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Season 2

23 :02x01 - It Happened One Afternoon (1)

Dick heads to New York to interview Erica Chase, a famous star, about possibly writing a biography. Meanwhile, Joanna hires Stephanie as a maid.
Guest Stars: John Reilly as John Carson
Director: Rod Daniel
Writer: Barry Kemp

24 :02x02 - It Happened One Afternoon (2)

Erica Chase lusts after Dick and tries every possible thing to get him to sleep with her. Back in Vermont, Stephanie’s father arrives and tries to convince her to come back home.
Director: Rod Daniel
Writer: Barry Kemp

25 :02x03 - Animal Attractions

George brings home a stray dog, named Lucky. Stephanie’s husband arrives in Vermont, demanding answers as to why she left.
Director: Rod Daniel

26 :02x04 - The Stratford Wives

During a potluck dinner, Joanna creates a stir when she breaks a long-standing tradition in which the men all eat together in the dinning room while the wives eat in the kitchen.
Director: Donna Wheeler
Writer: Barbara Hall

27 :02x05 - The Girl From Manhattan

Joanna convinces Dick to turn one of his plays into a local state production. But the two clash when Dick casts her as “Joanna’s mother,” not “Joanna.”
Guest Stars: Jackie Joseph as Myrna Peck
Director: Linda Day
Writer: Nat Mauldin

28 :02x06 - Don't Rain on My Parade

George is left in charge of this year's annual Thanksgiving Day parade. But when rain threatens the parade, Dick invites the parade workers to come to the Stratford for Thanksgiving dinner without warning Joanna first.
Uncredited: Fred Applegate as Bus Driver
Director: Will Mackenzie
Writer: Barbara Hall

29 :02x07 - Lady & the Tramps

While lost in a snowstorm, Stephanie stumbles across Larry, Darryl and Darryl's home.
Director: Donna Wheeler

30 :02x08 - The Man Who Came Forever

A book deadline is quickly approaching for Dick, but he’s having a hard time finishing due to constant interruptions. Meanwhile, Kirk decides he wants to build a mini-golf course; George worries about retiring; and the Stratford has a guest that won’t leave.
Guest Stars: Ernie Sabella as Ed Halstead
Director: Rod Daniel
Writer: Sheldon Bull

31 :02x09 - The Looks of Love

Kirk starts a singles’ club to find the perfect woman.
Director: Dick Martin

32 :02x10 - Kirk Goes for the Juggler

Kirk thinks he’s met the girl of his dreams, but when he learns that she’s a clown, he begins to think otherwise.
Director: Will Mackenzie

33 :02x11 - A Jug of Wine, a Loaf of Bread and POW

Stephanie and Joanna go to a poetry reading at Dartmouth. There, a professor takes a liking to Joanna, and Dick shows his temper when he makes a pass at her.
Guest Stars: John Reilly as Prof. David Cameron
Director: Dick Martin

34 :02x12 - Cats

An ex-boyfriend of Stephanie’s stays at the Inn with his new wife, who happens to be Stephanie’s former best friend, Tish Ellison. Meanwhile, Kirk throws a dinner party.
Director: Jim Drake

35 :02x13 - Curious George at the Firehouse

George becomes a volunteer fireman, but looses the keys to the fire truck just as a fire is called in, which happens to be the town’s first fire in five years.
Director: Will Mackenzie
Writer: Barbara Hall

36 :02x14 - Book Beat

Dick is asked to host a literary television show. His first taping doesn’t go well when the guest doesn’t show up and the substitute guest is a little quirky.
Director: Will Mackenzie

37 :02x15 - Kirk Pops the Question

Kirk ponders popping the question to Cindy.
Director: Jim Drake

38 :02x16 - Best Friends

Kirk is not thrilled when it is announced that a fast-food franchise will soon open.
Director: Will Mackenzie

39 :02x17 - Kirk Ties One On

Kirk is excited for his upcoming wedding, but at the wedding, he faints dead away.
Director: Will Mackenzie

40 :02x18 - Go, Grandma, Go

After the wedding, Kirk’s grandmother lends him her car for the honeymoon. But things go awry when Kirk is arrested for possessing a stolen vehicle.
Director: John Tracy
Writer: Barbara Hall

41 :02x19 - Leave It to the Beavers

Dick is stunned when George’s club, the Beaver's, blackball's his membership. Meanwhile, Kirk and Cindy have their first fight.
Guest Stars: Alan North as Bill Rivers
Director: Will Mackenzie

42 :02x20 - Vermont Today

Dick is given his own television program, Vermont Today. His first episode features him hosting the owner of the world’s smallest horse. Meanwhile, Stephanie meets the man of her dreams.
Director: John Tracy

43 :02x21 - Send Her, Ella

Stephanie is forced to watch the inn while everyone else is at the local Maple Syrup Beauty Contest. When she finds out there are prizes awarded she decides to enter the contest disguise as Miss Inez Velasco and heads to the contest, leaving the inn being watched by a little old lady.
Guest Stars: Billie Bird as Ella Hayes
Director: John Tracy

44 :02x22 - New Faces of 1951

After learning that George has never had a birthday party, Dick and Joanna decide to throw him one. But trouble arises when they have trouble finding party guests.
Director: John Tracy
Classification: Scripted
Genre: Comedy
Status: Canceled/Ended
Network: CBS ( USA)
Airs: Mondays
Runtime: 30 Minutes
Premiere: October 25, 1982
Ended: May 21, 1990
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