Arrivals, Returns, & Departures - Upfronts Week - Part 2

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Hello all, and welcome to the second of three promised "Upfronts Week" editions of AR&D. The original plan was to do these during the actual week, but "real life" intervened, as I had a bad cold the first few days of the week and then needed emergency dental surgery yesterday to alleviate sudden pain. Not a great week for me, to say the least. Anyway, you're not here to read my sob stories, you're here to get a handy summary of all (or at least most) of the approximately one quadrillion announcements made this past week. Without any further ado, let's get started with:


No arrivals this time, as this edition will focus solely on renewals and cancellations.


Bob's Burgers, FOX, Season 3 - Wow, I never thought this show would make it to a third year. Not because I hate it, in fact I've never seen it. All I know is that whenever I see this show brought up online, anywhere, the response is always unanimously negative. So I'll leave this one to the comments section. Is this just a case of a vocal minority hatedom drowning out the actual fanbase, or is the show really that bad?

Community, NBC, Season 4 - YES. YES. YES. Excuse my fandom from showing, but Community's renewal made me as happy as a kid on Christmas. My love for this show cannot be underestimated. That said, I'm pretty sure this season will be the end of the line. Sorry to be a downer to fellow fans, but it's moving to Fridays. Behind freaking' Whitney. For only 13 episodes instead of the usual 24. To me, that seems like a pretty clear "final season". This is one instance where I really hope I'm wrong.

CSI: New York, CBS, Season 9 - It seems that at least one CSI had to go, and to my surprise, the more popular Miami bit the dust, leaving NYC CSI to continue. Now, as I said in the last edition when I covered Miami, I understand the network's reasoning. Miami had been around longer, and thus the salaries of the stars and above the line crew were higher. That said, Miami's ratings easily trump New York's, and you'd think the increase in ad revenue would make up any difference in production costs. Oh well, it is what it is. David Caruso is unemployed, and Gary Sinise isn't. Sadly, I think this an omen for the franchise. I'd expect New York to go within two years, followed by the flagship. CSI is headed the way of Law & Order. Sad but true.

Gossip Girl, The CW, Season 6 - While it's been confirmed that the sixth season of this CW teen drama will be the last, what remains unclear is just how many episodes producers will get to properly wrap up their story. The first reports said 11 episodes, which is well below the norm for even final seasons. Then other reports claimed 13 episodes, which would make more sense. Even others said 15 was a possibility. Now CW execs have publicly stated they don't have a clue at this point how long the season will end up being. Geez guys, it's kind of your job to know these things.

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Didn't even know about NYC 22 until the 4th episode aired.  My co-worker who loves cop shows never heard of it either.  I was curious and went back and watched all the previous episodes up to the 4th one and liked it (didn't LOVE it) and was curious to see where it was headed.  I come here to see when the next ep was being aired and POOF!  Gone.  Whitney is the most baffling renewal.  I can't believe a ton of shows that were cancelled and that one gets renewed.  I mean, "Harry's Law," "Awake," "Alcatraz," "The Secret Circle," "The Finder," even "Terra Nova" (which I can understand if it's about cost), but they keep "Whitney??"  C'mon.  Something is not right here.  I'm starting to suspect that these decisions may not be based on ratings mostly but on some weird internal politics that we aren't privvy to.  Thanks God "Fringe" is still hanging on.  LOVE that show. 

I'm still in the coveted demo, but just barely (just turned 45) and they cancelled more shows that I liked than ones they kept.  I watch "Happy Endings" but I was hoping it would get cancelled.  I have some weird draw to it, but don't really like it.  I didn't think it would last after watching the first 4 eps of the 1st season.  Man, was I wrong.  It's nowhere the stinker that "Whitney" is though.  Whitney Cummings herself seems funny, but that show was painful to sit through.