Time Travel, Super Powers and Renegades Lead TNT Developmental Slate


Time Travel, Super Powers, and Renegades Lead TNT Developmental Slate


TNT hopes to still “know drama,” but now they’re adding more excitement and presumably explosions to their lineup. During their upfront, the network announced a slogan change ahead of its slate, going from the rather perfunctory “TNT Drama” to the far more energizing “TNT Drama. Boom.”

The "Boom" may or may not be easily found in the seven new dramas the network has added to their developmental slate. Let’s take a look.

- ‘The Shop’ is a supernatural thriller based on characters created by Stephen King in ‘Firestarter.’ The titular organization once exploited the pyrotechnic abilities of young Charlie McGee; that is until she burnt it down (as they should have expected). Twenty years later, The Shop has returned, bigger and more nefarious, and it’s up to Charlie and a new group of equally-skilled people to take it down.

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- ‘Anonymous’ follows an ex-Special Ops soldier who uncovers a global conspiracy, forcing him off the grid and repurposed with more altruistic goals. The drama is written by Chris Collins (‘The Wire, ‘Sons of Anarchy’) and lists Collins, Peter Billingsley (‘Iron Man’), as well as Vince Vaughn and his sister Victoria Vaughn, as producers.

- ‘Breed’ is another supernatural series, this time centering on a race of deadly creatures occupying the Pacific Northwest. It’s also a buddy-cop drama, as a “reluctant FBI investigator pairs up with a female assassin to track them.”

- ‘Fix-It Men’ from Joe Carnahan (‘The Blacklist’) deals in time travel, as a team is sent from the year 2027 to 2014 to disrupt events that will lead to a cataclysmic war, only to get stuck in 2014. The horror!

- ‘Kali,’ based on a French web series, opens with the titular heroine waking up on a train without any memory. She finds a chip implanted in her brain, realizes she has been transformed into a powerful human weapon and embarks on a journey of survival and redemption.

- ‘President X’ starts similarly, as President Dominic Avery awakens from a yearlong coma, battered and no longer running the country. An attempt on his life was apparently domestic, so he uses what is being described as his “Detroit-bred cunning” to investigate his murder attempt.

- ‘Ed McBain’s 87th Precinct’, from Donnie Wahlberg, is based on the long-running series (82 novels) of the same name, and follows Detective Steve Carella (probably not played by Steve Carell) and his department through professional and personal affairs.


- Joe Carnahan
- Donnie Wahlberg

Written by: AnthonyWrites
May 14th, 2014, 8:14 am

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Message Posted On May 15th, 2014, 4:32 pm

Reading about all those I feel like come fall, I'll be a kid in a candy shop.  It does however seem like they're bombarding the network with a similar genre in hopes that some of it will 'stick' -- hopefully some will be good enough to do so ;-)


Message Posted On May 14th, 2014, 11:14 am
I want to like some of those, but have severe reservations regarding the quality. Maybe if they were movie channel or AMC based there would be less trepidation.
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