Season 8

161 :08x01 - Don't Worry Be Pregnant

Michael and Stephanie return home from a six month honeymoon with a surprise, they are going to have a baby. But they soon find that they are not at all prepared for parenthood.
Guest Stars: Frances Bay as Mrs. Henderson | Arthur Brooks as Henry | Kort Falkenberg as Mrs. Henderson | Deborah Pollack as Karen | Jennifer Joan Taylor as Ellie | J.J. Wall as Floyd D. Barber
Director: Dick Martin

162 :08x02 - Get Dick

A night at the Maison Hubert ends when the building is accidentally burned down by Dick's cigar. Hubert is given a place to recuperate at the Stratford Inn, unaware that Hubert is planning a revenge.
Guest Stars: I.M. Hobson as Hubert
Director: Nell Scovell

163 :08x03 - Poetry and Pastries

Miss Goddard uses her feminine wiles on Dick when he is named judge for the annual Poetry and Pastry contest as a means of getting an edge. Elsewhere, Michael throws himself an all-male baby shower.
Guest Stars: Edwina Moore as Pastry Club Member | David Pressman as Mr. Rusnak
Director: Michael Lessac

164 :08x04 - Utley Exposed

George become a surprise guest on Vermont Today's 'Hidden Shame' segment where he discloses a childish prank he played.
Guest Stars: Ellen Albertini Dow as Dorothy Benson | Robert Ridgely as Bruce Gordon
Director: Dick Martin

165 :08x05 - Ramblin' Michael Harris

Michael becomes a lounge singer after quitting his job as a bag boy at Menkey's grocery.
Guest Stars: Craig Bierko as Dirk | Phyllis Flax as Grandma Menkey | Jill Jacobson as Chantal | Ernie Lively as Terry Sadler | Debra Jo Rupp as Irene Sadler
Director: Michael Lessac

166 :08x06 - Meet Michael Vanderkellen

The Vanderkellen's make an offer in which Michael can't refuse, a mansion of their own, and all he must do is...change his name to Michael Vanderkellen.
Guest Stars: Priscilla Morrill as Marian 'Mary' Vanderkellen

167 :08x07 - Good Lord Loudon

A visiting dignitary offers to make Dick a Lord after being unable to pay his bill. When the town hears of his title, the citizens see him in a new light.
Guest Stars: Ellen Albertini Dow as Dorothy Benson | Tony Jay as Reginald Wooster | David Pressman as Mr. Rusnak
Director: Brad Isaacs

168 :08x08 - Cupcake in a Cage

A case of prenatal rage finds Stephanie slapping the face of a store security guard, and landing in a jail cell.
Guest Stars: Marianne McAndrew as Eileen | Rose Portillo as Norma | Cristine Rose as Debbie | J.J. Wall as Floyd D. Barber | Chip Zien as Mr. Jenkins

169 :08x09 - Attack of the Killer Aunt

Joanna's aunt comes for a visit to the Stratford and discloses her dislike for Dick, believing that she is too good for him.
Guest Stars: John McCook as Brad Pettibone | Nancy Walker (1) as Aunt Louise
Director: Michael Lessac

170 :08x10 - I Like You, Butt...

George has met the girl off her dreams, except that she has a gigantic butt. Also, Michael and Stephanie attend a session with a guru who names babies.
Guest Stars: Jan Cobler as Jan Cobler | Keene Curtis as Merritt White
Director: David Steinberg

171 :08x11 - Jumpin' George

A reoccurring nightmare has George wanting to never sleep again. Michael and Stephanie use modern technology called "womb phones" to help educate their child before he is born.
Guest Stars: John Walter Davis as Man | Peggy Fleming as Herself | David Pressman as Mr. Rusnak
Director: Michael Lessac

172 :08x12 - Lights! Camera! Contractions!

Michael wants their child's birth to be archived on film, but Stephanie will have part in that. We'll see since she has just gone into labor.
Guest Stars: Lou Cutell as Dr. Grossman | Jill Jacobson as Chantal | Tina Johnson as Nurse | Ken Kerman as Cameraman | Freyda Thomas as Mrs. Pesko
Director: Michael Lessac

173 :08x13 - Beauty and the Pest

Joanna discovers she has a secret admire when she brings a strange neighbor house hunting, none which he approves of. But then when she makes a stop to his home, Joanna finds a shrine dedicated to her on the wall.
Guest Stars: Tim Choate as Dave
Director: David Steinberg

174 :08x14 - Good Neighbor Sam

Dick creates an uproar all over town when his good nature is mistaken as friendship for an overbearing new neighbor. Each of the people in town Dick meets was under the impression that they were his best friend.
Guest Stars: David Pressman as Mr. Rusnak | Bill Daily as Sam Leary

175 :08x15 - Child in Charge

A dream finds Grandma Vanderkellen buying up WPIV as a gift for baby Stephanie. When Dick refuses to do as the child wishes, Vermont Today is canceled, and right in the middle of an interview with George McGovern.
Guest Stars: David Byrd as Henry Tashman | Frank Hamilton as Roland Myers | George McGovern as Himself
Director: Dick Martin

176 :08x16 - Seein' Double

Michael designs a new TV series for WPIV which is called Seein' Double. The show has Stephanie starring as a pair of identical twins, with Dick playing her grouchy father.
Guest Stars: Don Knotts as Iron' (Uncredited) | Magda Harout as Smitty | Rick Murphy as Producer
Director: Dick Martin

177 :08x17 - Born to Be Mild

George asks Dick to join his old gang "'The Houligans", as they plan a reunion. But things get out of hand when Dick inadvertently gets the gang in a rumble with their rival gang, "The Ruffians."
Guest Stars: John C. Cooke as Gobbler | James Greene (2) as Beauty | David Pressman as Mr. Rusnak | Henry Sutton as Wrench

178 :08x18 - Daddy's Little Girl

Michael receives a lesson in parenting after he once again has returned from the mall following a shopping spree for baby Stephanie. But it's a dream one night that makes Michael see the error of his ways when he pictures his child as a teen.
Guest Stars: R. Leo Schreiber as Unfortunate #1
Director: Michael Lessac

179 :08x19 - Georgie and Grace

Miss Goddard uses her feminine wiles on George, after he decides to return with the visiting priests to become one himself.
Guest Stars: Tom Virtue as Father John | James Hampton as Father Ken | George Petrie as Father Jasper
Director: Peter Scolari

180 :08x20 - Handymania

George invents a new board game, called Handymania.
Guest Stars: Marcus Smythe as Charles Stupak | Abi Cohen as Lydia Stupak | David Pressman as Mr. Rusnak | Kenneth Tigar as Mom
Director: Jim Buck

181 :08x21 - Dick and Tim

Dick meets Tim Conway and is asked to join his group for a weekly poker game, unaware just how cheap Tim really is.
Guest Stars: Tim Conway as Himself | John Hammil (1) as Fan | Audrie J. Neenan as Waitress | Drew Pillsbury as Ted
Director: Michael Lessac

182 :08x22 - Father Goose

Michael casts his favorite dinner theater actor as Giddy, in a new lead in series for Vermont Today, the Giddy Goose Show, unaware that Giddy is really his father.
Guest Stars: Henry Gibson as Tad Burrows / Ted Harris | George Innes as Regis Drayman | Mark Sawyer as Steve Tyner

183 :08x23 - My Husband, My Peasant

When Scooter Drake returns to town, along with his new wife Libby and a newborn child, Stephanie decides she must divorce Michael for being of peasant stock and causing their child to be subservient to the Drake's kid.
Guest Stars: Randall Edwards as Libby Harcourt | Alex Hyde-White as Scooter Drake | Bunny Summers as Mrs. Butterworth
Director: Dick Martin

184 :08x24 - The Last Newhart

A visitor from Japan has announced his intentions of buying the whole town and create a gigantic golf course in its place. But Dick seems to be the one and only hold out to their plans, angering the townspeople.
Guest Stars: Shuko Akune as Sedaka | Nada Despotovich as Zora | Candace Hutson as Baby Stephanie | Rodney Kageyama as Mr. Tomagachi | Lisa Kudrow as Sada | Christie Mellor as Rhonda | David Pressman as Mr. Rusnak | Sab Shimono as Sunatra | Gedde Watanabe as Mr. Takadachi
Director: Dick Martin
Classification: Scripted
Genre: Comedy
Status: Canceled/Ended
Network: CBS ( USA)
Airs: Mondays
Runtime: 30 Minutes
Premiere: October 25, 1982
Ended: May 21, 1990
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