BREAKING: Huge 'EastEnders' Twist

Nick Eastenders Twist

Massive spoiler alert for fans of BBC One soap 'EastEnders'. In the closing moments of tonights episode a huge twist was revealed. After leaving the Butchers house, Charlie Cotton accidentally left his phone. Carol Branning, who was due to leave for an operation in the hospital answered his phone and made her excuses to leave the family as she admitted she had to return Charlie's phone to him. She caught up with Charlie in the square and asked him "When was you going to tell Dot, Nick's alive?". The episode ended with Charlie looking back in shock.
Charlie (played by Declan Bennett) arrived on the Square to let his Grandmother Dot (played by June Brown) know that her son Nick (played on and off during the years by John Altman) had died. The pair attended his funeral earlier in the year. As the episode ended we are now left wondering where Nick has been hiding and whether he will be making a return to the Square. 

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Written by: TomSouthwell
Jul 28th, 2014, 12:35 pm

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He's coming Back!



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I knew it!! I said all along something's fishy about Charlie i bet Nick isn't really dead after all. Hope this means they have lured John Altman back as he was always brilliant in it, evil and twisted but brilliant.

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