Who Will Be the Next Celebrity Apprentice? Find Out Tonight!

It’s been a long hard season in which viewers had to endure the rantings of Lisa Lampanelli week after week; however, tonight we finally get to find out who will be this season’s Celebrity Apprentice.  It’s down to the final two with buddies Clay Aiken and Arsenio Hall duking it out to see who will take home $250,000 for their charities.It's Down to Clay Aiken and Arsenio Hall in the Celebrity Apprentice Finale

Last week started off with a bang with overly confident Aubrey O’Day finally getting the axe. Unfortunately, the absence of the red headed braggart only lasted so long, as Clay and Arsenio were charged with choosing teams made up of former contestants from this season to help them out with their final task.  Clay and Arsenio picked teams “grade school style”, each taking one at a time, beginning with the surprising early choices of Lisa for Arsenio and Penn for Clay.  In what might have been the most telling moment of the entire season, third place contestant Aubrey, who should have been deemed one of the strongest picks, was left for last and put by default on Clay’s team.

The final two’s last task of the season was to create a variety show type event and public service announcement revolving around their respective charities.  Clay, having selected the more musically inclined team members, decided to put together a medley of songs for them to sing. Arsenio, appropriately, chose the former contestants who were familiar with comedy and opted for a comedy oriented show that jived more with his background.  Both seemed off to a strong start and certainly seemed to be playing to their strengths. 

The public service announcements seemed to pose a bit of a problem for both sides, with Clay struggling to find a quiet, park-like environment to film with the group of children he had brought in to film the National Inclusion Project PSA.  Arsenio’s public service announcement for the Magic Johnson Foundation seemed to be smooth sailing at first until the film that was taken of Magic himself in L.A. turned out to be all wrong.  Set as one of the cliffhangers of the night, we were left to wonder how Arsenio would be able to make his PSA work without any video of the man behind the charity, Magic Johnson.

Tonight we get to see how the events that these Celebrity Apprentice hopefuls worked so hard on turned out.  With Clay dealing with loose cannons Debbie Gibson and Aubrey trying desperately to take over, and Arsenio having taken a complete backseat in the actual event planning, it is sure to be a wild ride.  Also tonight, is the moment we’ve secretly all been waiting for, when all the former contestants are thrown back together on live television to rehash old beefs (Lisa and Dayana, anyone?). 

So who will be the next Celebrity Apprentice? At first glance, it seems that Clay is certainly the more professional and organized of the two, however if you break it down to actual statistics, Arsenio actually comes out a bit on top.  Both finalists have been project manager only twice, but Arsenio is the only one to win both times, with Clay wining as project manager once and losing once as well.  In addition, Arsenio has raised almost $45,000 more than Clay for his charity thus far in the season.  In the end, it comes down to going with your gut or sticking with the stats. As far as how The Donald will see it, you never can tell, but he seems like a numbers guy to me, so my pick for the night is Arsenio.

The Celebrity Apprentice finale airs tonight at 9/8c on NBC.

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Written by: beachbound
May 20th, 2012, 1:08 pm

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