Big Brother UK: Public in Control of Letters from Home UPDATED: Find Out Who Is receiving their Letters

Big Brother Letters from Home

The public have been given the power and have voted for the Housemate that they wanted to determine the fate of the other Housemates’ letters from home.

The poll opened yesterday and closed this morning. The public chose Winston.

Winston will be called to the Diary Room later today, while the rest of the housemates watch from the Sofas.

In the Diary Room, the faces of the 8 remaining Housemates will appear on the screens in pairs.

Helen and Mark
Ash and Chris
Pav and Zoe
Ashleigh and Christopher

Winston must decide which housemate’s letter to delete and which to save from each pair.
Winston will automatically receive his letter.

Big Brother will deliver the saved letters later on this evening.

Earlier today Winston was chosen to take part in Letters From Home.
He needed to choose which Housemates’ letters from home to save and which to delete.
Firstly he was chosen to delete either Helen or Mark’s letter. He choose to delete Mark’s letter and save Helen’s.
He then had to delete Chris or Ash’s letter. He choose to delete Chris’ and save Ash’s.
He was then given the dilemma of choosing between Pav and Zoe’s letters. He chose to save Pav’s and delete Zoe’s.
Finally he needed to choose between Ashleigh and Christopher’s letter from home. After much deliberation he chose to save Ashleigh’s letter and delete Christopher’s.
Later today, Helen, Ash, Pav, Ashleigh and Winston will receive their letters from home. 

- Channel 5
- Big Brother (UK)

Written by: TomSouthwell
Jul 28th, 2014, 7:04 am

Image and Press Release courtesy of Channel 5

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