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Big Brother UK: New Shopping Task Detailed

Big Brother Web Task

For this week’s shopping task, the Housemates embrace everything online with Big Brother’s own version of the internet, relying on audience interaction like never before.


A giant laptop will be erected in the house. When Housemates are needed for each task, they will enter the large task room that will be dressed as different ‘websites’. From the laptop in the house, it will look as if the Housemates are physically in the internet.

The aim is to gain enough hits throughout the two days to pass the task. The number of hits they need will be hidden in a USB key in the laptop.



People Power = The number of views decide which Housemate wins.

The Housemates will be given a number of costumes and props to choose from in the Diary Room before entering the Large Task Room.

Each Housemates will appear to be in a streaming website, and will each record a 20 second video, with the aim of it going viral. The Housemate that gets the most ‘likes’ of their video will win an individual prize, and if they reach over a given amount of ‘likes’ overall, they will receive the maximum number of hits.


People Power = The public can send in questions via twitter which must be answered by the Housemates.

In this task, the Housemates are given a search style backdrop. Viewers have been given the chance to ask the Housemates anything that they like. Four Housemates (Zoe, Mark, Ash, and Chris) will act as the search engine, and must discuss and answer the questions that appear in the websites search bar in order to pass the task.


Three Housemates (Pav, Christopher and Winston) become webcam boys. They will be controlled by Luisa, and must keep to her every demand for the given period of time. This will involve working with props and being as outrageous as possible. If they complete all the demands given to them, they will pass this task with the maximum number of hits.

- Big Brother (UK)
- Channel 5

Written by: TomSouthwell
Jul 29th, 2014, 9:05 am

Image and Press Release courtesy of Channel 5

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