TBS Cancels 'The Pete Holmes Show' After 2 Seasons


TBS Cancels 'The Pete Holmes Show' After 2 Seasons


First Leno, then Letterman, and now Holmes. Well, maybe it’s not *exactly* like that, but it is indeed no more for Pete Holmes, as TBS has canceled his late-night talk show.

‘The Pete Holmes Show’ will not return for a third cycle as the network has canned the show after two seasons and more than 70 episodes due to poor ratings.

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The half-hour talk show, which airs at midnight and is sort of a companion piece to Conan O’Brien’s, will end its run on June 19. O’Brien and his firm Conaco produced the series, but it could not sustain an audience, losing nearly 350,000 viewers from its lead-in, ‘Conan.’

Following the announcement, Holmes took to Facebook and typed a rather lengthy post in which he humbly thanked everyone for their support, was effusive in his praise for the show, and showed enthusiasm for the future.

“Doing this show has changed my life for the better in uncountable ways,” he wrote. “We've learned so much. We laughed a ton. And we had an absolute blast doing it.”

He also thanked his friend and mentor directly: “Conan was hand-on, available and supportive every step of the way. And still is for whatever we do moving forward. What an absolute dream come true! Thank you Consies O'Breezies.”

The late night world continues to orient itself, and Holmes is the latest change. Leno has left, Letterman is going, Colbert and Wilmore are coming, and John Oliver is just getting started. As it happens, Conan is safe for another three years.

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May 23rd, 2014, 4:23 pm

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