Doctor Who to Meet "Dinosaurs on a Spaceship?"

Doctor Who's executive producer and showrunner Steven Moffat is a big fan of on-the-nose titles. He made that painfully clear with the title of his series 6 episode, "Let's Kill Hitler." The episode, which didn't actually see the Doctor killing Hitler, was still largely memorable for its straightforward title, which had audiences talking for months before the episode actually aired. Moffat's trying that strategy out again with an episode of series 7, it's being reported.

According to the Daily Star, the title of an early episode of the season is "Dinosaurs on a Spaceship." "Doctor Who chiefs are making their own version of the blockbuster Snakes On A Plane," the Star reported. "BBC bosses have decided to base an episode of the new series on the 2006 movie starring Samuel L Jackson in which hundreds of serpents cause terror aboard a flight."

The episode will reportedly see the Doctor, Amy, and Rory land on a spaceship, "unaware that lurking inside the craft are a bunch of prehistoric monsters including a T-Rex, stegosaurus, raptor, and pterodactyl."

While The Daily Star isn't exactly the most reliable source, this information does seem to fit in with a lot of what we already know about the first half of Doctor Who series 7. Back in March, DoctorWhoTV reported that dinosaur animatronics had been spotted on-set, and a recent issue of Doctor Who Magazine announced that the title of the second episode would be "[SPOILER] on a [SPOILER]." "Dinosaurs on a Spaceship," certainly fits there.

However, previous information we've had says that the episode would be partially set in Egypt, and footage from recent trailers seem to corroborate that fact as well. Of course, Doctor Who Magazine also hinted that the episode would have lots of things for “fans to get their teeth into," if you get the pun. So hey, maybe the dinosaurs are on an Egyptian spaceship. Anything's possible, eh?

Doctor Who series 7 will premiere sometime in the fall.

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I am 'not' a fan of straight up bullcrap titles. I don't like dishonesty. Leave that for advertizers. Unless they are also making tv shows these days. In which case, We're screwed.

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