AMC Releases 'The Walking Dead' Season 5 Rick Grimes Photo


AMC Teases 'The Walking Dead' Season 5 Rick Grimes Photo


The door is open!

At least that’s what the latest tease from AMC and ‘The Walking Dead’ indicates.

When we last left post-apocalyptic Georgia, Rick and Carl (pictured above in a once-safe environment) and others were trapped in a train car in Terminus after being ferried inside by the local cannibalistic cult. Carol, Tyrese and Beth are somewhere on the outside, as are a stash of guns.

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We are still closer to the Season 4 finale than we are to the Season 5 premiere in October, but that didn’t stop AMC from looking to get people abuzz about what’s to come by releasing a photo from next season.

It’s not much, but it sure does seem like Rick Grimes is in a bit of control here, sneaking a peek out a slightly open door. As you recall, he did end the season declaring, “They’re screwing with the wrong people.” Check out the picture below, and start making predictions.

AMC Releases 'The Walking Dead' Season 5 Rick Grimes Photo

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May 13th, 2014, 4:29 pm

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Message Posted On May 19th, 2014, 1:44 am
Beth attempted that, got a nice top from the Gold Club. Didn't turn out great for her :D

Message Posted On May 15th, 2014, 7:34 pm
It's pretty obvious they have to escape or be eaten.

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Message Posted On May 14th, 2014, 11:40 am

Why doesn't AMC focus on the show that's coming up, instead of the fall season? TWD just finished S4. I don't want to hear or see anything about S5 until late summer.


Message Posted On May 13th, 2014, 6:02 pm
Why don't these people ever grab new clothes when they scavenge?
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