New Game of Thrones Photo Promises Massive Battle

May 27th's episode of Game of Thrones will be one you should not -- actually, MUST not -- miss. "Blackwater," the ninth and penultimate episode of the season, will be one for the books: it features a massive battle unlike any the show has seen before. The Battle of the Blackwater is the climactic event of the season, and is the confrontation between Stannis's fleet of ships and the defenses of King's Landing. 

In a Clash of Kings, the battle is bloody, but most importantly, it's fiery. Remember the Wildfire that Tyrion investigated earlier this season? That factors into the battle in a big way. If you're expecting anything less than crazy, you're wrong. Even star Richard Madden says so: "Season one viewers were a bit mad that they didn't get to see enough of the battle, but anyone that missed out on the battle last year is not going to be disappointed with the battle this year. It's going to be awesome."

As though you needed any more encouragement to tune into the episode it's penned by series creator George R.R. Martin. Also, there's this cool promotional picture which was just released, which features Bronn (Jerome Flynn) preparing to release a flaming arrow, with the flame-lit skyline of King's Landing behind him. Is this the shot that begins the great battle? We can only hope. 

Check out the photo below, courtesy of

Game of Thrones will air the eighth episode of the season, "The Prince of Winterfell," airs Sunday night on HBO. "Blackwater" will air the following Sunday, and will be followed the next week by the season 2 finale, "Valar Morghulis." 

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Written by: mcpherson
May 18th, 2012, 12:52 pm

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