Andrew Marr's Wife On His Health Struggles

Jackie Ashley on Lorraine

Jackie Ashley - the wife of Andrew Marr who suffered a stroke early last year - spoke to ITV’s Lorraine today about her husband’s recovery and his determination to get back on a bike. On how Andrew is doing now, Jackie said:

“He’s fine but he’s a long way off being fully recovered. I think that’s what a lot of people don’t realise, he’s back to work which is fantastic but he’s had no movement at all really in his left arm and his left leg is still very weak and he walks with a stick, he can’t do a lot of the things he used to do, he can’t run, he can’t ride a bicycle.”

Jackie also revealed it is thought that Andrew suffered mini strokes before his major stroke which perhaps could have prevented his big stroke had he gone to the doctors or been more aware of the symptoms:

“It turned out that Andrew had had two [mini strokes] in the months before his stroke but he
didn’t realise what they were. We thought they were literally just a funny turn. On one occasion he was trying to do a piece to camera for a film he was making and he said he couldn’t get the words out which is very unusual for him. His mouth wouldn’t seem to work properly so he just went to lie down, had the afternoon off [and] later in the day he went back and did the piece to camera and thought ‘Oh well I was just feeling off colour’ but that funny turn, when the words just wouldn’t come out, is one of the classic symptoms of a mini stroke and had he gone to the doctor then he might well have been saved the major stroke that happened a few months later.”

Although he is making a good recovery, Jackie said it is frustrating for Andrew that he can’t do things he used to do following his stroke:
“It’s very hard, he’s horrendously independent and will keep trying to do things… he’s even bought a tricycle now because he’s so determined to get back on a bike… he’s to be seen tricycling around the park now! He’s very determined which is great... It was quite an upward learning curve… there’s not a lot of help out there for people suddenly in that situation.”

- Andrew Marr
- Lorraine
- itv

Written by: TomSouthwell
Jun 26th, 2014, 3:10 am

Image & press release courtesy of itv's Lorraine


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