The Bachelorette Premiere Brought Out the Usual Suspects and a Few Good Men.

Last Monday marked the premiere of “The Bachelorette” in which twenty five single men vie for the attention of one woman, in this season’s case, Emily Maynard.  A bit of a departure from season’s past, this time around the Bachelorette and her suitors find themselves in Emily’s hometown of Charlotte, North Carolina. The reason for the change up isn’t because the Bachelor Pad we all know and love has gone into foreclosure, but because Emily is the show’s first single mom and she wanted to disrupt her daughter’s schedule as little as possible.

The season kicked off with Emily getting ready for her big night with her daughter telling her she looked “like a princess.” After tucking “Little Ricki” in for the night, Emily headed off to the European style mansion the network has secured for the show to meet the twenty five single men and hopefully, the man of her dreams.The Bachelorette airs tonight at 9/8c on ABC.

As per usual, the pool of potential mates selected to court the Bachelorette this season is filled largely with attractive and successful men who all claim to be ready to settle down.   Amongst the suitors are many of the usual suspects, consisting of salesmen, businessmen, the random teacher, and even the token musician that we will, of course, have to wonder if he’s in it for love or fame.   

This season, we’ve traded out Ben’s earthy winemaker persona and traded him in for a mushroom farmer, which based solely on first impressions, seems to be a definite upgrade. Not one to let go of a good story line, ABC made sure to keep Emily’s tragic past fresh in our minds by also adding a racecar driver to the Bachelor pool.  Two single dads also grace the Bachelorette screen this season, one of which named Doug, scored the first impression rose, making his already apparent chemistry with Emily that much more evident.  

Two of the men chose to skip the limo ride and opt for a more unique mode of transportation. Jef (that’s right, only one f), the bottled water entrepreneur, rode in on a skateboard, while Kalan, a luxury brand consultant, arrived via helicopter in the backyard of the mansion, forcing the rest of the men in attendance to promptly despise him.  Charmingly enough, Emily seemed much more impressed by the skateboard riding, teenage looking, Jef with one f.

After a lot of mingling and many awkward conversations that included bobble heads and an ostrich egg (seriously), Chris Harrison finally rounded everyone up for the first rose ceremony of the season.   Dramatic music and lots of close up camera shots ensued and in the end, Emily sent five guys packing.  Left to always wonder what might have been, were David the musician (so much for that storyline); Randy, a guy who introduced himself by dressing as his grandmother (great move); Brent who thought he should where a name tag; Lerone, the only African American suitor; Jackson, a guy with perhaps the cheesiest opening line of all times; and Jean-Paul, a marine biologist who just looked plain creepy.

Tonight brings the first one on one dates for pro sports trainer, Ryan and field energy advisor, Joe.  The remaining thirteen head on a group date to see a show that most men wouldn’t expect to watch on a first date…a Muppet show. There’s a catch, of course, and the contestants find themselves performing alongside Kermit himself to benefit “The Ricky Hendrick Centers for Intensive Care.”  So, who will make a good enough impression to stick around and continue to vie for Emily’s affection?  Only time can tell, as three men will be eliminated tonight without a happy ending.

The Bachelorette airs tonight at 9/8c on ABC.

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May 21st, 2012, 2:03 pm

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