Charlie Condou on Leaving 'Coronation Street'

Charlie Condou Leaving Coronation Street

Charlie Condou - who played 'Coronation Street’s' Marcus for seven years - spoke to 'Good Morning Britain' today about leaving the soap and being a dad. Speaking about the reaction to his character Marcus, Charlie said:

“It’s been overwhelmingly positive, the gay community seem to really like Marcus an that’s good. Marcus is a really nice guy so generally people are really nice about him, I don’t get any abuse in the street. A couple of comments when I cheated on Maria but other than that it’s been good.”

And on leaving the soap after seven years, Charlie said he’s lucky the door has been left open but it’s time for him to be back in London with his family:

“It was really sad and it was a difficult decision to make but I never planned on being there forever and ever and I’m based in London, my kids are in London, my partner, my family… I think once I’d made the decision to go I realised it had to be sooner rather than later so it was sad but it felt like the right thing to do.”

And speaking of his own family set up, Charlie - who has a male partner and has two children with his female friend - said:

“We get no prejudice at all, I’m very lucky that we live in London so it’s a very cosmopolitan neighbourhood that we’re in. The amount of same sex families over the last two years have tripled in this country so while I don’t like to refer to ourselves as a trend, I think in a lot of ways it is becoming more and more common.”

And on his son, Hal, Charlie opened up about his illness:

“When he was first born, he was born with a collapsed lung so he had a week in intensive care and that’s a really horrible time for any parent. We knew fairly quickly that he was going to be ok but the last thing you want to see is your newborn son in intensive care with tubes and on morphine… he’s absolutely fine now.”

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Written by: TomSouthwell
Jul 9th, 2014, 4:55 am

Image and Press Release courtesy of itv's Good Morning Britain

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