Esposito as Gina Stone |
Co-Guest Stars: Greg Haberny as Ricky | Ryan Payne Bell as Ian | Lena Cardwell as Richele | John Tormey as Angry Man | Jonathan Kurt as Raver

87 :04x11 - Going Native

Lt. Barker and the unit go after a leader of a criminal empire that is extorting money from several businesses in Manhattan. This case turns personal for Barker when he is reunited with an old flame and is treated like family by the target. Meanwhile JC and Nina try to find where their relationship is at after sleeping together.
Guest Stars: Jesse L. Martin as Kaylen Foster | Joe Lisi as Police Chief | Wood Harris as Shadow | Kristen Wilson as Shelly Foster |
Co-Guest Stars: Bill Hoag as Mr. Benton | Amaury Nolasco as Shadow's Accomplice #1 | David Lenneman as Shadow's Accomplice #2
Director: Peter McIntosh

88 :04x12 - The Troubles

Delaney poses as a bartender, in order to learn why three Irish terrorists were killed and why they were in America.
Starring Roles: George O. Gore, II as Gregory "G" Williams |
Guest Stars: Joe Lisi as Police Chief | Ritchie Coster as Flannagan | Paul Ronan as Ethan McManus | Brendan Kelly (1) as guest star | William Hill (1) as guest star | Lucinda Faraldo as Ann Donlevy |
Co-Guest Stars: Robin Chadwick as Jimmy | Dara Coleman as Timothy Tirnan | David Butterly as Mitch | John O'donnell (1) as Seamus Mulane | Eilis Cahill as Molly | Lena Cardwell as Richele | Michael Louden as Foreman | Robert Cea as Hostage Negotiator | Conn Horgan as Bartender | Mike Gilliam as Reporter
Director: Robert Wiemer

89 :04x13 - Catharsis

Nadine Jordan, the accused killer of Torres and McNamara has been convicted of their murders. She receives a life sentence with no parole which upsets Moreno. Meanwhile The District Attorney who prosecutes a radical terrorist by the name of Eve Flemming finds that his daughter is kidnapped and held for ransom until Flemming is released from prison. He receives a videotape of her tied up and crying for help. Barker devises a plan where they are going to play along to see where Flemming's people lead them to. One part of the plan includes Moreno going undercover as a fugitive to get close to Flemming. While undercover in the prison, Moreno finally gets the chance to settle the score with her husband and partner killer.
Guest Stars: Dana Eskelson as Nadine Jordan | Evan Handler as Carl | Elizabeth Marvel as Eve Flemming | Begonya Plaza as guest star | Matt Powers as Richard | Doris Belak as Judge | Jarrod Bunch as C.O. | John Ventimiglia as Peter Vitti |
Co-Guest Stars: Fredi Walker as Inmate | Joseph A. Foglia as Eve's Lawyer | Michael Cullen as FBI Special Agent | Mary Garofalo as Reporter | Eva Donia Silver-Smith as Sarah Vitti
Director: Don Kurt
Story: Gay Walch | Teleplay: Brad Kern, Gay Walch
Classification: Scripted
Genre: Crime | Drama
Status: Canceled
Network: FOX ( USA)
Airs: Thursdays
Runtime: 60 Minutes
Premiere: September 08, 1994
Ended: June 25, 1998
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