'Emmerdale' to celebrate 'Tour De France'

ITV have announced this morning, plans for 'Emmerdale' to celebrate the 2014 'Tour De France' heading into Yorkshire. The press release reads;

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"A keen cyclist Emmerdale crew member is thrilled his idea for special 'Emmerdale' break-bumpers to celebrate the 'Tour de France' has been realised.

Set to air on ITV from Tuesday 1 July these themed bumpers will pay tribute to the forthcoming race.  Break-bumpers are the parts between the main programme and the sponsorship idents before the adverts and Emmerdale have created 8 special new bumpers to link into the Tour de France.

Andrew Whiston, Emmerdale's Technical Coordinator came up with the idea whilst watching hundreds of hours of Emmerdale footage.

"Part of my job is to watch the show for technical faults. I'm a keen cyclist so wanted our show to cover the Tour De France that is coming through Yorkshire. I realised it's harder to reflect this race in story, given it happens at a weekend and is a live event. So I thought about creating these special Tour de France break-bumpers. The Grand Depart is the biggest thing to happen in Yorkshire for a long time and with Emmerdale at the heart of this county it seemed obvious to many of us that we should
feature this famous road bike race in some way."

Each 5 second piece uses themes taken from the famous jersey colours and translates them into village scenes."

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Written by: TomSouthwell
Jun 13th, 2014, 2:49 am

Images courtesy of Google Plus, Press release courtesy of ITV

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