Doctor Who star Karen Gillan wants role on Community

File this news item under "Things We Really, Really, Really Want to See Happen:" Karen Gillan has expressed interest in appearing in an episode of NBC's comedy series Community. 

In an interview with BBC America, Gillan remarked that she would love a guest role on Community, noting that she's seen "a lot" of the Joel MacHale-starring series. "I watched one of the episodes and got hooked and now I really, really love it," she added. 

Of course, there's no way for Gillan to appear on the show without some mention of Community's Doctor Who parody Inspector Spacetime. "I love Inspector Spacetime, it's so funny," she said. "I wasn't familiar with it until recently when my flat-mate said, 'Do you realize there's a Doctor Who spoof in a show over in the States?'" The parody is "kind of brilliant," Gillan admitted. 

"Hey Community, any time you may need an Amy Pond on Inspector Spacetime, just let me know," Gillan added. "I'm basically asking for [a job]." 

Watch the video of Gillan discussing Community here. 

Gillan, known for playing Doctor Who companion Amy Pond on the series since 2010, recently wrapped filming on her final episode of the series, along with onscreen husband Arthur Darvill. The duo will be replaced by newcomer Jenna-Louise Coleman, opening them both up for new roles. A stint on Community, which was just renewed for a thirteen-episode fourth season, would be nothing short of perfect for Gillan. 

Doctor Who will return in the fall for its seventh series, which will see Gillan's departure in the fifth episode. Community will air on Fridays this fall on NBC. 

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May 15th, 2012, 1:24 pm


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one more reason to love Karen!
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