'Don't Drive Here' Returning for Second Season

What didn’t kill him made him stronger – and a better driver! Back for another jet-setting season, Andrew Younghusband once again packs his passport and sets out on a terrifying and thrilling global adventure, tasked with learning to navigate more of the world’s worst driving cities – just as the locals do. Back with a six-city second season from Toronto’s Proper Television, original Canadian series DON’T DRIVE HERE returns to Discovery on Monday, August 18 at 10 p.m. ET/PT. Way outside of his comfort zone, Younghusband steers around unbelievable free-for-alls involving cars, bikes, pedestrians – and even animals – on white-knuckle rides in these bustling cities. For Season 2, Younghusband takes the wheel in Nairobi, Ho Chi Minh City, Port-au-Prince, La Paz, Rome, and Sao Paulo – but thankfully he’s not alone. Bold and incredibly skilled, Younghusband’s local guides teach him how to navigate and experience their city in a way no guidebook ever could.

Andrew Younghusband

Host Andrew Younghusband, learns to get around the world’s least drivable cities, with a little help from local driving pros, when Season 2 of DON’T DRIVE HERE returns to Discovery Aug. 18

After a decade of steering CANADA’S WORST DRIVER and becoming a sideline expert in truly terrible Canadian drivers, Younghusband thought he’d seen it all. But that changed last year when he buckled into DON’T DRIVE HERE and experienced disastrous driving on an epic, global scale. Shifting gears – and perspective – Younghusband’s own skills are put to the test in the heart of each new pulsing metropolis as he learns to adapt to the local “road rules.”

Since he navigated Bangkok on a three-wheeled tuk tuk and the mostly unpaved roads in Ulaanbaatar last year, Younghusband knows what he’s in for and is up to the challenge, right? In Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam, he makes hazardous deliveries just like a local – balancing more than 1,600 eggs and even live fish…on a scooter! In La Paz, Bolivia, Younghusband directs traffic in a zebra costume – this is actually an established traffic-control tactic! And in Port-au-Prince, Haiti, where there are few ambulances, Younghusband finds one to drive – but instead of the usual four-wheeled van version, he discovers medical transport by motorcycle ambulance, complete with a backseat stretcher.

In each one-hour episode, Younghusband meets resident traffic experts to find out why driving in each city is so perilous in the first place. For one week, taxi drivers, truckers, and couriers of every description show Younghusband how to navigate and survive their city’s unique and formidable traffic chaos. From navigating in a rickety truck to making harrowing deliveries on scooters, Younghusband steers his way around the most daunting traffic in the world.

- Don't Drive Here
- Andrew Younghusband
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Written by: TomSouthwell
Jul 25th, 2014, 8:03 am

Image and Press Release courtesy of Discovery Channel

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