Keira Knightley 'Terrified' About Her New Role

Keira Knightley Good Morning Britain

British film star Keira Knightly has told 'Good Morning Britain' that she was 'terrified’ about singing in her new film role.

Chatting to Ben Shephard the actress said “I’m not a singer so I have no idea what I’m doing” before adding that she ‘hates’ karaoke.

Speaking about her new movie 'Begin Again', Keira also revealed that her voice didn’t sound quite as she had hoped, saying;

“I’m really disappointed that Adele’s voice doesn’t come out! I think that’s what I was hoping the whole way through that suddenly Shirley Bassey, one of those big [voices] - so I’m just like, ‘ok’!”

With husband James Righton being part of band Klaxons, Keira confessed that he has been quite tolerable of her musical efforts, saying;

“The thing about my husband is he’s the loveliest person in the world so he’s just like ‘well done’. He did try and teach me to play the guitar - which didn’t work very well”

She continued;

“I could play the guitar - I did learn to play all the songs on the guitar but I couldn't sing and play at the same time because that’s really difficult - who knew that that was so difficult! I don’t think my husband had a lot of patience with me not being able to do that.”

The 'Bend it like Beckham' star went on to reveal who she is rooting for at the World Cup telling Ben;

“I’m really excited about Belgium - I don’t think they are going to win but I’m really excited about it, I think they’ll come close. Germany… it’s got to be their time really - I mean they looked good didn’t they?”

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Written by: TomSouthwell
Jul 3rd, 2014, 5:31 am

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Did you forget that the name of the site is TV yes TVRage when you wrote this article? Just because an interview about a movie was on TV doesn't make it TV news.

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