Community Teams up with College Humor

Community’s musical Christmas episode will be the last until the gang returns from hiatus sometime in 2012. Fans have been reassured that the NBC comedy will actually be continuing next year. This type of indefinite hiatus usually means that a show is on its way to cancellation. Yet, NBC has kept more than one low rated comedy on the air that later went on to success. For example, 30 Rock which was renewed despite only receiving 5 million viewers across 21 episodes in the first season.  

Community has teamed up with College Humor to deliver a video that is sure to go viral with fans. It is presented as an advertisement announcing the shut down of Greendale. Jim Rash returns as the dean and of course the study group has been roped into the antics. In this video we learn some new facts about the school. Abed highlights that the school is raccoon free.  Greendale also features the largest collection of water damaged National Geographics. All of this in more in the following video.

Save Greendale on College Humor

 What was your favorite bit? Was it Troy’s fake enthusiasm or Jeff’s apathy?  

Tonight the show will be taking on one of it’s favorite subjects, Glee. The way the writers have mocked the show you would think they must hate it. Not True! Community mocks what it loves most about Pop Culture. Glee is only a target because it is loved by so many. 

Last season, we learned the Glee club was tragically killed in a car accident forcing our gang to take over. Of course, this was apart of an episode of flashbacks to scenes that never aired. That all changes tonight when the study group will find themselves trapped in a Christmas musical. One fact that has been revealed, Abed and Troy will do a new rap!

The Dean and Britta in the Community Christmas Episode

- Donald Glover
- Danny Pudi
- Alison Brie
- Gillian Jacobs
- Chevy Chase
- Joel McHale
- Jim Rash
- Yvette Nicole Brown
- Community

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Dec 8th, 2011, 9:02 am

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