Sherlock: Executive Producer Teases Series 3

American fans of the BBC series Sherlock should stop reading here. The final episode of the show's third series doesn't air in the United States until Sunday, and the episode features a twist that simply mustn't be spoiled.

For fans who have seen the second series finale, "The Reichenbach Fall," it's already been four painful months of waiting to see -- spoiler alert here -- just how Sherlock faked his own death. The final moments of the episode saw Sherlock admit to Watson that he was a fake before leaping off a building and falling to his apparent death on the sidewalk below. Of course, we know Sherlock isn't dead (nor was he a fake) -- we saw him watching Watson and Mrs. Hudson visit his grave from afar. 

That episode aired back in January, and we're still months away from seeing the outcome of Sherlock's mysterious fall. "We’ve had several meetings and we’re very, very excited about getting going!" shared executive producer Mark Gatiss. "Certain things may already have been committed to paper, yes. Little bits of paper. That fly around. Like a man falling off a building. Has anyone suggested that Sherlock by the graveside might actually be a ghost?!"

While that's almost certainly not the case, we'll still have to wait and see what exactly is to come with Sherlock's third series, which will likely air sometime early next year, if all goes well. Gatiss and co-creator Steven Moffat are currently working on the upcoming seventh series of Doctor Who, which premieres in the fall.

You can check out the rest of the interview with Gatiss here. 

"The Reichenbach Fall" will air as part of PBS's Masterpiece Mystery series on Sunday, May 20. 

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May 15th, 2012, 7:47 pm

bg fan

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Very boring and disappointed.

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That should probably read, " The final episode of the show's third second series doesn't air in the United States until Sunday." Had me confused for most of the article.  :-)


Message Posted On May 16th, 2012, 4:28 pm
Been awhile since I seen it but isn't the lab worker helping him do it. He asks her for a bunch of favors but usually just ignores her even though she is clearly into him
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