Maya Media Inc. and Academy Award Nominated Producer, Fred Fuchs, team up to raise funds for Television Series on Kickstarter

Thomas Edison

If everything goes his way, independent writer Stacy Fry will have the budget to develop his first scripted television series about Serbian born inventor Nikola Tesla. The project, Tesla – Man of Light, is meant to be an authentic period drama exploring Tesla’s lifelong battle with Thomas Edison, and the establishment of alternating current as the electrical standard for the modern world. Much of Tesla’s work was not supported at the time, and it is believed Tesla developed a free energy system of wireless technology that was blackballed by influential Wall Street Banker, JP Morgan.

With funding as the first major obstacle to any series development, the independent film and television communities have increasingly turned to crowd funding sites like In line with guidelines, Maya Media has a set number of days to raise a base level funding goal, or the project receives nothing. Campaign starts August 29, 2014. If Maya Media’s budget of $90,000 is not raised by end of day September 28th, all pledges are cancelled.

The campaign offers stretch goals up to four million dollars, with a proposed graphic novel, mobile adventure game and interactive PC game to help prove the concept and expand the market in anticipation of a series launch.

When asked why Kickstarter is appealing, Fuchs notes, "There’s obviously a great capacity now for funding through these types of grass roots activities—and I’m very confident that once we do get started there will be lots of people who will want to be a part of this.”

Stacy Fry approached Fuchs over the course of two years. "Meeting Fred for the first time two years ago, realizing we’re both fascinated by Tesla, and then seeing the success of many other projects on Kickstarter eventually gave me the courage to approach Fred about doing a crowd funding campaign for a Nikola Tesla television series.”

Fuchs was President of American Zoetrope for twelve years, producing Godfather III, Bram Stokers Dracula, and The Virgin Suicides. Fuchs later commissioned The Tudors for CBC Television, and is now Executive Producer of Transporter: The Series, and Camelot.

 To learn more about this campaign, readers can visit the project's page here:

The trailer for the project can be found here;

- Fred Fuchs

Written by: TomSouthwell
Jul 30th, 2014, 12:24 pm

Press Release, Image and Video Courtesy of Maya Media


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