'Arrow' Promotes John Barrowman to Series Regular, 'The Flash' Targets Crossover


'Arrow' Promotes John Barrowman to Series Regular, 'The Flash' Targets Crossover


Steady your quivers, everyone, because there's some exciting CW news coming your way.

First off, 'Arrow' has just targeted a new series regular for Season 3 in the form of the oh-so-dreamy John Barrowman. The actor, who plays Thea's bow-and-arrow wielding father Malcolm Merlyn/Dark Archer, has been upped to a full-on series regular status on the series come next fall.

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How do we know this? It came right from Oliver Queen himself. Stephen Amell took to Twitter on Thursday with a candid photo of himself and Barrowman at the network's annual upfront presentation in New York. The caption read: "#Arrow has a new series regular. @Team_Barrowman — What could go wrong?!?!"

'Arrow' Promotes John Barrowman to Series Regular, 'The Flash' Targets Crossover

What indeed. Last we saw, Malcolm was taking Thea under his wing at the end of the Season 2 finale, gearing up for a potentially new dynamic between father and daughter. Could we be looking at a Dark Archer Junior? Sadly, we'll have to wait an entire summer to find out.

Meanwhile, TVGuide has exclusively discovered that a 'Arrow'/'The Flash' crossover is already in the works. Fans can look forward to seeing Amell make an appearance on the recently picked up show as early as the pilot episode!

The freshman series stars Grant Gustin as Barry Allen, a scientist who's gifted with the power of super-speed in the aftermath of a freak accident that transforms him into the Fastest Man Alive. And given that Barry originated on 'Arrow,' it's only fitting that Oliver return the favor. However, the reunion surprisingly won't be in Barry's hometown of Central City.

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"In the 'Flash' pilot, Barry comes to me," Amell revealed to the site. "[It's a] little snippet in the 'Flash' pilot where he and I share a scene together, it's in his pilot, but [filming] it felt like our show because he's coming to Starling City. That, to me, was one of the most rewarding things that I did as an actor because it was essentially the same crew that we used for our pilot, and it was two years later and it was the same director."

Amell continued: "It was like going back in time. ['Flash' and 'Arrow' director] David Nutter asked me to be a part of the pilot and I will never say no to David Nutter."

One can only hope that this is just the start of many more crossovers to come. And, according to Amell, that's exactly the plan. "We'd be insane if we didn't do crossover stuff," Amell remarked. "I don't know that it has to be an event or big moments, but the shows share a universe, and not utilizing that fact would be insane. I'm sure that we will at some point."

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May 15th, 2014, 9:18 am

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Geeze he's dreamy whether you are gay or straight and I've seen him kiss both genders. Friends with kissing benefits is still a good choice :)

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Barrowman is pretty dreamy. In his case, I guess the old saying is true, "the good one's are always taken or gay." :P I'm glad he's coming back to the show. Merlyn is a great character that definately needed to be developed more. Looking forward to it!


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"the oh-so-dreamy John Barrowman" You ain't got the right equipment for him honey, maybe watch some Torchwwood so as to work it out for yourself. Who chokes someone while holding the pinky out as one would with a teacup?